Pioneering Innovation – Ubersnap’s Journey into Redefining Photo and Video Experiences

Ubersnap Singapore

Ng Boon Chin, founder of Ubersnap, embarked on a mission fueled by a craving for innovation within the realm of photo and video experiences. Dissatisfied with the stagnant landscape prevalent for decades, Boon Chin identified a pressing need to inject freshness into event entertainment.

The genesis of Ubersnap sprouted from a bold concept: GIF booths with holographic prints, where images come to life with a mere tilt. However, the road to realisation was fraught with challenges. Manoeuvring through uncharted territory, Boon Chin and his team grappled with the daunting task of miniaturising the production process from bulk to on-demand, all while ensuring rapid delivery directly at events.

Yet, the hurdles didn’t end there. Launching a pioneering service meant battling scepticism from a market accustomed to convention. To instil confidence, Boon Chin took to the frontlines, engaging in face-to-face interactions to showcase the tangible allure of holographic prints. The visceral impact of holding these marvels proved instrumental in dispelling doubts and fostering trust.

Ubersnap’s trajectory took an unexpected turn when their original venture, a mobile app for crafting short, looping videos, a precursor similar to Instagram’s Boomerang, didn’t ignite the same fervour. Employing an ingenious strategy to promote their mobile app, Ubersnap ventured into event spaces, tantalising potential users with the allure of holographic prints as an incentive for downloads. However, what began as a marketing tactic soon revealed a profound revelation: Ubersnap was inadvertently carving a niche in the photo booth industry with unparalleled innovation.

Ubersnap underwent a metamorphosis, recognizing an untapped niche in the photo booth industry. Boon Chin’s astute observation and willingness to adapt propelled Ubersnap toward a new trajectory, culminating in the birth of a revolutionary company.

This pivot showcases Ubersnap’s resilience and agility—a journey of seizing unforeseen opportunities and transforming setbacks into triumphs. In embracing the unexpected, Ubersnap redefined its purpose, emerging as a beacon of innovation in the realm of event entertainment.

Ubersnap’s Quest for Exceptional Talent

For Ng Boon Chin, the cornerstone of success lies in assembling a team united by a shared ethos of growth and passion. In navigating the perpetual challenge of talent acquisition, Boon Chin prioritises intangible qualities over mere technical prowess.

At the heart of Ubersnap’s recruitment strategy is a quest for individuals embodying a growth mindset—a fervent dedication not only to their craft but also to personal and professional development. Boon Chin seeks out individuals for whom work transcends mere occupation, viewing it instead as a conduit for continual learning and evolution.

While experience and skill remain vital considerations, Boon Chin emphasises the significance of intangible attributes. A steadfast commitment to excellence and an innate drive to seize new opportunities distinguish prospective team members within the Ubersnap fold. In nurturing a culture rooted in shared values, Ubersnap ensures that every member aligns with the company’s ethos, fostering a cohesive unit united in pursuit of innovation and service excellence. Through this holistic approach to talent selection, Ubersnap not only maintains but elevates its standard of service, enriching the fabric of its dynamic team.

Innovating Beyond Events – Ubersnap’s Venture into Retail

Ng Boon Chin unveils a bold expansion strategy with the introduction of a physical retail store in Bangkok—a move poised to revolutionise the realm of social experiences. Motivated by a shared ethos of innovation and community, Boon Chin envisions the retail space as a natural extension of Ubersnap’s existing event services.

Driven by a pursuit of redefining stagnant markets, Boon Chin identified an untapped opportunity to infuse the retail landscape with Ubersnap’s trademark innovativeness. Much like their foray into event entertainment, the decision to venture into retail stems from a desire to create immersive social experiences that foster genuine connections.

The choice of Bangkok as the inaugural location reflects a strategic vision rooted in market potential and cultural resonance. With its vibrant atmosphere and cosmopolitan allure, Bangkok serves as the perfect canvas for Ubersnap to showcase its avant-garde offerings and captivate a diverse audience. Moreover, the retail venture promises to synergize seamlessly with Ubersnap’s existing event services, amplifying the brand’s presence while enhancing customer engagement. By bridging the gap between physical and digital realms, Ubersnap envisions a symbiotic relationship wherein the retail store serves as a beacon for their event services, and vice versa.

Ubersnap’s Approach to Sustaining Values Amidst Growth

Ubersnap Singapore

Ng Boon Chin underscores the paramount importance of fostering and preserving company culture amidst expansion, particularly in the context of venturing into new territories. Emphasising the essence of continuous and transparent communication, Boon Chin champions an approach steeped in authenticity and personal engagement.

