From Pastry Chef to Packaging Pioneer – Aeon’s Journey with CAARTN Singapore

CAARTN Singapore
CAARTN Singapore

In a transformative career shift, Aeon, formerly a skilled pastry chef, embarked on the entrepreneurial path, co-founded a food events pop-up venture in 2019. Come 2020, restrictions announced during the pandemic added to the challenges in the industry and it eventually closed down. Undeterred, Aeon found inspiration amid adversity, recognizing a gap in the market—specifically, a dearth of innovative baking packaging.

Amid the closure, Aeon saw an opportunity to redefine his trajectory, venturing into the realm of packaging solutions. Aiming to disrupt the conventional norms dominated by older entrepreneurs, he envisioned a shift in perspectives within the packaging industry. One of his primary goals was streamlining the cumbersome process of online orders, reducing the traditional back-and-forth emails.

Now, three years into the journey, CAARTN Singapore stands as a testament to Aeon’s resilience and determination. His dedication to transforming the packaging landscape has not only resulted in a thriving business but also marks a significant departure from his culinary roots, showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit that propels CAARTN into a path of continued success.

Aeon’s Experience as a Pastry Chef’s Influence on CAARTN’s Packaging Perfection

CAARTN Singapore
CAARTN Singapore

Drawing from his rich background as a pastry chef, Aeon injects a unique perspective into the design and creation of packaging solutions at CAARTN. With a keen understanding of the intricate relationship between pastries and their encasements, Aeon prioritises functionality and coherence in every design endeavour.

Being a pastry chef informs Aeon’s approach towards his business. In an industry with many packaging options, he recognized a gap and tailored CAARTN’s focus towards baking-related packaging. For Aeon, each packaging solution must harmonise seamlessly with the specific pastry it houses, ensuring a perfect fit and enhancing the overall presentation.

Acknowledging the diversity within the packaging category, Aeon emphasises the importance of material selection. Careful attention to material quality, including thickness, serves as a preventive measure against potential problems like box tearing, particularly with heavier items. Moreover, the inclusion of oil-proof materials addresses concerns related to pastry oil seepage, averting stains and related issues. In this commitment to quality, CAARTN distinguishes itself by placing a paramount emphasis on ensuring that their packaging not only looks good but also delivers durability and practicality, solidifying the company’s standing in the industry.

CAARTN’s Green Commitment – Nurturing Sustainability in Every Package

In implementing eco-friendly practices, CAARTN demonstrates a commendable commitment to sustainability. To ensure that this ethos remains central to their operations, Aeon sheds light on the multifaceted approach taken in sourcing, production, and distribution to minimise environmental impact.

Prior to the official launch of their eco-friendly initiative, CAARTN has been actively working to integrate sustainable practices. A crucial aspect lies in their stringent selection of suppliers and manufacturing partners, ensuring they prioritise reputable and sustainable sources. In the production of kraft paper for packaging, CAARTN is dedicated to minimising waste, adopting practices that curtail environmental harm and reduce plastic usage.

Aeon acknowledges the practical necessity of some plastic use for affordability, yet remains steadfast in the pursuit of eco-friendly alternatives. CAARTN not only incorporates sustainable practices internally but also extends its efforts to customer education. Recognizing the broader impact of recycling processes and eco-friendly initiatives, CAARTN aims to reshape perspectives on sustainability. The focus extends beyond commonplace efforts like reducing straw usage for turtle conservation to a holistic approach centred around packaging practices, with a strategic goal of reducing the overall carbon footprint. Through these concerted efforts, CAARTN aims to lead the charge in fostering a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious industry.

CAARTN’s Pulse on Packaging Trends

In the fast-paced world of packaging trends, CAARTN, hailing from the vibrant culinary scene of Singapore, navigates the dynamic industry landscape with strategic insight. Founder Aeon sheds light on the company’s approach to staying well-informed and responsive to the ever-evolving packaging trends.

