MEIDE.SG: Transforming Singapore’s Cleaning Industry with a Vision


MEIDE.SG emerged from a deep-seated conviction that the cleaning industry in Singapore was deserving of greater recognition and support, and that residents should have convenient access to efficient cleaning services. The founder, Pierre, recognized several pervasive challenges within the industry. Cleaners grappled with challenging work conditions, inadequate support, limited opportunities for growth, insufficient compensation, and unappreciative clients. Simultaneously, residents in Singapore faced hurdles when seeking reliable cleaning services for their homes or businesses, often encountering overcharging or subpar services from freelancers. The absence of a comprehensive support system to bridge the gap between cleaners and customers further compounded these issues.

The visionary concept behind MEIDE.SG was born from these challenges. The platform aimed to connect both cleaning providers, including cleaners and cleaning companies, with customers in need of cleaning services, creating a solution for the pressing issues within the industry.

While embarking on this journey, MEIDE.SG confronted numerous obstacles. Overcoming the deeply entrenched social stigma associated with cleaning required more than just verbal campaigning. Sourcing reliable suppliers and trustworthy cleaning providers proved to be a persistent challenge. Establishing an efficient operating system and ensuring fair compensation for cleaners in a market with razor-thin margins demanded significant time and effort. To sustain growth and compete in a market with discerning customers, the company had to increase sales volume and provide dedicated after-sales support, all without copious seed funding. The high turnover rates prevalent in the cleaning industry made retaining quality cleaners a formidable task. MEIDE.SG responded with innovative campaigns to boost retention rates while staying up-to-date with evolving technologies and government regulations, adapting to cleaning robots, scheduling systems, and new industry standards.

Building the MEIDE.SG Team: A Recipe for Success

MEIDE.SG’s commitment to revolutionising Singapore’s cleaning landscape hinges on assembling a versatile team with a distinct set of qualities and attributes. The company’s rigorous selection process ensures that the right individuals join the MEIDE family, each chosen based on their unique profiles.

For the administrative team, proficiency in technology is paramount, encompassing the ability to work remotely, respond swiftly, and adapt to new technologies with ease. Responsiveness and a strong sense of responsibility are equally crucial, as these traits underpin MEIDE.SG’s commitment to efficiency. A keen attention to detail is highly valued to prevent errors and duplicated work efforts.

In the diverse array of roles within MEIDE.SG, different criteria come into play. For cleaners, the ability to clean deeply, efficiently, and swiftly takes precedence. Equally important are interpersonal skills and effective communication, as these qualities enhance customer interactions. Physical fitness and mental agility are prerequisites, given the demanding nature of cleaning tasks.

In the realm of babysitters and nannies, an innate passion for children is a key attribute. Patience is invaluable, given the challenges of dealing with both kids and parents. A proactive attitude towards learning and skill improvement is encouraged, as childcare skills are ever-evolving. Above all, an unwavering commitment to prioritizing the health and safety of babies and children is non-negotiable.

MEIDE.SG, a platform-centric company, boasts a diverse array of roles to accommodate various personalities and skill sets. Aspiring team members can explore these opportunities on the company’s comprehensive Careers page at Additionally, specialized personnel in recruitment, onboarding, and integration ensure a seamless and fulfilling journey for new MEIDE team members.

Customized Cleaning Solutions: MEIDE.SG’s Tailored Approach for Every Client


MEIDE.SG takes great pride in offering personalised cleaning services that cater to the unique needs of each client, including specialised cleaning requirements such as post-renovation and move-in/move-out cleaning. The company follows a structured process to ensure customer satisfaction at every step. These can be seen in their cleaning blog,

The company approaches its services by focusing on three core elements: pre-cleaning preparation, the cleaning process itself, and after-sales support. Prior to the cleaning session, it is essential to address any misconceptions or unrealistic expectations. MEIDE.SG assists clients in understanding the scope of work, the necessary tools, and the time required for a thorough cleaning. Some clients may have specific preferences regarding the cleaning team’s demographics, such as age, gender, or language proficiency, and these requests are thoughtfully accommodated.

