Achieving Your Ultimate Dream: Building a World-Class Team with Kaizenaire’s Offshore Solutions

Embracing Change in the Eye of the Storm

What have we learnt from the recent COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on workforce landscape?

If we may recall the recent COVID-19 pandemic’s disruptions brought to our business operations, especially when the Government issued Stay-at-Home notices, most employers were then caught by surprise that their workers were required to work from home remotely, whenever possible. The usual workplace norm of having employees to work physically at the office for many job roles was abruptly bent. What seemed not so possible in the past became a reality.

While the pandemic had brought about many pains and disruptions to businesses, there are many insightful lessons which Singapore business owners can learn from or pick up as the situation normalizes. One key lesson is to realize there are specific job roles which can be effectively performed remotely, i.e. the work outputs matter more than the worker’s presence in the office.

Let us share with you how you can nimbly transform your workforce to achieve significant manpower cost savings, increase productivity and build competitive advantages in the long run.

Unmasking the Invisible Opponent: Singapore’s Competitive Job Market

While Singapore is home to a vibrant and competitive job market, Singaporeans often have multiple job opportunities and may be more selective in their choices. Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) often face difficulties in attracting top talent, especially when competing with larger, more established companies. With business costs going up and the growing popularity of the gig economy, Singapore business owners’ challenges in hiring and retaining talents are only going to get worse.

Let’s face the harsh reality, the labour crunch is ONLY going to get worse in Singapore. A good alternative is much needed to pivot your recruitment strategy.

Redefining Your Workforce Amidst an Evolving Global Workplace Landscape

Adapted to remote working during COVID-19 period, its time to ADOPT remote working in a post COVID-19 World!

During the pandemic, business owners tried to adapt to their employees working remotely from their homes. Now, as we rode out of the pandemic, remote working has proven to be an effective and viable way to work. The benefits of remote work glimmer brightly, promising a future of growth and efficiency. We should adopt it to the best of our advantages.

Its timely for business owners to redefine their recruitment strategies through remote working and transform their workforce by leveraging global talents to be leaner and also reduce your manpower cost.

Imagine you can quickly and nimbly scale your business by assembling a team of loyal and dedicated overseas talents to provide an immediate boost to your Singapore workforce, thus enabling your local team to focus on higher-value work (e.g. strategic planning and managing investors/clients relations etc), does that sound value-adding to you?

Introducing Kaizenaire’s Offshore Solutions

Accessing global talents in cheaper labour markets for a leaner and nimbler workforce

If you are SME Business Owner with ~ 10 to 20 employees in Singapore, payroll is definitely a big strain on your finances due to rising CPF rates and the need for competitive compensation packages to attract local talents.

From Kaizenaire’s research, we have a tried and tested manpower solution to enable your workforce to be leaner and more cost competitive by reducing labour costs by up to 70% without compromising on work quality.

We found specific job roles such Digital marketing, lead generation, sales and after-sales customer service are viable for SMEs to offshore to the Philippines. Our goal is to equip you with a team of at least 7 full-time Philippines talents in the following positions:

  • 1 x Full Time Lead Generation Specialist
  • 1 x Full Time Graphic / Web Designer
  • 1 x Full Time SEO Content Writer
  • 1 x Full Time Social Media Marketer
  • 3 x Full Time Customer Service Agents

Bringing Dreams to Life: Your Journey with Kaizenaire

Redefining Business Dreams: The Allure of More Profit with Less Time

The dream of every business owner – leaner operations, bigger profits. With Kaizenaire, this is not a dream anymore.

Scaling New Heights: Your Journey from the First Hire to a Full-Scale Team

Imagine starting with a single dedicated Filipino hire. Now imagine that hire transforming into a full-scale team, driving your business towards unprecedented success. That’s the Kaizenaire journey.

Embarking on Your Success Voyage: Your Journey Starts with Kaizenaire

The Kaizenaire Advantage – Your First Offshore Hire Awaits

Business owners of Singapore, your journey to greater success begins with your first hire from Kaizenaire. Don’t just survive the labour crunch, thrive despite it. Kaizenaire is not just an option; it’s your future.

Get started with our “risk-free trial” now.

Welcome aboard!

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