NEW ERA MMA Singapore

Forging a NEW ERA in Martial Arts – Niko and Caryl’s Vision Unveiled

In the wake of over a decade immersed in the martial arts industry, Niko and Caryl, the visionaries behind NEW ERA MMA, found their calling to impart the wealth of knowledge and skills accumulated through their own martial arts journey. Their mission? To democratise access to martial arts education across generations and diverse demographics, including children, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities.

Yet, the journey wasn’t without its trials. The initial challenge lay in assembling a team that shared their passion and commitment to the cause. Unfazed by the obstacles, they took matters into their own hands, thus establishing their gym and giving birth to the vibrant community of NEW ERA MMA.

Crafting Unity – NEW ERA MMA’s Inclusive Approach to Martial Arts Mastery

NEW ERA MMA Singapore

In the dynamic world of NEW ERA MMA spearheaded by Niko and Caryl, the customization of classes becomes an art form. A seasoned and elite team of locally born and bred coaches, possess the expertise to gauge the room’s energy, seamlessly blending fun and skill training tailored to the diverse interests and fitness levels of their participants. A pivotal emphasis on student safety prevails, ensuring mastery of fundamental techniques before embarking on more challenging skills.

Beyond the mat, a culture of warmth and support thrives, where seniority takes a back seat to camaraderie. In this welcoming community, every member, regardless of experience, contributes to a shared journey of improvement. The environment at NEW ERA MMA is intentionally unintimidating, fostering an ideal space for martial arts enthusiasts and fitness seekers alike to pursue their personal goals.

Empowering Through Combat – NEW ERA MMA’s Impactful Partnerships for Seniors

NEW ERA MMA Singapore

Beyond the gym, NEW ERA MMA embraces a higher calling, utilising combat sports as a wellness tool to empower vulnerable communities. This mission is realised through scaled kickboxing exercises and other fitness activities, designed to keep individuals mentally and physically engaged.

The heart of this initiative lies in impactful partnerships, exemplified by their collaboration with Dementia SG and Assisi Hospice. Since 2020, NEW ERA MMA has been an unwavering presence in the lives of seniors facing challenges, especially during the Covid period. When physical contact was restricted, innovation prevailed. Through monthly Zoom sessions, the team continued to provide valuable training to Dementia SG participants, and the efforts bore fruit over the years. Till date, the training that the participants received have evolved from simple movements to intricate combinations and even incorporating weight training elements! The dedication of both participants and NEW ERA MMA stands testament to the transformative power of martial arts that transcends age and physical ability.

Pinnacle of Expertise – The Art and Science of Crafting NEW ERA MMA’s Coaching Team

NEW ERA MMA Singapore

Behind the scenes, the process of assembling and training the coaching team is a meticulous art, so as to ensure that the high standard of coaching remains unwavering. The cornerstone of this endeavour lies in the careful selection of experienced coaches, each boasting a decade or more of practice and competition in various MMA disciplines. Local talent is exclusively sought, adorned with strong credentials and accolades.

Beyond the resume, a critical lens is applied to identify coaches with a unique skill—the ability to transform training sessions into not just instructive moments, but lively and enjoyable experiences. This commitment to making learning fun elevates NEW ERA MMA’s coaching standards, setting the stage for a journey where expertise meets enthusiasm.

Beyond the Mat – NEW ERA MMA’s Commitment to Unparalleled Service Standards

NEW ERA MMA Singapore
NEW ERA MMA Singapore

In the competitive landscape of martial arts businesses, NEW ERA MMA sets itself apart, not just for its exceptional training but for an unwavering commitment to unparalleled service towards all who come through its doors. At the core of this distinction is a dedication to fostering strong relationships, not just among staff but with every member of the gym. Transparency takes centre stage, with NEW ERA MMA proudly offering membership packages free of hidden fees or gimmicks. This commitment to integrity ensures that every participant experiences not just a training facility, but a community where trust and authenticity reign supreme.

NEW ERA MMA’s Thrilling Prospects for the Year of 2024

NEW ERA MMA Singapore

As NEW ERA MMA charts its course into the future, the excitement is palpable, with a slew of projects for this year of 2024. A pivotal focus involves forging corporate partnerships, extending the benefits of martial arts to the corporate sector. This endeavour aims not just at enhancing workforce health and wellness but also strengthening team dynamics through NEW ERA MMA’s distinctive classes.

In a bid to welcome newcomers into the fold, an exclusive invitation awaits—new customers signing up for the first time can avail themselves of up to 60% off* selected packages. This enticing offer serves as a gateway for individuals to experience the unique blend of martial arts and community that defines NEW ERA MMA. (*Terms & Conditions apply)

Additionally, a much-anticipated return is on the horizon for NEW ERA MMA’s Kids Academy, Cubs Combat School. Cubs Combat School’s in-house grading system for kid’s classes will finally resume after a long hiatus! These classes and grading system continue providing young learners with a motivational framework to affirm their progress and dedication. The stage is set for an exciting chapter in the NEW ERA MMA journey, promising innovation, inclusivity, and empowerment.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

NEW ERA MMA Singapore
Ms. Caryl, Co-founder of NEW ERA MMA

For aspiring entrepreneurs, both founders Niko and Caryl offers these words of wisdom:

Stay true to your beliefs. Have passion in what you do, or don’t do it at all.

Looking forward to all the excitement that is in store at NEW ERA MMA this 2024!

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