Where it all started – The Ripple Club’s Inspirational Journey

In 2007, Ms. Alicia Dedigama got diagnosed with a Patellofemoral syndrome, restricting her from most physical activities. Discovering solace in aqua biking, she found a way to manage knee pain effectively. However, upon relocating to Singapore in 2011, the absence of a similar exercise modality prompted Ms. Dedigama and her husband, Mr. Yannick Dedigama, to embark on a mission. In 2012, fueled by passion, they left their jobs, bought 13 aqua bikes, and launched Aquaspin, now known as The Ripple Club.

The journey, wasn’t without its challenges. The concept of cycling in water was new and met with perplexity, making it imperative to educate the sceptical audience and push them to try out this unconventional fitness activity. As they delved into uncharted waters, The Ripple Club emerged not just as a business but as a testament to resilience and innovation.

The Ripple Club Singapore

Exercising for all – The Ripple Club’s inclusive philosophy

At The Ripple Club, inclusivity is ingrained in every ripple of their aqua fitness workouts. Recognizing water as a powerful equaliser, Ms. Alicia Dedigama and Mr. Yannick Dedigama, have crafted an environment where effort determines resistance. The water’s responsive nature ensures that participants, regardless of their fitness levels or backgrounds, experience a tailored workout that aligns with their abilities.

Central to their approach is the use of positive cues and motivational mantras. These verbal reinforcements serve as guiding lights, inspiring each individual to exert their best effort. In this aquatic realm, The Ripple Club doesn’t just provide a workout; it fosters a supportive space where every participant, irrespective of their starting point, is encouraged to push boundaries and embark on a journey of self-improvement.

Founding the Ripple Academy – The Ripple Club’s Quest for Exceptional Instructors

Alicia and Yannick Dedigama, emphasise a meticulous process in selecting instructors for their transformative aquatic workouts. In pursuit of creating a team of dedicated Ripple P.R.Os, they prioritise certified group exercise instructors possessing not only technical expertise but also a positive and caring demeanour. The Ripple Club’s instructors are required to exude charisma and, above all, a profound passion for bringing their clients’ greatness to the surface with innovative pool workouts. The commitment to excellence extends to their in-house training academy, The Ripple Academy, now recognized as a benchmark for aquatic training in South East Asia.

Ripple Club’s Global Wave – Unveiling Ambitious Expansion and a Splashy App Launch

The Ripple Club Singapore

In an exclusive insight into the future, Alicia and Yannick Dedigama are gearing up for an international expansion, setting the stage for The Ripple Club to make waves on a global scale. Additionally, this year 2024 promises to be a year of innovation as they prepare to launch their own app, offering on-demand aquatic workouts. The anticipation is palpable as The Ripple Club continues to redefine the boundaries of aquatic fitness, making wellness accessible anytime, anywhere.

The Ripple Club’s Distinctive Approach to Aquatic Fitness

In 2012, Alicia and Yannick Dedigama pioneered aqua fitness in Singapore, laying the foundation for The Ripple Club’s unique approach to wellness. What sets The Ripple Club apart from the conventional gym model, is their pursuit for inclusivity, providing a judgment-free space open to all, irrespective of their fitness levels. The founders passionately believe in offering invigorating workouts that are both physically and mentally enriching, without the risk of injury or unnecessary fatigue. Beyond the exercise itself, The Ripple Club thrives on its exceptional community and world-class service, hosted in luxury hotels, creating an experience that goes beyond the ordinary and keeps individuals coming back for more.

Ripples of Triumph – Inspiring Stories of Transformation at The Ripple Club

Alicia and Yannick Dedigama, founders of The Ripple Club, joyfully recount a myriad of success stories, showcasing the transformative impact their services have had on individuals. Among the notable achievements are Ripple Makers who have not only recovered from injuries and surgeries but have also triumphed over health challenges such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The true testament to The Ripple Club’s effectiveness lies in individuals, now in their 50s, who are now feeling stronger than ever, and fitter than they were in their 20s. Each success story becomes a celebration of resilience and victory, embodying the ethos of The Ripple Club’s commitment to holistic well-being.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, Ms. Alicia and Mr. Yannick Dedigama offer these wise words:

Get started!

We can get lost in planning things, making sure our product / service is perfect, but the only way to succeed is to get started. No matter how big the company, even if it feels like they have “everything figured out” they all started somewhere and learnt along the way, why not doing the same thing?

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