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From Construction to Counselling – A Journey of Personal Evolution

In the heart of Singapore’s bustling metropolis  is Harmony Counselling, a haven crafted by Martin Williams. With roots in a 25-year construction career, Martin recognized the richness of his life’s journey as fertile soil for mental health advocacy.

Martin’s transition from construction to counselling was ignited by the unexpected discovery of fatherhood. Confronting feelings of loss of control and burnout stemming from years of high-stress project work, he took time off to grapple with this life-changing event. This period of introspection not only led him to embrace fatherhood with joy but also opened the door to a new and unexpected passion for psychology and counselling.

A friend offered Martin Williams part-time work as a life coach for a woman grappling with severe borderline personality disorder and its accompanying attachment and behavioural challenges. Immersed in this role and collaborating with psychologists, Martin found himself drawn into the intricate world of psychology and mental health.

Inspired by this experience, Martin enrolled in a counselling psychology course, where his passion blossomed. By the second module, he realised his calling and decided to pursue counselling as a full-fledged career.

Graduating with distinction, a first in his life, Martin embarked on a journey to become a professional counsellor. Thus, Harmony Counselling was born as the vessel for his newfound purpose. Today, he proudly holds the title of Registered Counsellor and Clinical Member of the Singapore Association for Counselling.

Amidst the urban hustle, Martin and Harmony Counselling embody the profound impact of embracing change and nurturing personal evolution, fostering harmony within oneself and the world.

The Evolution of Counselling Style at Harmony Counselling

Martin traces his counselling style’s evolution, seamlessly blending traditional therapeutic techniques with a wealth of personal experiences. Rooted in a diverse background, he infuses his counselling approach with a profound cultural sensitivity and a deep well of life wisdom.

In the nascent stages of his counselling career, Martin prioritised fundamental skills such as active listening, empathy, and authenticity. Without judgement, he fully attended to his clients’ needs, laying the groundwork for a trusting therapeutic relationship. Over time, as his proficiency grew, he expanded his repertoire of therapeutic approaches.

What sets Martin apart is his willingness to draw from his own life lessons when relevant, offering clients a nuanced perspective on their own experiences. This unique integration of personal wisdom enriches the therapeutic process, empowering clients to cultivate a more informed outlook on life.

At the core of Harmony Counselling’s ethos lies Martin’s unwavering commitment to respect, integrity, and compassion. These values serve as guiding principles in his interactions with clients, fostering an environment of openness and trust. Martin understands that this bond between counsellor and client is paramount, acting as the cornerstone for positive therapeutic outcomes.

Pioneering Corporate Counselling – Addressing Critical Incident Stress and Retrenchment Challenges

Harmony Counselling Singapore

Martin, drawing from his extensive 25-year tenure in the corporate realm, particularly within the construction industry, has harnessed invaluable insights to develop specialised products tailored for the corporate sector. These offerings, including corporate counselling, retrenchment counselling, and critical incident stress management, stem from Martin’s firsthand understanding of the unique challenges faced within high-risk industries.

The critical incident stress management and support service, in particular, holds personal resonance for Martin. Having experienced the intensity of stress following industrial accidents, he recognizes the paramount importance of addressing the emotional toll on affected individuals. Through his own experiences and expertise, Martin aims to provide credible and effective support to companies navigating such crises, thereby mitigating long-term effects like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Similarly, the retrenchment counselling support service emerged from a client inquiry, wherein Martin and his team provided invaluable guidance through the delicate process of workforce reduction. Witnessing the positive impact of their support on both management and staff reaffirmed the necessity of such specialised services. Leveraging insights gained from these experiences, Harmony Counselling now offers tailored solutions to companies undergoing retrenchment, ensuring comprehensive support during challenging times.

Martin takes pride in the distinctiveness of Harmony Counselling’s corporate support products, emphasising their ability to address specific company needs while delivering profound positive effects on management, staff, and overall company reputation. Despite their minimal cost relative to associated expenses of industrial accidents and retrenchment, Martin believes in the substantial value these services offer in fostering a supportive corporate environment.

Empowering Men’s Mental Health

Martin has embarked on a mission to spotlight men’s mental health to address the unique challenges faced by this demographic. Drawing from his own journey of self-exploration and transformation, Martin understands firsthand the societal barriers men encounter in expressing emotions and seeking support.

Having been raised in an environment where emotional expression was discouraged, and working in male-dominated sectors like construction and rugby, Martin intimately understands the societal pressures that hinder men from addressing their mental health. Recognizing the need for change, he embarked on a personal journey to confront his own vulnerabilities and develop emotional awareness.

Martin’s transformation serves as a beacon of hope for men navigating similar challenges. Through tailored counselling programs, he encourages men to embark on their own journey of self-awareness, addressing vulnerabilities, and enhancing self-esteem. By sharing his experiences and providing a safe space for expression, Martin empowers men to confront uncomfortable emotions and break free from societal constraints.

Martin’s approach resonates deeply with male clients, as they find solace in his relatable journey and willingness to confront traditionally masculine norms. By serving as a role model, Martin grants permission for men to explore their emotions and seek support without fear of judgement.

Stories of Healing and Growth from Harmony Counselling

Martin Williams reflects on the profound impact his work has had over the past four years. Through his dedication to the therapeutic process, Martin has witnessed his clients heal, grow, and blossom into their best selves.

Martin recounts numerous success stories where clients have overcome trauma, resolved anxiety issues, repaired relationships, and recovered from burnout and depression. He has guided individuals in addressing damaging behaviours, managing anger, and finding satisfaction in their work.

In the corporate realm, Martin has been a source of relief for HR managers faced with delivering difficult news to employees. Witnessing the transformation of traumatised individuals into hopeful, calm beings within a single session is a testament to the power of professional support in navigating emotional responses. 

As Martin guides his clients on their journey to reflection and healing, he acknowledges the reciprocal nature of the therapeutic process. Each client brings a unique story, from which Martin gratefully learns and grows alongside them.

Advice from Martin Williams for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Harmony Counselling Singapore
Martin Williams, Founder of Harmony Counselling

“Don’t expect success to come overnight. You must believe in what you are doing and have a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve.”

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