Inspired by Parenthood: The Genesis of Ninja Maths

Neil Irani, the sole administrator of Ninja Maths, traces the initiative’s origin to his own children’s education. Fueled by a desire to enhance their learning experience, he started by crafting custom worksheets. Dissatisfied with the limited content provided by their school, Irani sought to create a comprehensive solution. However, one formidable challenge he encountered was the significant time investment required for managing the website and materials.

Ninja Maths Thrives Amidst Global Pandemic

During the pandemic, Ninja Maths swiftly adapted to meet the growing demand for quality math resources. The surge in subscribers was a testament to the platform’s relevance, as parents and educators worldwide sought effective solutions for remote learning.

Ninja Maths: A Name Forged by Creativity and Dedication

In a defining moment for Ninja Maths, its initial name, “Plus Maths,” underwent a transformation driven by the creative input of Mr. Neil Irani’s children. Inspired by their desire for a more engaging moniker, the platform was renamed “Ninja Maths,” reflecting the ethos of diligent and persistent effort that underpins its mission.

Balancing Repetition and Engagement: The Ninja Maths Approach

Ninja Maths strikes a delicate balance between repetition and engagement to keep young learners enthralled while honing their math skills. While repetition is fundamental to its methodology, the platform injects excitement into worksheets by incorporating a diverse range of questions spanning digits, words, measurements, and real-world scenarios. For instance, they challenge students with thought-provoking queries like, “If you have two pizzas, each with six slices, and you eat a third of all slices, how many are left, and how full are you?” – making math both captivating and practical.

Ninja Maths: Forging a Path Towards Global Excellence

Looking ahead, Mr. Neil Irani envisions Ninja Maths as a worldwide hub of excellence in primary school mathematics. An exciting development on the horizon is the introduction of free weekly worksheets, exclusively available to subscribers (with free membership), designed to align with the UK academic calendar. The journey began in September, focusing on Number and Place Value and then progressing through an array of topics, including decimals, fractions, percentages, time, money, multiplication & division, geometry, and algebra throughout the year. Ninja Maths is poised to make a lasting impact on the world of math education.

Setting the Standard: Ninja Maths’ Unique Edge in Education

Ninja Maths distinguishes itself through the provision of exceptional worksheets crafted by expert tutors with hands-on experience in tutoring primary school children. This real-world insight informs the creation of high-quality materials that resonate with students. What truly sets Ninja Maths apart is its unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, actively seeking feedback from parents, schools, teachers, and tutors. This collaborative approach ensures that the platform remains at the forefront of the education industry, meeting the evolving needs of young learners.

Ninja Maths’ Recipe for Industry Success

Ninja Maths’ remarkable growth can be attributed to several key factors. Primarily, its expansion has been driven by the power of word-of-mouth referrals and strong online visibility through platforms like Google. With a subscriber base spanning the globe, composed of a balanced mix of schools and parents, Ninja Maths has struck a chord with diverse educational stakeholders. A notable catalyst for this growth has been the introduction of complimentary, weekly worksheets, such as the popular fifteen Q&A on long addition. The overwhelmingly positive feedback, particularly from educators, has played a pivotal role in propelling Ninja Maths to its current position of influence in the industry.

They offer a highly successful, complimentary weekly PDF, drawing subscribers from a global audience, including schools, tutors, and parents. While a significant portion of their subscribers hails from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Scotland, the reach extends to Wales, Ireland, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore, underlining Ninja Maths’ international appeal and impact.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Mr. Neil Irani, founder of Ninja Maths
Mr. Neil Irani, founder of Ninja Maths

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr. Neil Irani offers these wise words: 

“Start small, know your edge, try out ideas – especially those which might seem a bit crazy. Seek lots of opinions and feedback, but go by what your gut tells you, even if everyone tells you you’re wrong. But – don’t stick to a bad idea that is clearly failing. Instead of giving up, think of it as using your experience to pivot to a new direction.”

Visit Ninja Maths’ website here.

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