In cultivating a thriving company culture, Boon Chin eschews rigid frameworks in favour of an organic, dynamic ethos that permeates every facet of Ubersnap’s operations. Recognizing that culture transcends mere written doctrines, he underscores its fluid nature—a living, breathing entity shaped by interactions, decisions, and collaborative efforts. Amidst the flux of growth, Boon Chin remains steadfast in his commitment to direct involvement, leveraging the advantage of Ubersnap’s relatively small size to maintain personal connections with key team members. Through this hands-on approach, new hires are seamlessly assimilated into the fabric of Ubersnap’s culture, imbuing them with a shared sense of purpose and camaraderie.

Central to this endeavour is the recognition that culture is not a happenstance occurrence but a deliberate cultivation—an integral component of Ubersnap’s identity. By instilling a culture rooted in shared values and mutual respect, Boon Chin ensures not only his own satisfaction but also the collective fulfilment of every member within the Ubersnap family.

Ubersnap’s Journey into Diversification

Ubersnap Singapore

Ng Boon Chin unveils an ambitious foray into the realm of Software as a Service (SaaS) with the inception of a platform tailored for photographers. Born out of a genuine need to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, this new venture represents a departure from convention—a testament to Ubersnap’s ethos of innovation and adaptability.

At its core, the decision to venture into SaaS arises from a pragmatic impulse—to address internal challenges and optimise workflow processes. Boon Chin’s entrepreneurial acumen led him to recognize the universality of these obstacles, prompting the expansion of the platform to cater to fellow photographers grappling with similar dilemmas.

While distinct from Ubersnap’s core business, this new venture embodies a strategic move towards diversification—a means of mitigating risk and expanding Ubersnap’s footprint in the competitive landscape. Rather than solely complementing existing endeavours, the SaaS platform stands as an autonomous entity, poised to chart its own trajectory in response to market demands and evolving industry trends.

As the company embarks on this transformative journey, guided by the spirit of ingenuity, it reaffirms its status as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape of digital innovation. Look forward to the official launch of this platform by following their social platforms.

Ubersnap’s Unforgettable Journey into International Waters

In the archives of Ubersnap’s storied journey, a moment shines as a moment of triumph and adventure—a journey that whisked Ng Boon Chin and his team across borders to the bustling streets of Tokyo. Recalling this unforgettable milestone, Boon Chin reminisces with a blend of nostalgia and pride, underscoring the profound impact it left on the company’s trajectory.

The allure of cherry blossoms set the stage for Ubersnap’s voyage aboard—a pivotal event that affirmed the company’s flourishing reputation as pioneers in holographic print technology. Hired for an exclusive event in Japan, Ubersnap found itself thrust into the international spotlight, tasked with delivering its signature service amidst the vibrant life of Tokyo’s cultural landscape.

For Boon Chin and his team, the journey to Tokyo was more than a mere business venture—it was a moment highlighting the company’s growth. The team harboured concerns over the potential damage to their equipment if checked in, so they clutched their precious equipment close in their hands as they embarked on an international journey, carrying with them the hopes and aspirations of a fledgling enterprise.

Ubersnap found moments to savour the beauty of Japan’s famed cherry blossoms, immersing themselves in the timeless allure of Tokyo’s streets. This fusion of work and leisure, of ambition and appreciation, imbued the journey with a sense of fulfilment that transcended mere business success.

Reflecting on this cherished memory, Boon Chin acknowledges its significance not only as a milestone for Ubersnap but also as a testament to the spirit of adventure and perseverance that defines the company’s ethos. In the archive Ubersnap’s narrative, the Tokyo triumph stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion and innovation—a memory Boon Chin and his team treasures.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr. Boon Chin offers these wise words:

Be patient for results, but impatient for action. Entrepreneurship is a long-term game, but most of us don’t realise it when we start—so many of us think that we’ll be successful in 2 or 3 years. There’s a mismatch between perception and reality in terms of the time commitment, and new entrepreneurs tend to be naive about how long it takes.

Entrepreneurship is a skill that you have to master over time, just like any other skill—think of it as learning how to play chess. When you first start, your judgement is poor, you lack intuition, and you don’t know how to think through different situations. Then after 5 years of practice, you feel like you’re getting decent at it. That has been my experience of entepreneurship, together with other entrepreneurs that I know—it’s a rare and fortunate entrepreneur who finds immediate success.

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