Earth Recycling Services Singapore

Salvaging Sustainability – Bryan Peh’s Journey with Earth Recycling Services

Earth Recycling Services Singapore

In the bustling city-state of Singapore, Bryan Peh found inspiration amidst the sea of wastage. Witnessing the disregard for proper disposal of furniture and other items during his tenure at Ace Recycle Trading, he felt compelled to make a difference. Thus, Earth Recycling Services (ERS) was born, driven by his passion for waste management and sustainability.

With a decade of experience in waste management under his belt, Bryan brought a wealth of knowledge to Earth Recycling Services. His expertise in differentiating materials proved instrumental in the company’s mission to segregate waste effectively and maximise recyclable salvage.

Earth Recycling Services’ Waste Management Approach

Earth Recycling Services Singapore

Earth Recycling Services stands at the forefront of responsible waste management and environmental sustainability through innovative methods and technologies tailored to their mission.

One of Earth Recycling Services’ key strategies involves the meticulous dismantling of furniture and bulky items to retrieve recyclables. Recognizing that the majority of waste arrives in a mixed state, manual segregation emerges as the most effective solution. Though labour-intensive and time-consuming, manual sorting ensures optimal results in waste segregation, maximising the salvageable materials and minimising environmental impact.

Earth Recycling Services’ Expansion and Team Development

As Earth Recycling Services looks to expand its reach and cater to more clients, founder Bryan Peh reveals plans for strategic growth and team expansion.

To meet the increasing demand, Earth Recycling Services is actively hiring local employees who are willing to join their team. Additionally, the company plans to purchase additional vehicles to efficiently manage the surge in orders from clients.

In terms of team selection and training, Earth Recycling Services adopts a hands-on approach. New employees are expected to learn on the job, recognizing the challenges inherent in the waste management industry. Earth Recycling Services does not discriminate based on academic performance or previous experiences. Instead, they value qualities such as willingness to undertake hard work, perseverance, resilience, and the ability to handle heavy lifting.

Setting the Standard – Earth Recycling Services’ Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Earth Recycling Services Singapore

Earth Recycling Services distinguishes itself in the field of waste management through its unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.

Founder Bryan Peh’s decade-long expertise in materials segregation ensures that every item collected by Earth Recycling Services undergoes a meticulous sieving process. Prioritising salvaging items in good and reusable condition, Earth Recycling Services minimises landfill waste while maximising the potential for recycling and reuse.

This dedication to quality control not only sets Earth Recycling Services apart from its competitors but also reflects its broader mission to make a tangible impact on environmental sustainability. By prioritising salvaging and minimising landfill waste, Earth Recycling Services stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of waste management, setting a standard for responsible business practices in the industry.

Beyond Recognition – Earth Recycling Services’ Journey of Gratitude

Earth Recycling Services Singapore

For Earth Recycling Services, the journey from inception to receiving accolades like the SME 500 has been marked by numerous memorable moments and achievements.

Bryan reflects on the invaluable support of the community, highlighting the heartwarming moments of solidarity and encouragement received along the way. While Earth Recycling Services has been fortunate to garner recognition for its efforts in sustainability and waste management, Bryan emphasises that every step of the journey, every instance of support, is cherished deeply.

From the early days of building the business to the present, Earth Recycling Services remains grounded in gratitude for the unwavering support of its community. These moments of connection and appreciation serve as reminders of the profound impact that collective effort and collaboration can have on fostering positive change and sustainability.

Advice from Bryan Peh for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Earth Recycling Services Singapore
Bryan Peh, Founder of Earth Recycling Services

“Go for it, start now. It’s never too late to act upon it. Don’t let fear be in the way, be okay being vulnerable, accept your shortcomings, work on it and strategise goals to reach your dreams. Work out the baby steps on how do you want to propel yourself closer to your goals. As my acting coach (Mr. Kamil Haque) drilled into us, “Do whatever you want, anything you can, just don’t be an asshole!”. SO, do not harm anyone in the process. Figure out the longevity of the passion, are you going to stick through it even when there’s no longer passion? Along the journey, you will understand yourself better and the answers you gathered will help you make the most well informed decision at any point of time. Also practise resilience as much as you can because you will hear a lot of noises, and in those times, remember to be open, analyse the feedbacks. If it is true, are there room to improve? If it is a false impression, disregard it.”

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