AAM Realty International is a property agency that offers professional and expert advice with regard to handling property investments. They started with a personal passion for property investment many years ago. Discovered along the way the need for professional advice and the lack of it in the industry. Today, AAM Realty International is an established Singaporeans-owned property Agency fully registered with the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) aiming to help their clients with all their property needs, create wealth and build legacy through the process.

Inspiration And Purpose

Mr. Kelvin Kang – Founder of AAM Realty International

According to their founder, Kelvin Kang, they were inspired to start this company as being in the industry allows them to continue their passion for property investment. They believe in working closely in-tuned with the market as well as believing in strong work ethics. They help and assist their clients with both local and overseas properties, servicing them with love and care. Where overseas property is concerned, they hold investment seminars and market selected Australian property, especially properties in Melbourne and Perth.

In addition to this, being Singaporean-owned and CEA-registered sets AAM Realty International apart as it means they are on the ground and follow CEA guidelines in the marketing of property in Singapore. Property is a large value item and this is an important consideration when Clients look for property agents to work with, especially when investing in overseas property. 

They believe that they are uniquely different from our competitors as they serve their clients with a lot of love, care and above all, AAM Realty International believe in hand-holding their clients from the start to the end of their property investment and till they purchase their next and subsequent property investment. More importantly by doing this, there is a chance that their clients will recommend other friends, business associates, and relatives to make a purchase with them and they are always contactable with good after-sales service and long-term relationships with their clients. 

Challenges And Hardships

The biggest challenge the company faced in starting and growing the business is to carve a niche in marketing overseas property investment. For example, focusing on Australian property and finding our strong and stable foothold and grounding as many other competitors were trying to duplicate and replicate their marketing campaigns using above-the-line and below-the-line advertising and marketing strategies undertaken by them. They managed to overcome them as they believe they are “uniquely different as they provide the space and comfort zone for their clients and answering to all their concerns and needs” in their approach to business as they believe in good core business ethics and establishing a long-term relationship with their clients.

As a company, they embrace being able to touch lives and make things better for all People working with them through real estate. They aim to keep on improving in all aspects of their business, strengthening their brand as a company and adding value to their partners and clients. AAM Realty International is a company that deals with property and they work with people in every aspect of their business. The clients, partners, and team members that they have are their greatest assets.

They have a motto for all of their dealings: People You Trust. Service You Deserve. They believe in HIS GRACE as their values are:

H–Honesty ; I–Integrity; S–Sincerity; G–Goal(oriented); R–Resilience; A–Attitude; C–Competence/Commitment ; E–Excellence

Experiences And Guides

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Kelvin Kang has gathered an enormous amount of experience from being in the industry for so long. He is generous to share some of it with:

  • Always be grateful for the countless blessings and grace that God has provided and given
  • Believe that God is in control of everything and HE will provide and nothing is impossible with God
  • Accept failure as part of the journey. Failure is not the end of everything, but the chance at a new beginning
  • Keep your eyes open for new opportunities
  • Never stop creating and renewing your business by being involved in the pulse of the market
  • Giving something back to society after you have reaped your financial rewards
  • Success requires a lot of patience
  • Business is a creative process
  • Embrace joy, peace love, passion, empathy, compassion, and sympathy as everyday lessons in life
  • Always do what you love and be passionate as it helps in the long haul as an entrepreneur  

In addition, he is very kind to share tips as a guide that could serve plenty of use for aspiring or just starting out entrepreneurs:

  • Goals are to figure out what you want as an entrepreneur
  • Follow your path by staying focused on solving solutions and being patience
  • Any new idea or can improve an existing one, make it happen
  • Perseverance
  • Failure is the road to success
  • Be Your Own Critic
  • Be adaptable and innovative
  • Always learn how to market your business
  • Don’t expect instant and quick results overnight
  • Accept and embrace failure
  • Always follow your passion and dreams 

Moments Of Satisfaction

As a company that guides its clients to financial decisions, nothing is more satisfying for them than to hear the words of appreciation from the feedback of their clients and partners. As Mr. Kelvin Kang said, it had a significant impact on their entrepreneurial journey as well as the company when their clients expressed their journey and experiences with them as their efforts are recognized, and their sincerity, integrity, and honesty are perceived by their clients. For them, these moments are memorable and unforgettable as they were closely part of that journey. As for one instance, per words of his clients:

“This is my first overseas property investment and I am so glad to be served by you. From the moment of our tele-conversation, I was already impressed with your introduction and professionalism. Within minutes I decided to go for it and signed on the dotted line the very next day! Imagine buying an A$500K property with just a phone call. Who would believe it? Great job! Keep up the good work!” 

This is just one of the many client testimonies that their business has over the duration of their business, if you are interested to find more testimonies for their credibility as a business have a look at:



AAM Realty International is dedicated to providing its clients with top-notch service and expertise in the handling of properties. Their team of experienced agents works passionately to ensure that their client’s property needs are met and that they are satisfied with the outcome of their transactions. As a company, they pride themselves on their transparency and professionalism, and they are committed to helping their clients and partners make informed decisions throughout the entire process. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy property agency company, look no further than AAM Realty International. Contact them today to schedule a consultation and see how they can help you achieve your real estate goals.

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