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From Canvas to Clicks – Mr. Jori’s Journey from Artistic Block to Our Momento

Our Momento Singapore

Mr. Jori, the visionary behind Our Momento, embarked on a creative exploration after facing the challenges of artistic block as an artist. Frustrated by the slow pace of traditional art forms like drawing and painting, he sought a faster outlet for his creativity. His journey took an unexpected turn towards photography, driven by the allure of vintage aesthetics and a thrift mindset.

In the era of rapidly advancing digital photography, Mr. Jori discovered the world of film photography, drawn by its perceived affordability and unique charm. With a modest budget, he acquired a film camera and began experimenting, capturing imperfect yet raw moments. This initial foray into photography led him to explore diverse styles, initially focusing on capturing the essence of flowers and vintage scenes.

The transition to photographing human subjects posed a challenge, given Mr. Jori’s lack of connections in the industry. Undeterred, he reached out to Upfront Models Agency, opening doors to new learning experiences and exposure to different genres of photography. Over two years, he honed his skills in model photography, before venturing into capturing the authentic and candid moments of weddings, ROMs, families, and graduation ceremonies.

However, challenges arose as model photography failed to resonate with the broader lifestyle customer base. Recognizing the impact of social media competition and the evolving digital landscape, Mr. Jori realised the significance of marketing in showcasing his work. A turning point came when he enrolled in a digital marketing course at Equinet Academy, becoming a certified digital marketer.

The fusion of artistic vision and marketing acumen became the cornerstone of Mr. Jori’s journey. Overcoming challenges in the competitive landscape, he applied his newfound digital marketing skills to Our Momento. The venture became a real-life case study, showcasing the intersection of art and science, both in photography and marketing. Despite contemplating the establishment of a digital marketing agency, Mr. Jori’s focus remained on capturing and immortalising the unique moments of people’s lives through Our Momento, with a slight edge gained from his digital marketing expertise.

Through the Lens – Mr. Jori’s Style Evolution

Our Momento Singapore

Reflecting on the past five years, Mr. Jori acknowledges the ongoing evolution of his photography style, a journey marked by transitions from film to digital and exploration of various genres. Despite the passage of time, he candidly admits that he has yet to pinpoint a definitive style—a dual-edged realisation that holds both uncertainty and creative freedom.

To Mr. Jori, each of his works appears distinct from the others, except for the consistent thread of colours weaving through them. Initially drawn to a classy and timeless aesthetic, he found allure in the visual elegance of this style. However, his current inclination leans towards the in-the-moment, candid approach, a shift that captures the authenticity and raw emotions of his subjects.

In this ongoing exploration, Mr. Jori aspires to amalgamate both the classic and candid elements into a cohesive style. Inspired by photographers, particularly those from Russia, who have successfully struck this balance, he sees it as the ultimate goal for his own artistic expression. As he continues to navigate the dynamic realm of photography, the fusion of timeless elegance and spontaneous authenticity becomes the hallmark of Mr. Jori’s evolving visual narrative.

Crafting Moments – Mr. Jori’s Personalized Approach to Photography

Our Momento Singapore

At the heart of Mr. Jori’s approach to photography lies a commitment to infusing a personal touch into each project, ensuring a unique and meaningful experience for his clients. Recognizing the importance of communication, he provides clients with insightful templates that offer a glimpse into the journey they are about to embark on with him—a prelude to the personal connection he strives to establish.

Beyond standardised communication, Mr. Jori emphasises adaptability as a key ingredient in tailoring each project to the individuality of his clients. Acknowledging that everyone is different and reacts uniquely, he leverages this diversity to make every project distinct. This adaptability not only fosters a deeper connection with clients but also contributes to the evolution of his own styles, as each client interaction leaves an indelible mark on the narrative of his work.

Our Momento Unveiled – Mr. Jori Reflects on the Birth and Growth of His Brainchild

Among the array of projects that have blossomed from Our Momento, one that stands out in Mr. Jori’s memory is his involvement in a comprehensive 10-hour wedding coverage, where he seamlessly juggled both photography and videography roles. While acknowledging the impossibility of capturing every moment within such a timeframe, the resulting package was remarkably complete, leaving the newlyweds delighted with the cherished memories captured.

Yet, amidst various projects, Mr. Jori identifies Our Momento itself as the most memorable endeavour. Founded solely by his vision and dedication, witnessing the brand come to life has been a profoundly rewarding experience. As he reflects on the journey, he hopes that the growth of Our Momento will not only continue to bring joy to clients but also serve as an inspiration to others venturing into the intricate world of entrepreneurship. In the intricate labyrinth of details that brought the brand to its current stage, Mr. Jori envisions a future where he can share the invaluable insights gained, creating a legacy that transcends the frames of his photographs.

Framing Uniqueness – Our Momento’s Distinctive Approach to Photography Business

Our Momento Singapore

In the competitive realm of photography services, Our Momento stands out through a combination of factors that define its distinct identity. At the forefront is the commitment to modest pricing, making it the most affordable option on the first page of Google SERP—a testament to accessibility for a broader clientele.

However, affordability is not the sole pillar; the brand’s approach is fundamentally rooted in marketing rather than traditional sales tactics. Unlike larger photography entities that often employ hard-selling strategies, Our Momento embraces inbound marketing. An illustrative example of this approach is Mr. Jori’s experience at a wedding show, where, despite not actively selling packages, he achieved a remarkable 3x return on investment—a testament to the subtle yet effective magic of marketing.

Central to the brand’s identity is the concept of subtle elegance, mirrored in its branding colours of tranquil green, symbolising nature and serenity. Beyond its visual aesthetics, Our Momento’s branding exudes a peaceful image, a deliberate departure from the pressure-centric methods employed by some competitors.

Looking ahead, Mr. Jori envisions further projects from Our Momento that will underscore and clarify its marketing differentiation. This strategic marketing not only supplements the affordability factor but also enables the brand to operate with greater cost efficiency, providing leeway to explore diverse angles within the photography industry. Ultimately, the aim is not to pressure clients into services or packages but to foster a peaceful brand image, marking Our Momento as a distinctive and customer-friendly presence in the photography business landscape.

Capturing Tomorrow – Mr. Jori Unveils the Future Vision of Our Momento

In contemplating the future trajectory of Our Momento, Mr. Jori envisions a heightened focus on wedding photography, aligning with the evolving needs of consumers. Despite the challenges posed by changing consumer trends and the inherent uncertainties of marketing, he remains steadfast in providing modest pricing photography services. This commitment is not just a business strategy but a response to the times, acknowledging the economic challenges that individuals face.

Excitement fills the air as Our Momento plans to expand its footprint overseas. Mr. Jori, armed with networks and entry points, sees this as a strategic move that aligns with the brand’s growth aspirations. To stay abreast of these developments and future projects, he encourages readers to keep an eye out for updates or, better yet, subscribe to the Our Momento newsletter—a teasing hint that suggests more unique and inspiring initiatives may be on the horizon. As Our Momento continues to evolve, its journey promises to be a captivating narrative, unfolding through the lens of innovation and a commitment to accessible and meaningful photography experiences.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Our Momento Singapore
Mr. Jori, Founder of Our Momento

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr. Jori offers these wise words:

A piece of advice I would like to share to aspiring entrepreneurs is to never stop learning. Every day I learn new things, new ideas for my brand and business and I really wished I have more time. You know you are on the right track when you have things planned out and you just need the resources to scale. The best feeling in being an entrepreneur is learning things that normal educational pathways doesn’t teach and I meant that word for word. Bonus tip, learn digital marketing, gain insight of the world and you’ll never come back saying, “What should I do in life?”

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