The Start Of Three Star Brand

Three Star Brand was founded in 1937 when Mr Tan Siow Meng, a Traditional Chinese practitioner, created a new formula for a medicated oil. This marked the very beginning of our journey, devoted to offering effective and trusted natural remedies for generations to come. As the 4th generation of Three Star Brand, my team and I took on the responsibility to carry this rich legacy forward, innovating as we grow by modernising the brand, providing both traditional and modern consumer wellness products. On a personal level, I deeply believe in the multi-purpose effectiveness of traditional medicated oil, particularly in situations where individuals may experience fainting or discomfort. In these moments the scent of medicated oil becomes a powerful support, surpassing conventional medications like paracetamol. This conviction fuels our commitment to share these effective remedies to empower others to navigate such situations with confidence.

Conquering Challenges

One of the initial challenges that Three Star Brand faced was to establish credibility, gain trust, and appeal to the younger generations, especially in a competitive market of traditional medicated oil. To overcome this, we innovated with a new product line, our Aroma Roll-On Oil, which merged elements of aromatherapy and traditional medicated oil. This approach was meant to appeal to a broader audience and help us build a stronger brand reputation. Through consistently delivering high-quality products and providing exceptional customer service, we grew the company by earning the trust and loyalty of our valued customers.

Tell Us About Your Company’s Mission and Vision

TSB’s mission is to develop and manufacture the highest quality and beneficial products cost-effectively, empowering you to take care of your loved ones. Guided by the vision of letting the scent of nature lead you to wellness, they strive to create holistic sensory experiences that promote well-being. These principles shape both business operations and decision-making processes, ensuring that every product they offer upholds their commitment to excellence and brings you closer to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

TSB’s Approach To Innovation

“We encourage creativity and continuous improvement in our approach towards innovation. We do this through investing in market research, prioritising customer feedback, and maintaining a culture of openness. In doing so, we strive to stay ahead in the market and come up with fresh solutions to enhance our customers’ wellness.”

Balance Between Traditional Remedies And Incorporating Modern Advancements

“At Three Star Brand, we understand the importance of striking a balance between traditional remedies and modern advancements in our product portfolio. Our roll-on products serve as the embodiment of this approach, as we infuse modern elements such as the roll-on applicator and combine principles of aromatherapy with our traditional medicated oil recipe. Additionally, we also consider the product packaging to ensure that it reflects both our commitment to tradition and embrace of modernity. In doing so, we incorporate the best of both worlds, providing effective solutions to honour our heritage while catering to the evolving needs of our customers.”

Three Star Brand’s Edge To Competitors

Three Star Brand distinguishes itself within the market landscape through a distinctive amalgamation of age-old wisdom and contemporary innovation. The company’s approach revolves around a commitment to expanding their product range to cater to the dynamic and ever-evolving demands and tastes of their consumer base. This is exemplified by their consistent introduction of novel offerings designed to enhance the pursuit of holistic well-being. Notably, their recent additions encompass lines of aromatherapy reed diffusers and soy wax candles, which stand as tangible examples of their dedication to elevating their customers’ wellness journeys.

Values And Principles At Three Star Brand

“As the owner of a healthcare pharmaceutical manufacturing company, I prioritise several core values and principles, with providing innovative consumer wellness products being a key focus. This commitment is reflected in our company culture and work environment, as we foster a collaborative and customer-centric mindset and work on bringing new products into the market. We hope to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our valued customers through providing quality customer products and service.”

Quality And Safety Of TSB’s Products

Three Star Brand maintains an unwavering commitment to upholding stringent quality control measures, ensuring the utmost calibre of its products. The production team undergoes thorough professional training, adhering rigorously to standardized procedures within a controlled production environment. Meticulous attention is directed towards maintaining high levels of hygiene, with stringent measures put in place to forestall any potential contamination risks. This dedication to quality is further underscored by the implementation of regular and comprehensive quality control checks. These evaluations serve to ascertain product consistency, cementing the brand’s reputation for delivering a level of quality that customers can confidently rely upon.

Role Of Research And Development At TSB

Within the operations of Three Star Brand, research and development (R&D) emerges as a pivotal cornerstone. The company’s commitment to innovation drives an incessant pursuit of novel product offerings and the continuous enhancement of existing ones. An integral aspect of this process involves active engagement with customers through the orchestration of roadshows, facilitating valuable feedback and insights. This direct interaction serves as a wellspring for identifying nascent trends and evolving consumer desires. Subsequently, these insights catalyze further R&D endeavours aimed at elaborating upon these suggestions. This customer-centric ethos has yielded tangible results, exemplified by the triumphant inclusion of the Citronella Roll-On Aroma Oil in the product lineup. This particular addition has resonated exceptionally well with customers, swiftly ascending to the status of one of the brand’s best-selling products. By perpetually engaging in research and maintaining a dialogue with their customer base, Three Star Brand ensures that its product portfolio remains attuned to the evolving needs and preferences of its clientele.

Advice To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

“To aspiring entrepreneurs in the healthcare pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, I encourage you to embrace your passion, stay true to your values, and face each challenge head on. Everyone has the potential to make a positive impact and transform lives along the way.”

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