Meet the driven and dedicated Home Action Party team from Singapore

The Start of Their Journey

Upon graduation from NTU Aerospace engineering in 2011, the founder went to Beijing China, to pursue his first job in a Singapore company where he had the opportunity to do my university internship. It was during this period, that he was exposed to the ICT master planning & consultancy projects with CISCO, on the concepts of smart cities, smart building, and smart homes.

In 2014, when he decided to return back to Singapore, the team startup Home Action Party as they wanted to make “home action easier” with smart home gadgets. The Home Action Party team started selling DIY smart home gadgets as an integration service to customers.

Can You Recall A Time When You Knew Home Action Party Was Going To Succeed?

Home Action Party Showroom

The Home Action Party team felt this whenever they were selling low-cost smart home gadgets, few customers could become friends, due to the many self-service setup nature of DIY purpose products as it wane their passion too soon. Fortunately, the team was able to build up some foundations from there and they began to be able to sell custom services for the installation of professional smart home automation systems like the Control4, which is from the USA, and reach out to more and higher-end customers. That was the juncture that the team knew what they should focus their effort on, which is building a reputable brand as well as time tested solution is more important than a high volume of selling to the mass affluence (if the solution doesn’t last).

Key Factors Contributing to Home Action Partys Success

Home Action Party credits its success to perseverance when things don’t work, passion for lifestyle technology, and always keeping an open mind to new people, ideas & technology.

Adapting To The COVID-19 Pandemic

During the pandemic, Home Action Party got a lot of requests to install a strong & high-speed whole-home Wi-Fi coverage system. And this has brought the business revenue during the period, which is what they continued to implement as the Home Action Party daily sales objective while the team is continuing to pursue their whole home automation business.

Roadblocks And Improvements To Consider

The main improvement Home Action Party wishes to change is the education of the general public about high-speed wireless networks (not mesh), and proper network infrastructure in order to maintain the integrity of automation & audio visual system in the house. Too many fallacies are that wireless mesh could solve their problems.

Staying On Top Of The Latest Automation Technology

A showcase of elegance and functionality

Many brand manufacturer vendors and distributors from the lifestyle technology and automation field will approach the team about the newest technology and the team will always keep an open mind to take time, listen and learn. Home Action Party strongly believes that when they provide an opportunity for vendors to introduce new products to them, it also provides an opportunity for the team.

Plans On Expanding Home Action Party’s Services To More Countries

Home Action Party plans on expanding its many services to countries outside of Singapore in the future. 

Exciting Future Plans

Home Action Party is working to become the first home technology service provider that provides standby Call center services for their customers. So as they embark on more projects with their customers and prospects, the customers and prospects can be assured that after-sales services are well taken care of. In addition to this, the team also aims to be International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified.

The Home Action Party Difference 

Home Action Party Showroom – where style meets function in every corner

Home Action Party is a team of very friendly smart home installers, not a solo or duo-man company.

The typical project cycle consists of site meetings, design adjustments, testing & commissioning phases which require attentive & dedicated personnel at different phases, and Home Action Party is organized to handle these.

Through most of their projects, they were able to build a very close relationship with our customers and they even expanded their services to the customers’ offices & warehouses. The founder himself is also a technical geek. So it does give customers the assurance of an ultimate backup.

Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

When you have the courage to sell, someone will have the courage to buy. Cherish everyone who buys from you.

Visit Home Action Party’s website here.

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