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Crafting Fairy Tales Through a Lens – The Genesis of Vera Morgana

Nitisha Venkatachari, the founder of Vera Morgana, was driven by her lifelong love for fairy tales when she embarked on her photography journey. Inspired by the magic, adventure, and romance woven into these timeless stories, she sought to capture the essence of fairy tale weddings through her lens. However, her path was not without its challenges. As a budding photographer in a competitive field, Nitisha faced the daunting task of establishing herself amidst seasoned professionals. Her journey taught her the value of patience and the importance of stepping out of her comfort zone to seek opportunities for growth. Despite her reserved nature, Nitisha courageously reached out to industry peers and collaborators to gain experience and refine her craft. Through dedication and determination, she transformed the challenges she encountered into stepping stones towards realising her dream of reimagining fairy tales through the art of photography.

Finding Joy in Every Frame – The Ikigai Approach to Success at Vera Morgana

Vera Morgana Singapore

Nitisha’s journey with Vera Morgana has been marked by remarkable achievements, including securing prestigious fine art photography awards and gaining recognition on esteemed platforms such as Finest Services in SG, The Wedding Vow, and Singapore Brides. Within just five years since its inception, Vera Morgana has established itself as a powerhouse in the photography industry. Nitisha attributes this rapid success to strategic decisions and innovative approaches, chief among them being the adoption of Ikigai, a Japanese concept centred around finding joy and purpose in life. Embracing Ikigai, Nitisha infuses her photography with a deep understanding of her clients’ needs and desires. By noticing both the small moments that bring smiles and the challenges couples face leading up to their big day, Nitisha creates an atmosphere of ease and enjoyment for her clients. This personal philosophy not only sets Vera Morgana apart but also contributes significantly to its growth and success in the competitive world of wedding photography.

Capturing Moments of Pure Joy – A Glimpse into Vera Morgana’s Memorable Projects

Vera Morgana Singapore

Amidst countless weddings and memorable projects at Vera Morgana, founder Nitisha finds it challenging to pinpoint just one standout moment. However, her true happiness stems from the intimate moments shared between couples during their special day. Whether it’s the emotional exchange of rings, heartfelt speeches, or the magical first dance, Nitisha finds herself beaming with joy like a Cheshire cat. These moments, filled with genuine love and happiness, serve as a constant reminder of the beauty and significance of the work she does at Vera Morgana.

The Essence of Vera Morgana Photography

Vera Morgana Singapore

At Vera Morgana Photography, founder Nitisha embraces the term “bohemian” as a cornerstone of her artistic vision. Defined as “a socially unconventional person,” this ethos infuses every aspect of her work, setting Vera Morgana apart from other photographers in the field. While many may associate bohemian style with candid photography, Nitisha takes it a step further by helping couples tap into their free spirits. This unique approach allows couples to capture their very own fairy tale in a way that feels authentic and unrestrained, eschewing rigid poses in favour of natural movement and genuine emotion. Through this blend of refined artistic expressions and bohemian elements, Vera Morgana Photography creates an experience that is truly one-of-a-kind, leaving couples with cherished memories that reflect the essence of their love story.

Exploring the World Through Fine Art Prints at Vera Morgana

Nitisha’s journey with Vera Morgana has evolved beyond capturing fairy tale weddings to encompass a broader exploration of the world through travel photography. With a passion for storytelling and a desire to share her adventures with others, Nitisha is set to launch Bohemian Footprints, a new addition to Vera Morgana that will feature a fine art printshop alongside her travel blog. Embracing the concept of fine art as a personal pursuit driven by individual interests, Nitisha seeks to offer clients a unique perspective of the world through her lens. From breathtaking landscapes to captivating cultural encounters, clients can expect to discover a curated collection of fine art prints that reflect Nitisha’s distinct vision and wanderlust spirit. Through Bohemian Footprints, Vera Morgana invites clients to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, where every print tells a story and captures the beauty of life’s adventures.

Embarking on a Journey of Artistic Discovery: Vera Morgana’s Vision for the Future

Vera Morgana Singapore

As Vera Morgana looks to the future, founder Nitisha is excited to share upcoming projects and initiatives that reflect the brand’s commitment to creativity and innovation. With a vision to become the premier fine art atelier in the industry, Vera Morgana is expanding its horizons beyond capturing weddings. Embracing the principles of Ikigai, Bohemianism, and Fine Art, Nitisha aims to connect with others and spread happiness through the medium of art. The upcoming launch of the travel blog ‘Bohemian Footprints’ marks the beginning of this new chapter, offering readers a glimpse into Nitisha’s adventures around the world through travel stories, vlogs, and a curated print shop. But Vera Morgana’s journey doesn’t end there. In an effort to explore fairy tales from different cultures, Nitisha will introduce the ‘Dove Letter’ newsletter, providing periodic updates and insights into the enchanting world of Vera Morgana. With these initiatives, Vera Morgana invites readers to join them on a journey of artistic discovery and inspiration.

Advice from Nitisha for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Vera Morgana Singapore
Nitisha Venkatachari, Founder of Vera Morgana

“Don’t be scared of failure. In fact, embrace it. When there are 100 possible paths in front of you, it can get confusing on which is the right one to take. With each failure, you close the wrong path and try again till you find the right one. And each wrong path will help you decide what the next step is in your brand.”

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