Discover the Authentic Indian Cuisine of Komala Vilas Restaurant in Singapore

If you’re looking for a taste of authentic Indian cuisine in Singapore, look no further than Komala Vilas Restaurant. Founded in 1947, this restaurant has become a heritage brand in Singapore, serving up delicious vegetarian dishes that are sure to excite your palate.

Komala Vilas restaurant, Singapore: Colorful exterior, ornate signage, bustling street, aromatic spices wafting from open windows

At Komala Vilas, you’ll find a wide range of dishes that are made with only the freshest ingredients. From dosas and idlis to curries and biryanis, there’s something for everyone on the menu. And if you’re not sure what to order, the friendly staff are always happy to make recommendations.

Whether you’re a local looking for a delicious meal or a tourist looking to explore Singapore’s culinary scene, Komala Vilas is a must-visit destination. With its authentic Indian cuisine, friendly staff, and rich history, this restaurant is sure to leave a lasting impression on you.

Key Takeaways

  • Komala Vilas Restaurant Singapore is a heritage brand that has been serving up authentic Indian cuisine since 1947.
  • The restaurant’s menu features a wide range of vegetarian dishes made with fresh ingredients.
  • Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a visit to Komala Vilas is a must for anyone looking to explore Singapore’s culinary scene.

Exploring the Menu

Customers peruse the colorful menu at Komala Vilas restaurant, with a variety of South Indian dishes on display. The vibrant and bustling atmosphere adds to the excitement of exploring the menu

When you step into Komala Vilas restaurant in Singapore, you will be greeted with a vast menu that offers a range of authentic South Indian and North Indian cuisine. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from the menu.

Signature Dishes

The signature dishes at Komala Vilas are a must-try. If you are a fan of South Indian cuisine, then you cannot miss out on their Mysore Masala Dosai. This dish is made from rice and lentil batter, filled with a spicy potato filling and served with sambar, chutney and pickles. Another popular dish is the Idly Set, which is a plate of steamed rice cakes served with sambar, chutney and podi.


The accompaniments at Komala Vilas are just as important as the main dishes. You can choose from a variety of dosais, including Plain Dosai, Onion Dosai, Masala Dosai, and more. If you are in the mood for something crispy, then you can try their Vadai, which is a savoury doughnut-shaped snack made from lentil flour. You can also try their Thosai, which is a thinner version of the dosai, or their Uttapam, which is a thick pancake-like dish made from rice and lentil batter.

Biryani and More

If you are a fan of biryani, then you will be pleased to know that Komala Vilas offers a Vegetable Biryani that is packed with flavour. You can also choose from a range of North Indian dishes, such as Chapati and Dhal.

Sweet Endings

No meal is complete without dessert, and Komala Vilas has got you covered. You can try their traditional South Indian sweets, such as Gulab Jamun, Ladoo and Jangiri. If you are in the mood for something lighter, then you can try their Indian Coffee, which is a popular beverage in Tamil Nadu.

When it comes to prices, you will be pleased to know that Komala Vilas offers affordable prices. The signature dishes range from $5-$7, while the accompaniments range from $2-$5. The biryani and North Indian dishes are priced between $6-$8, and the desserts are priced between $2-$4.

Overall, Komala Vilas is the perfect place to explore traditional South Indian cuisine. With a vast menu that offers something for everyone, you are sure to leave satisfied and with a newfound appreciation for South Indian food.

Visiting Komala Vilas

Customers enjoying traditional Indian cuisine at Komala Vilas restaurant in Singapore. Vibrant decor, aromatic spices, and bustling ambiance

If you’re looking for an authentic and traditional Indian dining experience in Singapore, you should definitely visit Komala Vilas. This restaurant, located on Serangoon Road in Little India, has been serving up delicious Indian cuisine since 1947.

Location and Ambience

Komala Vilas is situated in a bustling area of Singapore, surrounded by shops, hotels and the Singapore Race Course. The restaurant itself is small and cosy, with a traditional Indian decor that transports you to the Tanjore district of India. The ambience is warm and inviting, and the staff are friendly and welcoming.

Service Excellence

The staff at Komala Vilas are highly trained in customer care and service, having undergone a rigorous Customer Care Course. They take pride in providing excellent service to all their customers, whether you’re dining in or taking away. The waiters are attentive and knowledgeable about the menu, and are always happy to make recommendations if you’re unsure what to order.

Practical Information

Komala Vilas is open from 7am to 10.30pm daily, so you can enjoy their delicious food at any time of the day. There is often a queue outside the restaurant, especially during peak hours, but the wait is definitely worth it. If you’re in a hurry, you can always opt for takeaway instead.

Here are a few practical details to keep in mind when visiting Komala Vilas:

  • Location: 76 Serangoon Road, Singapore 217981
  • Hours: 7am to 10.30pm daily
  • Takeaway: Available
  • Reviews: Highly rated on TripAdvisor
  • Authentic: Yes
  • Traditional: Yes

Overall, Komala Vilas is a must-visit restaurant in Singapore, especially if you’re a fan of Indian cuisine. With its authentic and traditional dishes, excellent service, and warm ambience, you’re sure to have a memorable dining experience. And with prices ranging from $2 to $10, it won’t break the bank either.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bustling restaurant in Singapore, with customers enjoying South Indian cuisine at Komala Vilas. The aroma of spices fills the air as waiters move swiftly between tables

What delectable dishes are featured on Komala Vilas’ menu?

You can find a wide variety of authentic and traditional Indian cuisine on the menu at Komala Vilas restaurant. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian dishes, you’ll find something that will excite your palate. Some of the must-try dishes include Masala Dosa, Mysore Pak, and Samosas. You can also indulge in a variety of biryanis, curries, and tandoori dishes.

Where can one find Komala Vilas outlets in Singapore?

Komala Vilas has several outlets located across Singapore. You can find them in Little India, Serangoon Road, and Buffalo Road. Additionally, you can also find their outlets in other locations such as Jurong East, Tampines, and Woodlands.

Has Komala Vilas launched any new eateries recently?

As of our knowledge base, there has been no recent launch of new eateries by Komala Vilas. However, they have been expanding their business by opening new outlets in different locations in Singapore.

What are Komala Vilas’ operating hours for a delightful dining experience?

The operating hours of Komala Vilas vary depending on the outlet location. Generally, they open at 7:00 am and close at 10:00 pm. However, some outlets may have different opening and closing hours. It is recommended to check the specific outlet’s operating hours before visiting.

Could you provide the contact information to enquire about Komala Vilas?

You can contact Komala Vilas through their official website or social media pages. Alternatively, you can also visit their outlets and speak to their friendly staff for any queries or feedback.

Who is the brilliant mind behind the inception of Komala Vilas?

Komala Vilas owes its origins to Mr Murugiah Rajoo who travelled to Singapore from his native hometown, Tamil Nadu in India in 1936. He started working at an Indian restaurant and in 10 years’ time, managed to save up and bought over the restaurant. With his passion and dedication, he transformed the restaurant into a successful business that has become one of Singapore’s heritage brands.

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