King of Strength: The Transformative Power of Boxing

Empowering Lives Through Boxing

The King Of Strength‘s Birth

Boxing: A Life-Changing Impact

Kumar Perumal, the founder of King of Strength Boxing Gym, had cancer when he was young and it was through boxing that brought himself back to life. It made him stronger than he was before. The desire to pass on and share the transformative power of boxing was always ingrained in his mind. It all began organically, with gatherings of family and friends coming together to train, without any initial intention of starting a business. They started off training in open spaces before progressing to a modest industrial unit and eventually settling in their current location on Sembawang Road. The credit for their success goes to their incredible members and dedicated team who have supported them since day 1.

The Power of Passion and Discipline

KOS: Making a Difference

Kumar sees and comes across success stories each day that truly inspires him. These stories can be as simple as witnessing his dedicated 9-year-old trainee show up for practice despite feeling unwell, driven solely by her passion for the sport and the discipline instilled by KOS. Another example is seeing trainees who, like Kumar, have faced challenging journeys and have chosen boxing as a means of recovery. Another remarkable trainee was diagnosed with cancer while training at KOS and decided to return to boxing after his treatment and fight cancer away. Witnessing such transformations fills Kumar with immense pride, knowing that they have the power to make a positive impact. He considers it a success story when individuals become better versions of themselves compared to the previous day.

King of Strength’s Unique Value

A Culture of Respect

At KOS Boxing Gym, they prioritize discipline above all else, even surpassing performance. As soon as you enter their gym, you can immediately feel the atmosphere of mutual respect among everyone, and it becomes natural to embrace and uphold that culture.

Innovation Through Collaboration

Embracing the Insights of the Next Generation

Keeping up with the ever-evolving digital world presents its challenges. As a team, they regularly gather to discuss and brainstorm new ideas. They also make it a point to listen attentively to the younger generation, seeking their insights on the current trends so that they can stay relevant and stay ahead of the game.

Staying Ahead In The Digital Age

The digital world has become the hub of information and inspiration, where people seek training ideas and tips from various online sources. Everything is moving online. KOS anticipate that, in the future, individuals will desire the convenience of working out on their own terms. As such, they are ready to adapt to that shift. However, for now, their primary focus remains on enhancing the experience of each person who enters KOS, ensuring their improvement and progress.

KOS Expanding Horizons

Challenges and Future Expansion for KOS

The challenge that currently hindering KOS from implementing some improvements is the limited space they have. There are occasions when they feel that their current location becomes cramped or tight when it is filled to capacity. If the opportunity arises, they eagerly anticipate the possibility of expanding their premises.

Timing The Success

For consideration to expand and open additional branches, they strongly believe that timing plays a crucial role. When the time is right, they have plans in place for establishing supplementary branches.

Enhancing The Boxing Journey And Unlocking Potential

KOS’s Initiative to Enhance Kids’ Boxing Experience

At present, children involved in boxing training do not have any competitive opportunities. To address this, KOS has recently started its exclusive grading system for kids in boxing, providing them with tangible goals to strive for. The system comprises five levels of grading, and each level is accompanied by a booklet for parents to track their child’s progress. This initiative not only offers a structured progression path but also serves as a stepping stone for children before they transition into youth boxing.

The Century Challenge

KOS is also the first boxing gym where when a trainee completes 100 classes within a certain duration, they will give them $100 cash. They call this challenge Century Challenge which is really challenging and interesting for people who love sports and boxing.

Advice From Kumar Perumal For Aspiring Professional Boxers or Wants To Join KOS

“Stay disciplined and trust the process. As long you do this, opportunities will find you and you will climb your way up.”

Visit King of Strength’s website here.

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