Given the rapid pace of food trends in Singapore, especially during periods like the COVID-19 pandemic, CAARTN remains attuned to the local culinary scene. Brownies and cinnamon bread, for instance, gained immense popularity, reflecting the swift shifts in consumer preferences. To stay abreast of emerging trends, CAARTN keeps a keen eye on platforms like TikTok, leveraging social media to identify and adapt to the latest packaging demands.

However, Aeon emphasises a balanced strategy, recognizing that trends are ephemeral. Instead of solely tailoring offerings to specific transient fads, CAARTN takes a more holistic approach. Aeon aims to provide packaging solutions that transcend individual trends, ensuring versatility to accommodate a wide array of pastries. In doing so, CAARTN positions itself not just as a follower of trends but as a versatile provider, offering sustainable and adaptable packaging solutions that withstand the test of time and cater to the diverse needs of the dynamic culinary landscape.

CAARTN Singapore – Redefining Convenience and Affordability in Packaging Solutions

CAARTN Singapore
CAARTN Singapore

What sets CAARTN Singapore apart in the competitive landscape of packaging businesses is a combination of passion, transparency, and a customer-centric approach. Aeon sheds light on key differentiators that make CAARTN stand out from the crowd.

Transparency is at the core of CAARTN’s ethos. While many businesses often hide prices behind quote buttons, CAARTN boldly displays all prices on their website. This open approach streamlines the ordering process, saving customers time and providing a level of clarity unmatched in the industry.

Moreover, CAARTN’s commitment to supporting businesses extends to a dedicated business account system. Manual approval ensures transparency and prevents competitors from exploiting pricing information. Approved businesses enjoy up to 20% off, with immediate visibility into business-specific pricing upon login, eliminating the need for constant inquiries.

Recognizing the challenges faced by startups, CAARTN breaks the mould with a minimal ordering quantity of just 50 pieces for business accounts. This flexibility, allowing mixing and matching even in smaller quantities, empowers budding entrepreneurs who may not be ready for bulk purchases, setting CAARTN apart as a partner invested in the success of businesses at every stage. Additionally, CAARTN boasts an efficient order fulfilment process, ensuring businesses receive their orders within a swift three to five working days—a remarkable turnaround compared to the industry standard.

CAARTN’s Vision for Tomorrow – Diversifying Services and Giving Back

CAARTN Singapore
CAARTN Singapore

As CAARTN continues its journey, Aeon shares exciting initiatives that promise to elevate the customer experience and extend the company’s impact beyond packaging.

One noteworthy venture is the introduction of sticker printing services, complementing CAARTN’s packaging offerings. This all-encompassing service is tailored for those embarking on new ventures, providing a convenient one-stop solution for packaging and branding needs.

Expanding further, CAARTN is venturing into gifting services, catering to corporate gifts and wedding favours. Collaborating with existing customers in the food industry, CAARTN aims to curate unique experiences by combining their packaging with culinary delights, offering a diverse array of options, particularly in wedding settings.

On the retail front, CAARTN is gearing up for more pop-up events and exploring retail spaces to make their products more accessible. Recognizing that some customers find it challenging to travel to the office, this initiative aims to bring CAARTN’s innovative packaging solutions closer to diverse communities across Singapore.

A heartfelt project that Aeon has long envisioned involves offering slightly damaged yet usable items at a discounted price. The proceeds from these sales will be channelled towards charitable causes, a testament to CAARTN’s commitment to giving back to the community.

As CAARTN charts its course for the future, these initiatives not only showcase the company’s commitment to diversifying its services but also highlight its dedication to making a positive impact, both within the business realm and the broader community.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

CAARTN Singapore
Aeon, Founder of CAARTN

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, Aeon offers these wise words:

Don’t give up in what you want to achieve even though it’s going to take a long time or it might take a longer time than what you expected. Trust that the process and don’t beat yourself too hard when things go wrong in the business. There will be times where you feel that you can’t talk to others about your problems. But what I suggest is to find like-minded business owners who vibe well with you as they might just be experiencing similar obstacles and help offer advice and solutions from their own experiences and expertise.

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