WeddingCarriages: A Decade of Delivering Dream Rides on the Road to Happily Ever After – An Exclusive Interview with Founder Jeremy Chia

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The Journey Begins

In 2010, Jeremy Chia’s passion for cars led him to start WeddingCarriages with a friend. However, it wasn’t until his own wedding in 2012 that he realized the importance of a reliable and stylish wedding car. As he shares, “Me and my wife realized on our big day that everything is crumble some, including the wedding car of course.” From that moment on, Jeremy refocused on the business, determined to make it the best it could be for couples on their big day.

Staying Relevant And Competitive In A Dynamic Industry

In a constantly evolving industry, it is crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and differentiate themselves from competitors. Jeremy Chia shares his strategies for ensuring WeddingCarriages remain relevant and competitive, even in the face of challenges.

As he explains, “I did not target to be the best in the market. I believe every business will require the best service, therefore, I did not only focus on responsibility but also try to find the best resolution to resolve any problem for my wedding couples.” This commitment to providing exceptional service and finding solutions for clients has helped WeddingCarriages stand out in the industry.

For instance, during a wedding car breakdown, Jeremy and his team will upgrade to a better vehicle without any extra charges or delay, ensuring the couple’s day remains on track. Seeing their clients’ smiles and receiving positive feedback has fueled Jeremy’s passion for the past decade, motivating him to continue delivering top-notch service and unique experiences for his clients.

Driving Growth: From 3 Cars To An Expanding Fleet

The company’s wedding car collection

WeddingCarriages began with just three cars in their first year. As the business grew, so did the number of cars. Jeremy’s dedication to offering a wide range of premium and luxury cars has fueled the expansion of WeddingCarriages’ fleet over the years.

Selecting The Perfect Carriages For Couples

When it comes to adding new cars to their fleet, Jeremy focuses on vehicle condition, spaciousness, and whether it’s a cabriolet or sports model. He organizes the cars into two categories: Premium and Luxury, catering to the diverse needs of couples planning their wedding day.

Adapting To The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic posed significant challenges for the wedding industry, forcing many businesses to postpone or cancel events. WeddingCarriages was no exception, as they had to de-fleet some cars due to a lack of profit. However, Jeremy’s focus on customer satisfaction and commitment to his passion has helped the business adapt to changing circumstances.

Putting The Customer First

Jeremy prioritizes customer satisfaction by sharing his own personal experiences and insights with couples, helping them make informed decisions about their wedding arrangements. He often advises clients on how the gown might affect the spaciousness of the car, or how to choose wedding car flowers that complement their theme.

Handling Challenges With Grace And Resourcefulness

When unexpected challenges arise, Jeremy is quick to find solutions. He shares a story of a wedding car’s flowers flying off en route to the couple. “I have to quickly search for a 24hrs florist in order to help décor the car on time,” he recalls. Another time, a car broke down, prompting him to upgrade the couple to a better car without extra charges. Jeremy’s resourcefulness and dedication to customer satisfaction are key to his success in the industry.

Memorable Moments And Unforgettable Connections

Jeremy cherishes the memories of each wedding he has been a part of, but one, in particular, stands out: “I remembered one of the grooms who went to fetch the bride alone, and I became his best man.” The opportunity to share in the couple’s big day in such an intimate way left a lasting impression on him. These memorable moments and connections with clients are what makes his work truly special and rewarding.

The Essentials For Success In The Wedding Car Industry

According to Jeremy, patience and responsibility are the most essential characteristics one must possess to succeed in the wedding car industry. He emphasizes the importance of listening carefully to customers’ needs and finding the best possible solutions for them. As Jeremy puts it, “Everything is always perfect when there is nothing happened yet. However, when something happened, how the way you settle it to make the customer satisfied, that is important!”

Words Of Wisdom For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

When it comes to offering advice to other entrepreneurs, Jeremy’s philosophy is simple: “Money is important, however, the money is earned from your customer, hence the customer is always the most important.” This customer-first approach has guided WeddingCarriages to success and will continue to do so in the future.

A Decade Of Dedication And Passion

Jeremy Chia’s journey with WeddingCarriages began with a simple passion for cars and has since evolved into a thriving business dedicated to making couples’ wedding days unforgettable. Through his commitment to excellent service, resourcefulness in the face of challenges, and focus on customer satisfaction, WeddingCarriages has become a staple in Singapore’s wedding industry. As Jeremy continues to pursue his passion, countless couples can look forward to a smooth and stylish ride into their happily ever after.

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