Creating Magic with Genetix Greenscreen Studio: An Insider’s Look into the World of Visual Effects

Genetix S Pte Ltd – Singapore

Discover the dynamic world of Genetix Greenscreen Studio, a versatile creative space that offers a wide range of services, such as a pre-lit greenscreen cyclorama studio, visual effects, video and sound recording, post-production, and screenwriting. Established by Gary Ow, Genetix S Pte Ltd has continually evolved to meet the shifting demands of the industry. In this article, we’ll delve into the different aspects of this creative hub, its exceptional projects, and its unwavering commitment to addressing emerging challenges and risks.

A Glimpse Into Genetix Greenscreen Studio

World of Endless Creativity at Genetix Greenscreen Studio

Genetix Greenscreen Studio is a cutting-edge facility designed to cater to all your production requirements. Their pre-lit cyclorama spans 5m (depth) x 8m (across) x 4m (height) and is lit by powerful KinoFlo lights. Accommodating a crew/cast of 20+ pax, the studio provides a soundproof and lightproof environment, air conditioning, a changing room, a teleprompter, sound crew/equipment, and an HD camera crew.

The Story Behind Genetix S Pte Ltd

Genetix S Pte Ltd was initially founded in 2002 as an IT company specializing in email servers. However, the company rapidly shifted its focus to web development and membership portals to meet clients’ needs. In 2008, responding to the growing demand for online videos, the company pivoted to video production. By focusing on a greenscreen studio, Genetix significantly reduced production costs and generated rental income. Today, the company continues to serve clients in web services, video production, and greenscreen rental.

Remarkable Projects And Partnerships

Over the years, Genetix Greenscreen Studio has collaborated with an impressive roster of clients, such as CPF Sports & Recreation Club, NS Home Team, National Library Board, Wing Tai Asia Ltd, SingTel Ltd, Singapore Management University, Sunningdale Tech Ltd, Hewlett Packard (HP) Singapore Pte Ltd, and more. The studio’s business philosophy revolves around offering services and technology at competitive rates, enabling clients to save both time and money.

These were some of the mental wellness services we built during the pandemic:

And in March 2023, we recently launched our latest dot-com allowing incontinent patients to buy low-cost adult diapers wholesale in Singapore:

We feel the ‘secret’ to success is to identify market niches and fill those market niches with better service, pricing, and speed.

Adapting to Industry Trends and Advanced Technology

When the Covid-19 pandemic necessitated a shift towards live streaming on platforms like Zoom, Genetix Greenscreen Studio adapted to cater to trainers, counsellors, coaches, and mentors in the speaking industry. The studio supplied the essential greenscreen and live-stream technology to keep businesses running. Additionally, they monetized the space for in-house mini-events centred on mental wellness, such as Tibetan Sonic Bowl Healing Circles and public talks on hypnotherapy, counselling, and mental health.

Find peace of mind and healing for your soul with Genetix Greenscreen Studio’s mental wellness services.

Mental Wellness Services at Genetix Greenscreen Studio

During the pandemic, Genetix Greenscreen Studio broadened its scope to encompass mental wellness services like hypnotherapy and counselling. The studio launched related websites, and, as part of their new focus. Gary Ow, the founder, earned a Master of Counseling from Swinburne University and hypnotherapy training from New Zealand, becoming the in-house subject matter expert.

Tackling Emerging Challenges and Risks

Genetix Greenscreen Studio acknowledges the influence of social media on the industry and the growing need for expertise in content creation. With two decades of technical skills at their disposal, the studio remains accessible to clients seeking a professional touch. As the world gravitates towards TikTok and Zoom screen time, Genetix Greenscreen Studio ventured into mental wellness consultations and events to address the rising need for human connection, relief, renewal, and relaxation.

Future Endeavors and Upcoming Projects

Genetix Greenscreen Studio has several thrilling projects on the horizon. They recently launched, a platform for incontinent patients to purchase low-cost adult diapers wholesale in Singapore. The studio is also developing a Manga/Anime comic project suitable for all ages called Alfasprites of Tara, with the first issue released at Singapore ComicCon 2022 and available at Moreover, they offer quarterly healing retreats that showcase the latest psychological methods fused with sound technology to alleviate anxiety and empower participants’ lives. Learn more at

Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

“Don’t mumble or rush to speak quickly. The number one feedback we get from audiences is younger Singaporean presenters talk like machine-gun and swallow their syllables. Learn some elocution and articulation. Learn to screenwrite and tighten up your script. Then, figure out what makes you fun, unique, special & different. If you aren’t all four, you’ll be just a face in the crowd. Ask yourself, “Who is my audience? How do I cut through the noise and stand out? Do I offer tech that is cheaper, better, faster somehow?””


Genetix Greenscreen Studio exemplifies the power of innovation and adaptation in response to changing industry trends. As the studio continues to grow and evolve, it remains committed to providing top-quality services and exploring new opportunities in creative fields. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and tapping into emerging markets like mental wellness, Genetix Greenscreen Studio distinguishes itself from competitors and positions itself for continued success in the future.

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