Bottled Groove Photography Singapore

Capturing Moments, Unleashing Groove – The Birth of Bottled Groove Photography

Bottled Groove Photography Singapore

In the bustling streets of Bangkok, Eugene’s lens found its rhythm, laying the foundation for Bottled Groove Photography. Originating from an unexpected venture into wedding photography, Eugene discovered the harmonious connection between shooting on the streets and the candid charm of wedding celebrations. Despite his initial discomfort with directing the camera towards people, he unearthed a revelation: openness begets openness. Thus, “Bottled Groove” was born—where the release of genuine moments mirrors letting the groove out of a bottle.

Transitioning from a corporate haven to the unpredictable realm of entrepreneurship posed a formidable challenge. Leaving the comfort of a stable job behind required a leap of faith into the unknown. Fortunately, Eugene’s gamble paid off, and Bottled Groove Photography emerged as a testament to the transformative power of passion and risk.

Beyond Pixels – Bottled Groove’s Journey into Film Photography

Bottled Groove Photography Singapore

For Eugene, the venture into film photography was sparked by a simple desire—to capture timeless moments of his newborn daughter. A spontaneous Carousell purchase opened the door to the unpredictable allure of film, where the absence of instant gratification became a captivating element. The nostalgia embedded in film resonated with clients, transporting them to the cherished aesthetic of their childhood photos, adding a layer of sentimentality to their wedding memories.

The reintroduction of film photography presented Eugene with a unique perspective. Combining his modern photography knowledge with analog cameras unveiled a new dimension. Analog photography, with its emphasis on foundational principles like good lighting, prompted Eugene to reevaluate his digital approach. This shift not only enhanced the quality of his images, especially in challenging lighting conditions at weddings but also served as a creative recharge. The return to film photography became a remedy for burnout, infusing a fresh and invigorating energy into his artistic journey.

The Force Behind Bottled Groove Photography

Bottled Groove Photography Singapore

In the dynamic world of Bottled Groove Photography, Erin effortlessly manages the aspects that make Eugene say, “She does all the things I do not like! HAHA.” Erin’s impeccable memory and financial acumen serve as the backbone of the company. From handling administrative tasks to meticulously organising schedules for the team, she plays a pivotal role in the seamless functioning of the business.

Eugene humorously acknowledges that without Erin, the financial landscape might be a perilous terrain, given his confessed weakness for all things gear-related and his aversion to mathematics. Erin’s proficiency extends to the meticulous preparation of administrative details, sparing the photographers from the intricacies of these operational nuances. In essence, Erin is the silent force that keeps the rhythm flowing at Bottled Groove Photography, ensuring that every detail is harmoniously orchestrated.

A Trip Down Memory Lane – Bottled Groove’s 80s Revival Shoot

In the ever-expanding portfolio of Bottled Groove Photography, Eugene fondly recalls a project that seamlessly blended nostalgia and creativity. A couple, enamoured with the aesthetics of 80s photoshoots, embarked on a mission to authentically replicate the era for their pre-wedding shoot. Going above and beyond, they not only opted for a film shoot but meticulously curated every detail. The groom sported the quintessential 80s centre-parted hairstyle, the bride adorned her mother’s vintage wardrobe, a vintage Mercedes Benz became the backdrop, and authentic 80s bridal outfits completed the ensemble.

Beyond the meticulously planned details, the couple’s easy-going nature and receptiveness to ideas added an extra layer of joy to the shoot. The result was not just a series of photographs but a vibrant celebration of love infused with the charm of a bygone era, making it a truly memorable project for Bottled Groove Photography.

Crafting a Team of Excellence – The Art of Selection and Training at Bottled Groove Photography

Bottled Groove Photography Singapore

Curating a team that upholds the impeccable standards of Bottled Groove Photography is a process Eugene deems as crucial as capturing the perfect shot. In a saturated field where photography enthusiasts abound, Eugene emphasises that the rarity lies in finding individuals who seamlessly blend responsibility with photography prowess.

In a market flooded with hobbyist photographers, Eugene sought more than just technical skill. He scoured for qualities that set apart true professionals: punctuality, endurance for long shoots, prompt client communication, the ability to handle challenges with a service-oriented smile, and the commitment to delivering edited photographs within contracted turnaround times. A feat easier said than achieved.

Luck, as Eugene humorously notes, played a role in the discovery of Levin and Dexter, or perhaps, they found him. Beyond the technical proficiency that can be honed, Eugene highlights the exceptional combination of proper photography skills and a sense of responsibility exhibited by his team members. In Levin and Dexter, Eugene found the elusive blend, creating a synergy that elevates Bottled Groove Photography to a league of its own.

Beyond the Frame – Bottled Groove Photography’s Unconventional Approach to Capturing Love

Bottled Groove Photography Singapore

In a saturated market of photography services, Bottled Groove Photography stands out by embracing authenticity over convention. Eugene candidly acknowledges the discomfort he felt with overly romanticised photographs during his own wedding, a sentiment that fueled the company’s distinctive approach.

Unlike many, Bottled Groove prioritises the comfort and true essence of each couple. Rather than adhering to a one-size-fits-all editorial style, the team revels in capturing the raw and genuine moments that unfold naturally. Acknowledging that not every couple is inclined towards scripted poses, they celebrate the uniqueness found in the often awkward and genuine interactions.

On the wedding day, Bottled Groove steers clear of rigid scripts. The team believes in the power of capturing unscripted moments that tell the true story of the day. From barefoot bridesmaids to seemingly mundane yet poignant instances, the focus is on authentic storytelling rather than conforming to a predefined template.

Acknowledging the potential challenge in deviating from the mainstream expectation of “nice” pictures, Bottled Groove Photography remains committed to their distinctive style, embracing the beauty of unscripted, genuine moments that make each wedding uniquely special.

Evolving Perspectives – Future Ventures at Bottled Groove Photography

Bottled Groove Photography Singapore

As Bottled Groove Photography charts its course into the future, the trio of shooters—Levin, Dexter, and Eugene—reveal exciting individual endeavours that extend beyond the realms of wedding photography.

Levin, newly christened as a father of two, finds profound meaning in family photography. Motivated by the transformative power of capturing familial moments, he is set to explore and expand into this realm, recognizing the enduring impact of photographs on both the young and the old.

Dexter, fueled by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, is gearing up for a cinematic journey into the world of film photography. His commitment to honing his craft is evident, with plans to initiate a film project for a couple, showcasing his growing expertise in this captivating medium.

As for Eugene, he envisions a broader horizon. In addition to capturing the magic of weddings, he aspires to dedicate more time to family photography and explore the vibrant realm of fun corporate and studio work—acknowledging the universal love for air-conditioned comfort.

The future for Bottled Groove Photography unfolds with diverse projects, reflecting the unique perspectives and passions of its talented team.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Bottled Groove Photography Singapore
Bottled Groove Photography Singapore

Eugene and Erin, Founders of Bottled Groove Photography

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, Eugene offers these wise words:

We can all strive to do what we want to do, but never forsake family/friends time and your alone time. For the amount of money one can make, it does not give you back time. Time seeing milestones of your little one and being there before they are grown up. Time with your aged folks before they eventually leave the world. Time to recuperate, so that you can feel alive again to do whatever you need to do.

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