CXOCIETY: Bridging C-Suite Visions and Beyond

The Genesis of CXOCIETY: Bridging C-Suite Visions

In a tale of inspiration and determination, Ms. Clarise Goh, the founder of CXOCIETY, recounts the story of what propelled her to establish the company. Her journey began as a publisher for a distinguished C-Level Technology publication under a prominent US-based media firm. As she immersed herself in the world of C-Suite technology, she envisioned how the power of technology could harmonize the disparate functions of top-level executives, propelling businesses to unprecedented heights.

Ms. Goh’s vision for the future of C-Suite collaboration was a beacon of innovation, but she faced a hurdle: persuading her management team and colleagues from other C-Suite publications to embrace this shared ambition. Despite her best efforts, differing individual interests stood in the way of collective growth.

Fueled by the belief that this vision could not be realized within the confines of her current company, Ms. Goh made the bold choice to part ways in 2017. Following her departure, she embarked on a reflective hiatus, carefully contemplating her aspirations and the path forward.

Out of this period of reflection, the concept of CXOCIETY was born. It became Ms. Goh’s mission to create a company that would provide engaging experiences for a multitude of C-Suite audiences, spanning from CEOs and CIOs to CTOs, CFOs, COOs, CSCOs, and beyond. The name CXOCIETY itself was a clever amalgamation of “CxO” and “Society,” symbolizing the convergence of top executives with a broader community.

Ms. Goh’s commitment to innovation didn’t stop with the company name. She also introduced two groundbreaking terms, “C-Engage®” and “C-Lingo,” specifically designed to resonate with the sensibilities of C-Suite leaders. These terms embodied CXOCIETY’s unique specialization in engaging with senior executives on a profound level.

Notably, Ms. Goh sought out a former colleague, Mr. Allan Tan, her trusted partner-in-crime from her previous company. Sharing her vision for CXOCIETY, she found unwavering support and eagerness from Mr. Tan to join her on this venture. This partnership marked a pivotal moment in CXOCIETY’s journey, uniting like-minded individuals in their pursuit of excellence.

On July 2, 2018, CXOCIETY PTE. LTD. was officially registered, marking the formal beginning of this exciting endeavor. Since that day, the company has thrived, serving as a testament to the shared vision of its founders and their dedication to engaging with the world of C-Suite leadership.

The Pivotal Moment: When Success Became Inevitable

For Ms. Clarise Goh, the realization that CXOCIETY was destined for success came at a pivotal juncture in mid-2019. At that time, she welcomed Mr. Nigel Standley as a partner, a move that would prove to be the missing piece of the puzzle. Together, they embarked on an ambitious venture – the launch of the first-ever C-Engage Convention in Singapore, a one-day event tailored for Technology Leaders and Finance Leaders. The event was set for the 26th of November that year, a date that raised eyebrows among industry peers who thought it was audacious to plan such an event so late in the year.

Despite the initial skepticism, Ms. Goh and Mr. Standley’s vision exceeded all expectations. They secured close to 20 sponsors for the inaugural event, and over 500 attendees gathered at the prestigious Grand Hyatt for this one-day affair. This turnout surpassed any one-day event they had ever organized during their tenure at their previous company.

In that moment, Ms. Goh knew that her vision was on the verge of becoming a resounding success. The C-Engage Convention’s resounding triumph signaled the realization of her dream to revolutionize the way C-Suite leaders from the worlds of technology and finance connect and collaborate. It was the turning point, the moment when success for CXOCIETY became inevitable, and her vision solidified into a thriving reality.

Unveiling the Pillars of Success: CXOCIETY’s Core Values

CXOCIETY’s journey to success is underpinned by three core values that have become the driving force behind the company’s accomplishments. These principles, as articulated by Ms. Clarise Goh, are integral to the DNA of CXOCIETY.

Integrity: At the heart of CXOCIETY’s triumph lies a steadfast commitment to integrity. According to Ms. Goh, honesty is paramount in all business dealings. The company stands firmly by the belief that they should never overpromise or take on campaigns they cannot deliver. Transparency is a cornerstone of their approach, and they ensure clients have a clear understanding of the expected outcomes before any contracts are signed. Integrity, in Ms. Goh’s view, is not merely a value but an unshakable foundation for the trust that CXOCIETY has established with its clients.

Innovation: In the ever-evolving landscape of C-level executives in large corporations, CXOCIETY thrives on innovation. The company is committed to constantly exploring novel ways to engage their target audience. This innovation extends to diverse content types, engagement strategies, and the ability to adapt to the dynamic environment in which they operate. Their dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation keeps CXOCIETY ahead of the curve, ensuring that they continue to deliver impactful campaigns.

Collaboration: Ms. Goh emphasizes the importance of collaboration and the ethos of “Win-Win-Win.” For CXOCIETY, it’s not merely a slogan but a guiding principle. In every campaign, they prioritize a balanced approach that benefits all parties involved. Whether organizing events or crafting content, the company’s focus is on ensuring that the audience finds the content genuinely interesting and valuable. Simultaneously, they meticulously select sponsors who can provide solutions and services that genuinely benefit the attendees. In the spirit of “Win-Win-Win,” CXOCIETY refrains from shortchanging any party, fostering a truly collaborative and harmonious ecosystem.

These three core values—Integrity, Innovation, and Collaboration—are the cornerstones of CXOCIETY’s success, shaping the way the company operates and thrives in the competitive world of engaging C-level executives in large corporations.