The actual cleaning process is conducted with precision and efficiency, guided by a meticulously curated cleaning checklist. This checklist has evolved over time, incorporating lessons learned from extensive testing and reviews. It includes a list of tasks that are not covered (due to common misconceptions), along with relevant resources for further understanding. MEIDE.SG’s cleaning crews are well-trained to execute the cleaning tasks diligently, following the checklist and leveraging their expertise with a variety of cleaning tools. For post-renovation and move-in/move-out cleaning, the cleaning teams are encouraged to bring their own equipment, a practice that is communicated to clients in advance as per and

During the cleaning session, clients are encouraged to be present and provide specific instructions within the predefined scope of work. This interactive approach ensures that the client’s unique needs and expectations are met.

Following the cleaning, MEIDE.SG maintains a commitment to after-sales support. The team conducts a follow-up with clients to assess their satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement, if any. Clients can share their feedback through the official feedback channel provided by the company at Based on this feedback, MEIDE.SG continues to refine its services and offers the option for clients to book additional cleaning sessions, with many clients choosing to engage in regular cleaning services beyond post-renovation or move-in/move-out cleaning.

MEIDE.SG’s dedication to meeting the specific needs of each client is exemplified through this structured approach, fostering a sense of trust and confidence in their cleaning services.

MEIDE.SG’s Vision for the Future: A Steady Path Towards Global Expansion


MEIDE.SG’s commitment to its long-term vision extends to the aspiration of eventually becoming a global presence. However, the company’s approach to expansion is one rooted in prudence and a steadfast commitment to its core values.

MEIDE.SG recognizes the importance of building a strong foundation and a capable team before venturing into international markets. The company does not advocate for hasty expansion or subscribing to the “fail fast” mentality, but rather emphasizes the importance of “learning fast.”

At present, MEIDE.SG’s primary focus is Singapore. The company aims to establish a strong presence in the local market while building a resilient system capable of managing evolving demands and supply. As a fully bootstrapped business, MEIDE.SG remains committed to its entrepreneurial values of identifying problems and offering lasting solutions, placing a premium on long-term success over quick gains.

While the company has considered discussions with startup venture firms and explored investment opportunities, it maintains a steadfast dedication to its original vision of reshaping the cleaning landscape. MEIDE.SG’s profitability from its early stages to the present can be attributed to its cost-efficient setup and streamlined operations.

For the time being, MEIDE.SG is experiencing steady growth and is focused on expanding further within Singapore. The company is cognizant that venturing into overseas markets may stretch its existing team, which is why it prioritises local growth. Nevertheless, the company remains open to global expansion in the future, with the flexibility to adapt and replicate its successful business model in other countries should the directors decide to take that step. MEIDE.SG’s unwavering dedication to its vision ensures that it is well-prepared for the potential journey toward global expansion when the time is right.

MEIDE.SG: Pioneering a New Path in the Cleaning Industry

MEIDE.SG stands apart from its competitors and other businesses within the industry due to its distinctive approach and values. Here’s a breakdown of the key differentiators that set MEIDE.SG apart:

Agility and Adaptability: Despite being an established presence in the cleaning industry, MEIDE.SG maintains a remarkable level of agility. The company continually monitors market dynamics, including demand, supply, costs, and industry regulations, allowing it to swiftly adjust its business model. The streamlined operations and proactive team members enable rapid responses not only to changes within the industry but also to the actions of competitors.

Originality and Innovation: MEIDE.SG prides itself on being a homegrown and original brand. Instead of simply following industry norms, the company is committed to carving new paths and constantly challenges the status quo. The “why” and “why not” approach is deeply ingrained in its decision-making processes. Pros and cons are carefully considered, leading to the implementation of novel ideas or the use of A/B testing to fine-tune strategies. This spirit of innovation permeates every aspect of the company’s operations, and the staff are trained to think critically and make logical decisions.

