Discovering The Inspiration Behind Singapore Data Recovery Centre Pte. Ltd.

Mr. Jag Karnan – Founder of Singapore Data Recovery Centre Pte. Ltd.

Singapore Data Recovery Centre Pte. Ltd. founded in 2008 is the most trusted data recovery center in Singapore. Our clients range from MNC financial companies to Singapore Government organizations. We provide expert data recovery services for all types of failed storage media. Data privacy and security are the core policies of our services. We have passed rigorous data security audits from financial institutions.

Loss of data is a painful incident. It is not just a loss of data, for some it could be the loss of precious photos of long-gone close family members, it may be a few years of accounting data for a small company, and it may be irreplaceable design ideas for an Architecture Company. We feel good to recover important data and see the sigh of relief and smile on our customer faces as they check their recovered data.

Lessons Learned on the Journey to Success

Client First. Business exists for the clients. The company and the people in the company must always have Client First attitude. Any company’s process, system and people must always focus on serving the client with the highest standards and satisfaction. 

How Singapore Data Recovery Centre Pte. Ltd. Maintains Quality And Service Amidst Growing Customer Base

With more than 14 years of data recovery experience, we have optimized our systems and processes for handling a high volume of data recovery jobs. With your finely optimized workflow process, we can scale up without compromising the quality of the work.

How Singapore Data Recovery Centre Pte. Ltd. Overcame Pandemic-Related Challenges

During the pandemic, walk-in customers reduced. We were still able to support the customers by collecting the disks using dispatch and continuing to provide data recovery services. For customers who were unable to send disks, we helped by providing remote data recovery services.

Unique Advantages Of Singapore Data Recovery Centre Pte. Ltd. In The Competitive Data Recovery Industry

We focus on three main things that we feel are important to our business. 

a.    Client Needs – Understand what client wants and satisfy their needs.

b.    Be the expert by acquiring new skills to recover from the latest storage media.   

c. Investing in the Latest and best Tools for the highest data recovery success rate.

How Singapore Data Recovery Centre Pte. Ltd. Balances Innovation And Stability In An Ever-Changing Technological Landscape

Upgrading our skills and tools is part of our constant process. As technology changes, we equip ourselves with the latest knowledge and skills to recover from new types of storage media and also upgrade our tools to support our work.

What Does “Trust the Experts” Mean To SDRC? 

Data recovery most of the time is a one-time activity. If the disk was not handled properly by an expert, the data may be lost forever. It is important that the disk is handed over to experts for a higher chance of recovery. We at SDRC value the data and with our 14 years of expertise, we have gathered enough knowledge and skills to confidently recover data. We also value data security and we have a strict data privacy policy for all our clients. Financial Institutions and Government Organizations trust us with their data. We want to give the same level of data security to all our clients.

Singapore Data Recovery Centre Pte. Ltd.’s Formula For Thriving In The Data Recovery Industry

The successful Client experience will bring in more business. All our clients came mostly through word of mouth from our existing satisfied clients. Providing efficient and friendly service is important for long-term business.

Current Goals And Exciting Plans For The Future

We are training our clients to properly backup data, so they do not need data recovery in the future. As cloud technologies are easily available, most customers are happy to back up to the cloud. For some customers who are not comfortable letting the data out to the cloud, we show them the proper way to back up their data and stop data loss. We will be happy if they don’t need us to recover the data. Data loss is a painful scenario, we do our best to prevent it.

Singapore Data Recovery Centre Pte. Ltd.’s Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Listen to your client’s needs. Always think about how the business can best serve the customer. Turn yourself into a client of your business and analyze whether are you happy with the service from the business. The business that can give the best customer experience, tends to grow faster and live longer.

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