Adapting and Thriving: CXOCIETY’s Pandemic Evolution

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 prompted a seismic shift in CXOCIETY’s operations. Ms. Clarise Goh reflects on the rapid adaptations that became a lifeline for the business during the uncertain times, and how they have now become a lasting part of the company’s identity as the pandemic recedes.

With the pandemic casting a cloud of uncertainty over the events industry, Ms. Goh and her team faced a crucial decision. Beyond the question of whether people would attend their events, the deeper concern was whether they should expose anyone to the risk of contracting COVID-19. The answer was clear, and a swift decision was made to cancel all in-person events planned across the region. The health and well-being of their staff, clients, and the broader community took precedence.

In response to the new reality, CXOCIETY halted all in-person activities. Staff transitioned to remote work, and the company’s editorial and sales teams shifted to virtual interviews and meetings. With agility and determination, the company subscribed to webinar platforms and pivoted to providing virtual events, ensuring that engagements for their clients and reader community remained uninterrupted.

What was initially perceived as a short-term crisis soon evolved into a full-fledged pandemic. However, the measures taken by CXOCIETY to ensure the continuity of engagements during this period became a key advantage. The company began hosting virtual events on a weekly basis and introduced various formats to cater to different engagement needs within their C-level audiences. This period of transformation led to remarkable growth, with revenues more than doubling. In contrast, competitors who were slow to adapt suffered losses.

As the pandemic recedes into the past, the changes brought about by CXOCIETY’s adaptive strategies remain part of the company’s DNA. Geographical locations no longer define the team’s composition. Team members now span multiple regions, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. The pandemic even saw a staff member working remotely from the US due to COVID restrictions, a testament to the company’s resilience in navigating challenging circumstances.

CXOCIETY’s journey through the pandemic underscores its commitment to not just surviving adversity but leveraging it as an opportunity for growth and transformation. As the world enters a post-pandemic era, these adaptive changes continue to be integral to the company’s identity and operations.

Nurturing Growth at CXOCIETY

As CXOCIETY continues its trajectory of growth and innovation, Ms. Clarise Goh identifies areas of opportunity for improvement and shares the challenges that stand in the company’s path.

One of the central areas for improvement is the acquisition of the right talent. As the company expands, finding individuals who possess the necessary skills and can share the company’s vision is an ongoing challenge. In a competitive landscape, attracting top talent is crucial for sustaining growth and maintaining the momentum of innovation.

CXOCIETY’s status as a smaller enterprise poses particular challenges in this regard. While some larger companies can entice top graduates from prestigious universities with substantial financial incentives, smaller businesses often have to rely on alternative strategies to attract talent. The limitations in financial resources can make the task of bringing on the best and brightest a more intricate puzzle to solve.

Despite these challenges, Ms. Goh remains committed to nurturing and developing talent within CXOCIETY, fostering a culture of innovation and shared vision. The pursuit of the right skills and the individuals who embody the company’s ethos is an ongoing journey that will continue to shape CXOCIETY’s path to success.

Navigating Strategic Expansion

In the foreseeable future, the company’s strategic vision revolves around solidifying its presence in Asia. With ambitious plans already in place, the focus remains on nurturing and expanding within the Asian markets. The aim is to create a strong foundation and a thriving ecosystem within the region.

While the current plan primarily centers on Asia, Ms. Goh emphasizes that CXOCIETY remains open to seizing opportunities that could accelerate the company’s global expansion. If an exceptional prospect arises, one that aligns with the company’s vision and goals, CXOCIETY would consider the option, even before the planned 5-year horizon.

A Glimpse into the Future: CXOCIETY’s Exciting Plans

Hot on the heels of the successful conclusion of the 4th edition of their flagship C-Engage Convention in Singapore, CXOCIETY is gearing up for a broader regional presence. In 2024, they have exciting plans to bring the C-Engage Convention to more cities across the region. This expansion promises to offer an even greater platform for C-Suite leaders and professionals in the technology and finance sectors to engage and collaborate.

In early 2024, CXOCIETY is poised to reveal a special project that has been in the works. While details remain under wraps for now, the company invites everyone to stay tuned by following their updates on LinkedIn. The anticipation surrounding this project hints at an innovative initiative that is sure to make waves in the industry.

Setting CXOCIETY Apart: A Unique Approach to C-Suite Engagements

What distinguishes CXOCIETY from other players in the C-level event industry is not just their portfolio of events, but their distinctive approach. As a media company specializing in C-Suite Engagements, CXOCIETY’s unique identity is rooted in a commitment to excellence and a passion for delivering value.

While many companies host C-level events in Singapore and the broader region, CXOCIETY stands out by its primary focus on C-Suite Engagements. The company doesn’t view its events as mere gatherings but as opportunities to engage and connect top-level executives meaningfully. This engagement-centric approach is underpinned by a dedication to providing high-quality content that is directly relevant to the C-Suite audience they serve.

CXOCIETY’s reputation for quality and integrity is rooted in their unwavering commitment to delivering excellence. The company refuses to compromise on the quality of their events or to shortchange any of the parties involved in the process. This commitment to excellence resonates with both their community and clients, forging strong relationships built on trust and satisfaction.

CXOCIETY’s unique blend of media expertise, C-Suite focus, and unwavering dedication to quality sets them apart in an industry where engagement, content, and integrity are the cornerstones of their success.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Clarise Goh, Founder of CXOCIETY

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, Ms. Clarise Goh offers these wise words:

Spend time with yourself… take time out periodically to review your actions and course of direction. If what you are doing will not get you to where you want to be in 5 years, it’s time to realign.

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