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The Transformative Journey Of A Very Small Company To Becoming A Creative Powerhouse

David Hackett, founder of A Very Small Company

Mr. David Hackett, the founder of A Very Small Company, made a life-altering decision more than two decades ago. Leaving behind a stable full-time job in the United States, he decided to pursue a travel opportunity and lined up freelance projects to work on while on the road. Mr. David Hackett initially intended to seek new employment upon returning to the States. However, as the stream of business steadily increased, he recognized the opportunity to build his own business. Over the course of 15 years in Singapore, his business expanded far beyond its original focus on graphic and web design. Today, Mr. David Hackett’s venture encompasses a wide spectrum of creative services, including photo shoots, video production, and app creation. To accommodate the growing demands of these projects, he built a strong team capable of covering various aspects of creative design.

Scaling New Heights: The Defining Moment When A Very Small Company Knew They Were On The Right Path

As the business grew, Mr. David Hackett found themselves attracting more prominent clients which meant undertaking larger projects. It was a source of great pride for them to witness their company being selected to handle website development for renowned brands such as Esquire and Vogue. These opportunities represented significant milestones and notable achievements in their professional journey. Furthermore, the return of previous clients served as a clear indication of their flourishing success, emphasizing the trust and satisfaction they had garnered along the way.

Key Factors Factors Contributing To A Very Small Company’s Success

Within the organization, the founder has fostered strong relationships with every member of the team. They prioritize allocating time to have in-depth discussions about ongoing projects, ensuring that expectations are clearly understood and clarified by all involved parties. This commitment to open communication extends beyond their team, as the founder actively seeks opportunities to meet with both existing and prospective clients. These meetings serve as a chance for catch-ups and job briefings. Mr. David Hackett emphasizes the importance of consistently delivering high-quality work, a standard they have successfully upheld throughout their professional endeavors.

Finding Silver Linings Admist The Setbacks

At the onset of the pandemic, A Very Small Company experienced setbacks, losing a few projects due to the economic repercussions of the global crisis. Notably, a significant project with the Hong Kong Sevens was canceled abruptly in the initial stages as companies faced tightened budgets. However, amidst the challenges, a silver lining emerged. The pandemic served as a catalyst for a digital transformation across various industries, prompting many companies to prioritize their online presence. This shift presented a new wave of opportunities for A Very Small Company, particularly in the realm of website updates for magazines they collaborated with. As a result, a steady stream of work flowed in.

Roadblocks And Improvements To Consider

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, the search for new clients has proven to be a challenge, particularly in recent years marked by a lack of in-person interactions. Mr. David Hackett, emphasizes that the absence of face-to-face meetings has posed a significant hurdle for A Very Small Company, making it more difficult to forge personal connections and establish trust with potential clients. 

Finding Inspiration And Fostering Creativity

Mr. David Hackett finds it helpful to find inspiration and insights within the industry. Observing what others are doing well, or not doing well can prove immensely beneficial as valuable lessons can be found. Additionally, he explores a lot of online platforms, such as Dribbble and Behance, which offer a treasure trove of design and content ideas, serving as excellent sources of inspiration.

Moreover, Mr. David Hackett actively imparts their knowledge and expertise by teaching various design courses through General Assembly and he finds that engaging with the next generation of designers can be incredibly inspiring. These interactions prove to be invigorating and provide fresh perspectives, reinforcing the symbiotic relationship between mentorship and personal growth.

Forging Connections And Unleashing Creativity

Recognizing the value of having good chemistry, Mr. David Hackett actively makes it a point to meet up when seeking potential collaborators. Building a strong rapport and ensuring shared chemistry is a cornerstone of their approach.

With an extensive network spanning various industries, Mr. David Hackett’s company has ventured into diverse projects, showcasing their versatility. From providing voice recording services for room service robot voices to delivering high-end printing solutions for AIG’s premier services and video production, their portfolio encompasses a wide array of creative endeavors. To guarantee the highest level of service, A Very Small Company forms partnerships with other companies that excel in what they do to give clients the service they expect from them.

Future Plans

With ambitious goals in mind, Mr. Hackett’s company sets its sights on growth in the coming year, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to forge partnerships with new clients. 

The Difference of A Very Small Company Amongst Industry Giants

In the competitive arena of the business world, A Very Small Company, defies its size by fearlessly challenging and pitching against much larger agencies for coveted projects. Despite being smaller in scale, the company is able to deliver the same services and quality of work, all while cultivating a closer and more personalized client relationship with reduced overhead costs. By leveraging these strengths, A Very Small Company presents itself as a compelling alternative to larger agencies, offering clients the assurance of exceptional results coupled with a more intimate and tailored experience.

Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr. David Hackett offers these wise words: ​​“There are ups and downs with work, sometimes you have more work than you think you can handle, and sometimes you may feel like you don’t have enough. I think being able to enjoy the busy times, and not get stressed out about the slow periods is important.”

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