Andaz Hotel Restaurant: A Gastronomic Delight in Singapore

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience that combines local flavours with international flair, look no further than Andaz Hotel Restaurant. Located in the heart of Singapore, this upscale dining venue offers a diverse range of culinary delights that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

The elegant Andaz hotel restaurant features modern decor, ambient lighting, and a stylish bar area

From traditional Singaporean street food to modern fusion cuisine, Andaz Hotel Restaurant has something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast, a light lunch, or a romantic dinner for two, you’ll find it all here. And with stunning views of the city skyline, you’ll be able to enjoy your meal in style.

So why wait? Discover the gastronomic scene at Andaz Hotel Restaurant today and experience the very best that Singapore has to offer. With a menu that’s sure to impress and a team of expert chefs at your service, you’re guaranteed to have a dining experience that you’ll never forget.

Culinary Delights at Andaz

A table set with gourmet dishes and elegant tableware at Andaz hotel restaurant

Andaz Singapore offers an unforgettable culinary experience with a variety of dining options. From Cantonese cuisine to international flavours, there is something for everyone. The hotel boasts four restaurants and a bar, each offering unique culinary experiences.

Exquisite Cantonese Fare at 5 on 25

5 on 25 is a Chinese restaurant located on the 25th floor of the Andaz Hotel. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of Cantonese cuisine, including dim sum, seafood, and noodles. Head Chef Lim Hong Lih, who previously worked at the Summer Pavilion, creates dishes that are both traditional and innovative. The restaurant also offers private dining suites and a tea sommelier, Li Guan Yi.

International Flavours at Alley on 25

Alley on 25 is an all-day dining venue that recreates the fluid and spontaneous experience of Singapore street dining in the sky. The restaurant offers a multi-cuisine menu that includes both international and local dishes. The menu is designed for sharing, making it perfect for groups. Specials include Pizza & Pilsner on Wednesdays and Weekend & Public Holiday Lazy Breakfast.

Casual Bites at Auntie’s Wok and Steam

Auntie’s Wok and Steam is a casual eatery that serves up traditional Chinese dishes such as soup, dumplings, and noodles. The restaurant is located on the lobby level of the Andaz Hotel and offers a relaxed atmosphere. The menu is perfect for a quick bite or a leisurely lunch.

Signature Sweets and Beverages

Andaz Singapore’s pastry team creates signature sweets and beverages that are not to be missed. The hotel’s pastry chefs use only the finest ingredients to create desserts that are both beautiful and delicious. The hotel also has a bar that serves up a variety of cocktails and wines.

Ambience and Design

The interior design of Andaz Singapore is inspired by the rich colours and textures of Singapore’s heritage. The hotel’s lobby and restaurants feature natural light and rare and unusual leaves, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The hotel’s design is the work of acclaimed designer Andre Fu.

Exclusive Dining Experiences

Andaz Singapore offers exclusive dining experiences that are perfect for special occasions. The Chinese Supper Club is a unique dining experience that reworks classic Cantonese dishes. The hotel also offers private dining suites that are perfect for intimate gatherings.

Andaz Singapore’s Unique Offerings

Andaz Singapore offers a variety of unique offerings that set it apart from other hotels. The hotel has a tea sommelier, Li Guan Yi, who can recommend the perfect Chinese tea to pair with your meal. The hotel also offers set lunches that are perfect for a quick and affordable meal.

Meet the Culinary Masters

Head Chef Lim Hong Lih and Tea Sommelier Li Guan Yi are the culinary masters behind Andaz Singapore’s dining experiences. Chef Lim Hong Lih brings his expertise in Cantonese cuisine to 5 on 25, while Tea Sommelier Li Guan Yi can recommend the perfect tea to pair with your meal.

Savouring Local Delights

Andaz Singapore offers a variety of local delights that are not to be missed. The hotel’s restaurants serve up dishes such as Hokkaido scallops, braised lamb shank, and black Angus beef skewers. For dessert, try the pandan chiffon cake or the pineapple flambé.