Balanced Use of Technology: While many competitors either rely heavily on AI tools and robotic technology or emphasise person-to-person communication, MEIDE.SG strikes a balance between technology and the human touch. The company recognizes the importance of having a human touch in the initial stages of client interaction. However, once the nature of the contact is established, such as a residential client seeking weekly home cleaning, MEIDE.SG leverages various technological tools to assist clients, store essential data, and guide them toward obtaining the services they need.

Mission-Driven: MEIDE.SG’s core mission is not solely profit-focused. The company was founded with the intention of addressing the gaps and issues within the cleaning industry. This ethos has led to the expansion of services into air conditioning, babysitting, and nanny services, collectively referred to as “ABC.” MEIDE.SG’s growth is guided by the desire to benefit specific communities, improve working conditions, and contribute positively to society. The company exemplifies the entrepreneurial philosophy that focusing on problem-solving leads to sustainable profits.

In essence, MEIDE.SG’s distinctive attributes include its adaptability, commitment to innovation, balanced approach to technology, and a mission-driven vision that transcends profits. These qualities combine to position MEIDE.SG as a pioneer and a transformative force in the cleaning industry.

MEIDE.SG’s Vision for the Future: Enhancing Babysitting Standards and Specialization


MEIDE.SG is actively working on several innovative projects that reflect its commitment to improving the quality of services and contributing to a better society. While some of these projects are confidential, here are a few sneak peeks into what MEIDE.SG has in the pipeline:

Elevating Babysitting Standards: As part of its growing babysitting business, MEIDE.SG recognizes the need for more reliable and standardised training for babysitters and nannies. While various courses exist in the industry, there is currently no universally recognized “gold standard” for training in these roles. MEIDE.SG is working on a project to address this gap by developing comprehensive and standardised training programs. This initiative aims to ensure that babysitters and nannies receive the proper training and certification they need to provide top-notch care to children, acknowledging the paramount importance of children’s well-being.

Specialisation and Professionalism: MEIDE.SG emphasises the importance of specialisation in various service sectors. Instead of attempting to be a “jack of all trades,” MEIDE.SG advocates for individuals to focus on mastering one particular profession, ensuring that they can deliver exceptional service. Specialisation not only allows service providers to take pride in their work but also maintains high standards and professionalism within their chosen field. This approach helps eliminate social stigma and shift societal norms while ensuring that clients receive quality service tailored to their specific needs.

Education as a Lifelong Endeavour: MEIDE.SG is a staunch supporter of education, emphasising its importance for everyone, including clients, service providers, and the general audience. The company believes that education is a lifelong journey. In line with this belief, MEIDE.SG has dedicated blog sites on both its cleaning and babysitting platforms, featuring a wealth of educational articles. These articles cover a wide range of topics and are meticulously researched and professionally vetted. The aim is to provide readers with detailed, informative, and enriching content, making them not only more informed clients but also lifelong learners. This commitment to education and knowledge-sharing is a testament to MEIDE.SG’s dedication to continuous improvement and empowerment.

MEIDE.SG’s ongoing initiatives underscore its dedication to enhancing service standards, fostering specialisation, and promoting lifelong learning. These efforts align with the company’s mission to bring about positive change in the industry and society at large, setting it apart as a forward-thinking and progressive service provider.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, the founder of MEIDE.SG, Pierre, offers these wise words:

The road of entrepreneurship is forever rewarding. Whether you choose to focus on financial rewards or not, is secondary. Be sure to enjoy the hustling, learning, and ups and downs every precious day as they pass by, because they will inevitably blur into weeks, months and years. Ultimately, entrepreneurs who benefit society and others become more than just entrepreneurs. They become role models. They become great dads and loving mums. They become generous beings and inspiring individuals. This is what we aspire towards all the time at MEIDE.SG and we hope you join us in this journey too.

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