Nippon Koi Farm

The Start Of Their Journey

In the 70s and 80s, Singapore emerged as a prominent center for tropical fish, particularly koi fish, which became a symbol of wealth and status as living standards improved. Recognizing the lucrative potential in this industry, the founders of Nippon Koi Farm, the sole koi breeding facility in Singapore, saw a promising business opportunity. During the 80s, when koi fish were first introduced to Singapore, the Singapore Koi Association was newly established, and only a few small aquarium shops were importing koi due to limited space. However, koi require sunlight and a natural environment to thrive, and this presented a favorable opportunity for Nippon Koi Farm to enter the koi industry. It was during this period that the founder of Nippon Koi Farm met their spouse, Stella, and together they embarked on their journey with the start of Nippon Koi Farm.

The Defining Moment: When Nippon Koi Farm Knew They Were On The Path To Success

Recognizing the importance of providing adequate space and a suitable environment for koi fish to thrive, the founders of Nippon Koi Farm made a strategic decision to invest in their existing farm in Choa Chu Kang. This move proved to be advantageous as they had the support of Japan’s famous leading breeder, Sakai Fish Farm, the largest koi farm in Japan. Notably, the boss of Sakai Fish Farm even personally offered assistance in designing and providing technical guidance for the construction of Nippon Koi Farm’s facilities.

As koi fish continued to grow in popularity, the founders of Nippon Koi Farm astutely identified an opportune moment to introduce a unique concept in the industry. They pioneered the establishment of a koi hotel, which proved to be a groundbreaking concept in Singapore. The koi hotel concept catered to the specific demands of koi owners, providing a safe haven for their prized fish during instances such as pond renovations or leaks. The services offered by Nippon Koi Farm’s koi hotel quickly gained recognition and became sought after by notable entities, including Changi Airport and local schools.

Through their unwavering dedication and innovative approach, Nippon Koi Farm has solidified its position as the largest and most esteemed koi farm in Singapore. Their commitment to providing exceptional facilities and services has earned them a reputation as the go-to destination for koi enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Key Factors Factors Contributing To Nippon Koi Farms Success

All Japan Shinkokai Show Chairman congratulating Mr. Pay for winning the big prize in 2000

Catching the right timing is crucial for success. With keen foresight, the founders of Nippon Koi Farm adeptly predicted the optimal time and identified the “SUNSHINE” industry, which is currently on an upward trend. Moreover, establishing the right foundation is vital when venturing into any industry. Equally important are the right individuals, who are the backbone of a business, playing a pivotal role in its overall success.

Adapting To The COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has brought forth a dual scenario of challenges and opportunities for Nippon Koi Farm. Drawing valuable lessons from the impact of SARS, the company has gained a profound understanding of the importance of ensuring food security, particularly in Singapore. As a result, Nippon Koi Farm has undergone a significant transformation, transitioning from being solely a tropical fish farm and embarking on a strategic plan to enter the realm of food fish production.

The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with recent instances of extreme weather events like droughts and floods occurring worldwide, has exposed the fragility of global food supply chains. Furthermore, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has further disrupted food production, resulting in escalated prices and shortages of food on a global scale. These challenges are further amplified by mounting expenses for fertilizers and labor, which contribute to inflationary pressures. Heightened volatility in food prices can lead to a rise in food insecurity, social unrest, as well as displacement, and migration.

In response to these circumstances, and in light of the ongoing pandemic, Nippon Koi Farm has strategically opted to redirect its focus from ornamental fish farming to the production of food fish.

Continuous Growth And Future Development For Nippon Koi Farm

From the beginning, Nippon Koi Farm has been supported by a formidable team – their sister company, Nihon General Contractor, a capable and comprehensive construction company. This team has actively participated in the continuous modifications, retrofits, upgrades, and transformation efforts at Nippon Koi Farm. Despite the significant challenges posed by their ambitious aquaponic project, the farm encountered a scarcity of aquaponic expertise worldwide.

Nevertheless, with unwavering commitment and strategic positioning, Nippon Koi Farm remains poised to establish itself as a significant force in the fish and aquaponics farming sector. Their dedication aligns with Singapore’s vision of becoming a regional leader in agrotechnology. Leveraging their solid foundation, esteemed reputation, extensive networks, and comprehensive expertise, they possess the necessary resilience and determination to thrive in this demanding industry.

Alongside utilizing cutting-edge technology for fish breeding and processing, the farm actively drives the demand for local fish through its superior quality products and consistent marketing endeavors. Their overarching mission revolves around promoting advanced smart systems, aiming to enhance social and food security within urban communities. However, the construction of their ambitious aquaponic project posed numerous challenges. They faced obstacles such as the need for modifying an existing koi pond, addressing underground water leakage issues, difficulties accessing the construction site for cement transportation, and a shortage of skilled labor due to the impact of the pandemic. As the founder of a construction company, the responsibility of daily worker supervision and system design fell upon them, leading to physical and emotional exhaustion. Additionally, the farm faced financial strain due to delays and slow grant-claiming processes. During this difficult period, a loyal koi customer and friend graciously extended a temporary helping hand to alleviate their situation.

The Journey Of Nippon SG Aquaponic

Mr. Pay showcasing Nippon Farms SG Aquaponic

Nippon Koi Farm dedicated more than a decade to perfecting the development and advancements of the Nippon SG Aquaponic system. This prolonged duration highlights the substantial investment of time and resources the company made in refining and enhancing their aquaponic system. Throughout the process, they encountered various challenges and obstacles, including issues concerning system design, construction, and operation. Nonetheless, the founder’s unwavering determination to create a sustainable, low-energy consumption, and environmentally friendly system remained steadfast.