Andaz Singapore’s culinary offerings are sure to impress. Whether you’re in the mood for Cantonese cuisine or international flavours, the hotel’s restaurants have something for everyone. So why not indulge in a dining experience that is both delicious and unforgettable? Prices start from $10.

Discovering Andaz’s Gastronomic Scene

Guests savoring diverse dishes at Andaz hotel's vibrant restaurant with modern decor and lively atmosphere

When you dine at Andaz Hotel’s restaurant, you are in for a treat. The hotel’s culinary scene is a feast for the senses, with innovative menus and seasonal specials that showcase the best of Cantonese cuisine.

Innovative Menus and Seasonal Specials

Andaz’s Head Chef, Lim Hong Lih, is a master of his craft, and his passion for cooking is evident in every dish he creates. The restaurant’s menu is a reflection of his dedication to using only the freshest and most seasonal ingredients, with each dish carefully crafted to highlight the flavours and textures of the ingredients.

One of the highlights of Andaz’s gastronomic scene is its dim sum menu. This menu features an array of delicate and flavourful small dishes, perfect for sharing with friends and family. From the classic har gow to the innovative truffle siu mai, the dim sum at Andaz is sure to delight your taste buds.

When it comes to seasonal specials, Andaz’s menu changes regularly to reflect the freshest ingredients available. Whether it’s succulent lobster in the summer or hearty game in the winter, you can be sure that the dishes at Andaz are always made with the finest ingredients.

So if you’re looking for a dining experience that is both innovative and delicious, head to Andaz Hotel’s restaurant and discover the best of Cantonese cuisine. With Lim Hong Lih at the helm, you’re in for a culinary journey that is sure to leave you satisfied and wanting more. And with prices starting at just $20, it’s an experience that is accessible to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

The restaurant at Andaz hotel buzzes with activity as guests ask questions about the menu and ambiance. The modern decor and vibrant atmosphere create a welcoming and lively scene

What delightful dishes can you expect on the menu at the Andaz hotel restaurant?

The Andaz hotel restaurant, 5 on 25, offers an extensive menu of delightful dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. From Asian-inspired dishes to Western cuisine, there is something for everyone. Some of the popular dishes include the Wagyu Beef Burger, the Lobster Roll, and the Singapore Laksa. The restaurant also features a live dessert station, where you can watch the pastry chefs create mouth-watering desserts right in front of you.

How much should one budget for a meal at the Andaz hotel restaurant?

The Andaz hotel restaurant offers a range of dining options to suit different budgets. A meal at the restaurant can cost anywhere from $30 to $100 per person, depending on your choice of dishes and drinks. The restaurant also offers set menus for lunch and dinner, which are priced at $48 and $88 per person respectively.

What are the operating hours for the Andaz hotel’s dining establishments?

The Andaz hotel’s dining establishments operate at different hours. 5 on 25, the hotel’s main restaurant, is open from 7:00 am to 10:30 pm daily. Mr Stork, the hotel’s rooftop bar, is open from 5:00 pm to 12:00 am on weekdays and from 3:00 pm to 12:00 am on weekends. Andaz 665, the hotel’s lounge bar, is open from 10:00 am to 12:00 am daily.

Could you tell me the attire recommended for an evening at Andaz 665?

Andaz 665 has a smart casual dress code. For men, this means collared shirts, dress trousers, and closed-toe shoes. Women can wear dresses, skirts, or dressy pants with blouses or tops. Sportswear, shorts, and flip-flops are not permitted.

Is there a stipulated minimum expenditure when visiting Mr Stork?

There is no stipulated minimum expenditure when visiting Mr Stork. However, the bar operates on a first-come, first-served basis, and there may be a waitlist during peak hours. Reservations are recommended to avoid disappointment.

Who is the esteemed proprietor of the Andaz hotel?

The Andaz hotel is owned by Hyatt Hotels Corporation, a multinational hospitality company based in the United States. The hotel is managed by Andaz, a luxury lifestyle brand under the Hyatt portfolio.

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