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From Numbers to Nurturing — Harmony Tee’s Journey into the Funeral Industry

In her early career as an accountant, Harmony Tee had never envisioned herself stepping into the sombre realm of funeral services. However, when her ailing father hinted at selling their family’s coffin shop due to a lack of successors, Tee felt a calling to preserve her family’s legacy and serve grieving families simultaneously. Transitioning into the funeral trade presented its share of hurdles, from coaxing older employees to collaborate in a traditionally male-dominated industry to navigating irregular work hours and societal stigmas. Yet, Tee’s determination to honour tradition while meeting the needs of bereaved families propelled her past these initial challenges.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation – Harmony Tee’s Approach to Funeral Care

For Harmony Tee, bridging the chasm between over six decades of family tradition and the evolving landscape of the funeral industry requires a delicate equilibrium. Her strategy? A fusion of respect for legacy and openness to contemporary trends. Tee’s approach involves modernising certain traditions to align with the sensibilities of younger generations. Rather than enforcing rigid customs, she educates families on traditional practices across diverse religions, empowering them to make choices that resonate with their personal beliefs and comfort levels. This ethos of flexibility and respect underscores Tee’s commitment to honouring tradition while embracing the evolving needs of grieving families.

Nurturing Compassionate Care – Harmony Tee’s Approach to Team Selection

Harmony Funeral Care Singapore

At Harmony Funeral Care Private Limited, the foundation of exceptional service lies in the meticulous selection and training of its team. Founder Harmony Tee’s approach revolves around gauging candidates’ genuine motivation for entering the funeral profession. This emphasis on sincerity ensures that only individuals committed to the profession’s demands and the company’s ethos are welcomed aboard.

Tee prioritises qualities like diligence and a thirst for learning over specific skills during the recruitment process. Recognizing that attitude trumps expertise, she seeks team members who exhibit a willingness to grow and adapt, valuing their potential to contribute to the company’s culture of compassionate care. Through this discerning approach, Harmony Funeral Care Private Limited maintains its reputation for excellence in service provision.

Personalised Compassion – Harmony Funeral Care’s Commitment to Tailored Services

At Harmony Funeral Care, personalization and respect for diverse needs are at the heart of every service offered. Recognizing the unique requirements of each family, the company provides a comprehensive range of funeral packages curated to accommodate various budgets and preferences.

Central to their approach is the assignment of two dedicated funeral directors to each case, ensuring that families receive the utmost support and attention throughout their journey. This personalised touch underscores Harmony Funeral Care’s commitment to honouring individual traditions, cultural backgrounds, and emotional needs, providing solace and comfort during the most challenging times.

Beyond Farewell – Enriching the Funeral Journey with Pre and Post-Funeral Care

Harmony Funeral Care’s vision extends beyond the traditional boundaries of funeral services, aiming to enrich the entire journey for grieving families. As part of their expansion plans, the company intends to incorporate pre and post-funeral services to address various aspects of the bereavement process.

Their pre-funeral offerings include will-writing assistance, empowering families to proactively plan for the future and alleviate potential stressors. Moreover, Harmony Funeral Care extends its support beyond the ceremony, guiding families through the practicalities following a loved one’s passing. By providing essential information and assistance with administrative tasks, such as navigating financial institutions, the company ensures families can focus on honouring their loved ones without the burden of logistical complexities. This holistic approach not only enhances the overall funeral experience but also offers comfort and peace of mind during a challenging time.

Synergy in Service – Harmony Tee’s Dual Role in Funeral Care and Floral Business

Harmony Tee seamlessly integrates her expertise from both Harmony Funeral Care and Harmony Essentials, a floral business managed primarily by her mother, to offer unparalleled service to customers. With a deep understanding of the importance of fresh and vibrant flowers in funeral arrangements, Tee ensures that Harmony Essentials operates on a made-to-order basis. This meticulous approach guarantees that flowers maintain their vitality, essential for lasting tributes during funeral services. By leveraging her dual roles, Tee enhances the overall experience for grieving families, providing not only compassionate care but also exquisite floral arrangements tailored to honour their loved ones with dignity and grace.

Advice from Harmony Tee for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Harmony Funeral Care Singapore
Harmony Tee, Funeral Director of Harmony Funeral Care

“You will never know if you never try. Sometimes, many things might seem too scary until you really get your hands on it. “

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