Agile HRO Singapore

The Birth of Agile HRO

Jamie Haerewa and Leon Farrant, co-founders of Agile HRO, embarked on a journey fueled by a collective vision to redefine HR solutions and empower businesses globally. With decades of combined experience in HR and workforce management, their motivation to create Agile HRO stemmed from a desire to revolutionise industry practices.

In a competitive market, the initial challenge of customer acquisition loomed large. However, leveraging their extensive industry knowledge and personal networks, Jamie and Leon navigated this hurdle with finesse. By prioritising personalised solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs, they laid the foundation for success. Building strong relationships and demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence, Agile HRO swiftly emerged as a trusted partner in the industry. 

Empowering Change – Agile HRO’s Commitment to Social Responsibility

Agile HRO Singapore

Founders´ commitment to a social mission extends far beyond mere philanthropy—it’s part of Agile HRO’s identity. At the heart of this endeavour lies a transformative partnership with Caring for Cambodia, where each client’s engagement with Agile HRO directly translates into support for providing education to underprivileged children.

Through Agile HRO’s innovative platform, clients witness the tangible impact of their business decisions as they contribute to sponsoring a child’s education with every employment made through the platform. This initiative is more than just corporate social responsibility; it’s a testament to Agile HRO’s core values of compassion and empowerment.
By aligning their business goals with meaningful causes, Jamie and Agile HRO empower clients to become agents of change. This alignment not only fosters a culture of social responsibility within the company but also cultivates a ripple effect of positive change in the world, embodying the true essence of Agile HRO’s mission. 

Agile HRO’s Dual Commitment to Remote Work and Female Empowerment

Agile HRO Singapore
Agile HRO Singapore

AgileHRO wasn’t built on the foundation of a traditional office; from the very beginning, Jamie and Leon’s strategic decision to embrace remote work prioritised flexibility, trust, and access to a global talent pool. Recognizing the immense potential remote work offered for personal and professional growth, Jamie understood it as an opportunity to empower Agile HRO team members to flourish in their roles. By embracing remote work, Agile HRO not only provided autonomy and flexibility but also broadened its talent pool, attracting top-tier professionals from diverse corners of the globe. This embrace of remote work has transformed Agile HRO into a hub of inclusivity and innovation, enriching the company’s culture and fostering a collaborative spirit that transcends geographical boundaries. 

Another aspect embedded within Agile HRO’s ethos is a deep-seated dedication to female empowerment and social responsibility, values that permeate every aspect of its operations and client engagements. Beyond mere verbal pledges, this commitment is evident in Agile HRO’s proactive approach to diversity and inclusion in hiring practices, striving to build a workforce that reflects the rich mosaic of human experiences. Additionally, the company wholeheartedly supports initiatives aimed at advancing gender equality and fostering female entrepreneurship. 

Through the alignment of these values, Agile HRO cultivates an environment of equity and inclusivity, benefiting not only its team members but also its clients and the broader community. By steadfastly championing female empowerment and social responsibility, Agile HRO not only asserts itself as a leader in HR solutions but also emerges as a catalyst for positive change on a global scale.

Agile HRO’s Strategic Partnerships

Throughout its journey, Agile HRO has cultivated strategic partnerships that have played a pivotal role in elevating its presence and augmenting its service portfolio. Among these alliances stand prominent names such as SafetyWing, Bradford Jacobs, Techstars and various HR and payroll companies.

These partnerships are more than mere collaborations; they represent a fusion of expertise and resources aimed at delivering bespoke solutions tailored to clients’ requirements. Agile HRO’s collaborative ethos enables it to harness the unique strengths of each partner, culminating in value-added services that propel client success to new heights. By forging these key partnerships, Agile HRO underscores its commitment to innovation and client-centricity, positioning itself as a trailblazer in the HR solutions landscape. 

Agile HRO’s Pinnacle Achievement – Agile Hero

Agile HRO Singapore

Among the many milestones etched in Agile HRO’s journey, one stands out vividly—the launch of Agile Hero, their groundbreaking HR platform. This innovative solution has not only redefined the landscape of HR operations but has also left an indelible mark on the industry.
Agile Hero epitomises the culmination of Agile HRO’s dedication to innovation and excellence. Designed to seamlessly integrate into businesses’ HR frameworks, it offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience for both employers and employees alike. Its launch marks a significant stride forward in Agile HRO’s mission to drive innovation and set new standards of excellence in the HR industry.

Through Agile Hero, Agile HRO empowers businesses to streamline their HR processes, elevate employee engagement, and catalyse growth and success. This monumental achievement epitomises Agile HRO’s unwavering commitment to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of their clientele, solidifying their position as trailblazers in the HR solutions arena.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Agile HRO Singapore
Jamie Haerewa, Co-Founder of Agile HRO

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, Ms. Jamie Haerewa offers these wise words:

Be resilient. There will be double the amount of lows than highs and you need to be able to bounce back when things don’t go your way. Those who push through and stay resilient, will make it in the end.

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