The fact that the Nippon SG Aquaponic system has successfully obtained international certification and received prestigious awards is a testament to the hard work and commitment of the Nippon Koi Farm team. The system’s recognition stems from its innovative technologies and its potential to address issues related to social and food security in urban communities. Ultimately, the extensive period dedicated to developing and refining the Nippon SG Aquaponic system demonstrates Nippon Koi Farm’s steadfast dedication to delivering high-quality, sustainable, and innovative products.

Nippon Koi Farm Opening Its Doors To Education And Collaboration

Students enjoying the “Dancing Fishes”

The agricultural landscape has been witnessing substantial transformations globally, with Aquaponics emerging as a cutting-edge precision farming technique that is poised to shape the future of agriculture. It is projected that this method will eventually be adopted by farming industries worldwide. As Aquaponics operates on the principle of symbiosis, there is a global push to encourage and promote symbiotic initiatives. Nippon Koi Farm has taken a leading role in advancing this mission through the development of the Nippon SG Aquaponic system. Notably, they have secured a patent for this system and gained recognition by winning the World Vertical Farming competition. The farm has since evolved into an “Education & Tourism Farm,” with schools and enthusiasts worldwide keen to visit and learn about their innovative farming methods. As a result, Nippon Koi Farm has decided to open its doors to the world and provide a platform for knowledge exchange and learning.

Exciting Future Plans

Having emerged victorious in the esteemed World Vertical Farming competition, Nippon Koi Farm has garnered significant recognition for its groundbreaking achievements. With a view to further securing the future of their farm and the integrity of our aquaponic system, their immediate objective is to obtain an extended land lease from the Singapore Food Agency. Having attained the milestone of Aquaponic precision farming certification, they appeal to the government for their invaluable support in safeguarding their farm and the integrity of their aquaponic system through the extension of a longer land lease. 

The system’s detachable nature allows it to adapt to various areas, making it an essential component of Singapore’s Food Total Defence. By fostering collaboration among government entities, resident committees, dedicated donors, and passionate volunteers, this system can bring significant benefits to the country.

Looking towards the future, their future endeavors hold immense potential as they are actively seeking investment opportunities to expand the presence of Nippon SG Aquaponic models not only in Singapore but also on a global scale. In Singapore specifically, we have identified numerous vacant spaces with untapped potential for green food production. These spaces encompass a range of settings including community spaces, schools, government agencies, and private residences. To address the growing demand for national sustenance, they have meticulously developed micro-farms that cater to this need. By introducing these innovative concepts and ideas to diverse settings such as communities, schools, clubs, temples, churches, industrial areas, governmental agencies, and private lands, they would only utilize a fraction of the available space. This approach aligns seamlessly with Singapore’s visionary goal of achieving 30 by 30, which aims to ensure long-term food security in the nation.

What Makes Nippon Koi Farm Stand Out From Competitors In The Industry? 

Nippon Koi Farms Vertical Farm

Nippon Koi Farm differentiates itself from its industry counterparts by embracing a unique and innovative approach, exemplified through the creation of the revolutionary Nippon SG Aquaponic system. This distinctive approach is underpinned by a steadfast commitment to innovation and invention. Central to our approach is the seamless integration of fish and aquaponics in a symbiotic system. Built on the principles of symbiosis, their integrated Nippon SG Aquaponic system is designed to be lightweight, detachable, and adaptable to different environments and ground types. It exhibits exceptional weather resilience and scalability to infinite heights. The system operates on solar energy and optimizes rainwater collection, contributing to its sustainability. Their farm operates on a zero-waste principle and achieves carbon neutrality that is incorporating artificial intelligence and multi-functional vertical farming. With solar power supplementation, the system efficiently enhances production. As a result, the farm achieves carbon neutrality, positioning it as a pioneering fully self-sustainable farm that operates with a zero-waste ethos and carbon-neutral practices.

Through pioneering efforts, they have successfully implemented nanoengineering nutrient solution and titanium technology, enabling the efficient extraction and separation of fish excretions and bio composes. This innovative process accelerates the conversion of these materials into organic nutrient solutions specifically designed for vegetable farming. As a result, their farm facilitates a continuous and sustainable production cycle of both fish and vegetables.

The Nippon Koi Farms’ willingness to venture beyond their comfort zone and embrace the unknown has been instrumental in their success. This courage has empowered them to explore uncharted territories, generate fresh ideas, and devise innovative solutions to problems, setting Nippon Koi Farm apart as a trailblazer in the industry. In addition, Mr. Pay’s unwavering dedication and lifelong commitment to his work have yielded exceptional inventions that distinguish Nippon Koi Farm from other companies. This profound level of commitment and relentless effort has fostered a culture of innovation within Nippon Koi Farm, where novel ideas are not only welcomed but also nurtured. As a result, the company consistently maintains a leading position in the industry, continuously pushing the limits of what is achievable and challenging the established norms. Embracing innovation and willingly accepting new challenges are pivotal in the industry. These principles have been instrumental in setting Nippon Koi Farm apart from its competitors and have been key contributors to our achievements and ongoing success.

Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr. Pay offers these wise words: ​​”Having dedicated my entire life to the farming industry, I have encountered numerous challenges, including five difficult and demanding resettlements. If it weren’t for my unwavering determination and sense of purpose, I might have considered leaving the industry altogether. Transitioning from a koi farm to a food fish farm required immense courage and the willingness to face significant risks and challenges. It is a path that few people dare to venture beyond, crossing the boundaries of comfort and familiarity. Our goal is to find like-minded investors who share our mission and vision, and to join us on our journey. Nippon Koi Farm has traversed the challenging terrain of food farming and has gained valuable expertise in the farming industry. With this experience, we aim to expand our horizons and enter the realm of education and service, not only benefiting our country but also making a positive impact on a global scale.”

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