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From Coffee to Bubble Tea – The Inspiring Journey of FrothTea’s Founders

In the realm of beverage innovation, Mr. Julian Lim, alongside Mr. Uzen Tan, embarked on a transformative journey from Nineteen95’s Mobile Coffee Live Stations to the captivating world of FrothTea Bubble Tea. Their venture stands as a testament to the power of ambition and adaptability.

Motivated by a desire to broaden horizons within the beverage industry, Mr. Lim’s vision birthed FrothTea, a seamless transition from the aromatic realms of coffee to the delightful universe of bubble tea. This shift wasn’t just about expanding the product portfolio; it was a strategic move to diversify the client base. FrothTea strategically set its sights on lifestyle companies, veering away from the conventional corporate landscape.

The pivotal focus for FrothTea was introducing the cherished bubble tea experience directly to clients’ venues, a concept masterfully executed after their success with coffee catering. This time, the spotlight was on tapping into the evening gatherings scene, capitalising on the growing popularity of bubble tea during those hours.

As trailblazers in the industry, Mr. Julian Lim and his dedicated team confronted a myriad of challenges head-on. Navigating the intricacies of back-end logistics, fine-tuning preparation timings, and establishing optimal price points became integral components of their journey. This learning curve set the stage for the success story that FrothTea Bubble Tea would become.

FrothTea’s Art of Event Collaboration

FrothTea Bubble Tea Singapore
FrothTea Bubble Tea Singapore

At FrothTea Bubble Tea, the art of collaboration with clients is more than a service—it’s a tailored experience that elevates events to unforgettable heights. The brand’s signature touch is evident in its custom-branded facades and bespoke-themed drinks, each a testament to their commitment to personalised excellence.

For custom branding, FrothTea initiates a streamlined process, offering clients guidance on dimensions and allowing them creative freedom in design. This approach minimises the usual back-and-forth, expediting the design and approval phases. The narrative takes a unique twist with custom-themed drinks, where the FrothTea team assumes a consultative role. Filtering ideas based on price, colour palette, and potential flavours, they present carefully curated options for clients to choose from.

These custom services extend beyond mere branding exercises; they become attention-grabbing focal points that set clients apart. The strategy of offering unique, custom-themed drinks not only enhances branding efforts but also captivates the intended audience, creating a distinctive event atmosphere.

The impact of FrothTea’s bespoke services is tangible in the success stories of numerous events. One notable example involves FrothTea exchanging their specialty bubble tea for client-generated sign-ups, effectively promoting new products like app accounts to a targeted audience. It’s not just about tea; it’s about creating experiences that leave an indelible mark, sip by sip.

A Steaming Challenge – FrothTea’s Remarkable Journey at SIT’s Open House

FrothTea Bubble Tea Singapore

One of the most memorable and unique events for Mr. Julian Lim and FrothTea Bubble Tea was their participation in SIT’s open house in 2019. This wasn’t your typical event. With an order for a staggering 2000 cups within a mere 5 hours, the FrothTea team faced a formidable challenge, pushing the boundaries of volume and production speed. The ambitious goal required them to churn out an astounding 500 cups per hour, a feat that tested the limits of their efficiency and dedication.

Yet, what truly made this event extraordinary was an unexpected turn. In the fervour of preparation, Mr. Julian Lim found himself facing the searing heat of piping hot pearls cascading onto his arm. The aftermath revealed the depth of commitment, with lingering 3rd-degree burn scars serving as silent witnesses to the efforts made in the pursuit of perfection. The scars, both physical and metaphorical, stand as enduring symbols of FrothTea Bubble Tea’s resilience and Mr. Lim’s unwavering dedication to crafting an exceptional experience, even in the face of steaming challenges.

The Perfect Pair – FrothTea Bubble Tea and Nineteen95 the Espresso Bar

FrothTea Bubble Tea Singapore

Complementing FrothTea Bubble Tea, Mr. Julian Lim’s other venture, Nineteen95 the Espresso Bar, follows a similar model while offering a different product—espresso-based coffee instead of bubble tea. The central concept behind this dual operation is versatility. They serve coffee during daytime events and bubble tea in the evening, ensuring that they are not constrained by the time of day.

This approach provides flexibility for various events, as they are equally willing to serve coffee at night and bubble tea during the day. An interesting observation is the high demand for both services simultaneously, particularly at church weddings. Here, coffee plays an essential role in keeping guests awake during the day, while bubble tea adds an extra layer of liveliness to the festivities, creating a dynamic and complementary offering.

Check out Nineteen95 here!

Beyond the Cup – FrothTea Bubble Tea’s Unique Experience

FrothTea Bubble Tea Singapore
FrothTea Bubble Tea Singapore

FrothTea Bubble Tea, in Mr. Julian Lim’s perspective, distinguishes itself from competitors and other businesses in the industry through a distinct approach. Unlike other brands, FrothTea takes a unique path by bringing a live station experience directly to the doorsteps of their clients’ guests. What sets them apart is the human connection established during the process of redemption, which adds an element of delight for the end-user. It’s not just a transactional “take and go” scenario; it’s an engaging and personalised experience.

The act of assembling drinks right in front of the guests adds a touch of personalization, making each cup of bubble tea just a little more special and sincere. This commitment to creating a memorable and interactive experience sets FrothTea Bubble Tea apart in the industry.

A Sneak Peek into FrothTea Bubble Tea’s Exciting Future

In the dynamic world of FrothTea Bubble Tea, anticipation is reaching a fervent high as they prepare to unveil a refreshed menu, adorned with new products and tantalising flavours. This eagerly awaited endeavour, meticulously in the works for some time, promises a delightful twist to the FrothTea experience.

Yet, the journey of innovation doesn’t merely end with the menu. In the realm of event catering, FrothTea recognizes the nuances that set it apart from traditional retail. The considerations extend beyond taste to the art of crafting experiences tailored for events, ensuring each cup tells a unique story that resonates with the occasion.

Adding to the air of excitement is an undisclosed collaboration. While specifics remain veiled for now, the mere mention hints at a thrilling partnership that holds the promise of groundbreaking developments.

Readers, fasten your seatbelts, as FrothTea Bubble Tea primes itself to redefine the bubble tea landscape. With a refreshed menu and a covert collaboration brewing, FrothTea is set to captivate palates and unveil a chapter of innovation that goes beyond the ordinary. Get ready for a sip of something extraordinary!

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

FrothTea Bubble Tea Singapore
Founders of FrothTea Bubble Tea, Mr. Uzen (Left) and Mr. Julian (Right)

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr. Julian Lim offers these wise words:

Just start the ball rolling. You do not need to know everything before starting. Just start and learn along the way. Otherwise, you will become your own worst enemy because you will never know everything.

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