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Revolutionising Dog Training – Amber’s Unique Approach

Amber's Cottage Singapore

In his 17 years of working with dogs, Jeryl, lead behaviourist at Amber’s Cottage, discovered a glaring gap in the dog training industry. Dissatisfied with the emphasis on awards, rigid protocols, and generic training methods offered by renowned schools and specialists worldwide, he realised the crucial missing element: building a genuine, individualised connection with dogs. Jeryl found prevailing protocols unfair, recognizing that not every dog fits into a standardised mould. Unlike conventional approaches that prescribe a one-size-fits-all solution, he believes in understanding each dog’s unique situation before implementing any training method. His discontent stemmed from the observation that many so-called experts hadn’t worked hands-on with dogs but focused on teaching classes, often neglecting the canine perspective.

Motivated by a desire to create a more compassionate and effective model, Jeryl embarked on a journey to revolutionise dog training. His approach at Amber’s Cottage goes beyond mere obedience; it prioritises fostering a meaningful relationship between dogs and their owners, recognizing that there’s no universal template for building such bonds. This commitment to personalised understanding sets Amber’s Cottage apart, offering a refreshing alternative to the standardised rules prevalent in the industry.

The Core of Success – Advocates Relationship-Centric Training

Amber's Cottage Singapore

At Amber’s Cottage, the cornerstone of success lies in the C&S theory – a philosophy championed by Jeryl. This theory places a strong emphasis on fostering relationships and building trust, recognizing them as essential elements that guide the team towards a clear path. By prioritising these fundamental principles, Amber’s Cottage ensures that the team operates cohesively, free from the interference of extraneous and unnecessary information that might otherwise impact their work. In essence, the C&S theory serves as the bedrock for a harmonious and effective approach to dog training at Amber’s Cottage.

Amber's Cottage Singapore

In the ever-evolving landscape of animal behaviour and training, Jeryl reflects on the transformative impact of the digital age. Gone are the days of library searches and bookstore hunts for information; today, news and media continuously deliver updates on animal behaviour almost daily. Jeryl acknowledges the convenience of modern learning, with information readily available in the form of ebooks, online courses, and seminars. Despite the accessibility, he highlights a shift in the learning paradigm. Unlike in the past, where deep dives required significant financial investments and often led to certifications, he values information that transcends the allure of formal credentials. Drawing from his own experiences, he notes that some of the most valuable insights often come from sources that don’t offer certification post-graduation. In this age, the worth of knowledge, according to Jeryl, lies not in the papers it comes with, but in its intrinsic value and practical application.

Building Trust Beyond Boundaries – Amber’s Cottage, Where Canine Connections Thrive

Amber's Cottage Singapore

At Amber’s Cottage, the true measure of success lies in the heartwarming reactions of the dogs they work with. With a staggering 80% of clients referred through word of mouth, the need for hard selling becomes obsolete. The videos capturing their work tell a compelling story of trust, often surpassing the bonds with the dogs’ own families – a phenomenon playfully acknowledged by owners who jokingly express jealousy. Jeryl, with an unwavering commitment to experience, defines his tenure with each dog by investing a substantial 400 to 3000 hours. This dedicated time ensures a profound understanding of each dog’s unique traits, the establishment of trust, and an empathetic grasp of the concerns faced by the owners. Notably, Amber’s Cottage proudly holds the distinction of being the sole recorded behaviourist in Singapore to have worked intimately with over 1400 dogs.

Amber's Cottage Singapore

Jeryl emphasises the distinction between genuine hands-on experience and reliance on protocols and templates. In a field where personal connections matter most, he critiques those who, despite extensive work with families, may resort to standardised instructions. For him, the essence of understanding a dog transcends numerical milestones; it’s about the depth of connection forged in each invaluable hour spent with these four-legged companions.

Nurturing Lasting Bonds – Commitment Matters Most

Amber's Cottage Singapore

The art of choosing which dogs to work with is a deliberate process shaped by a small team and resources. The focus remains on canines grappling with severe behavioural issues exacerbated by inappropriate training or neglect from previous trainers. Jeryl’s distinctive approach also extends to owners, with a discerning eye for those demonstrating a genuine commitment to learning. While this selective approach may deter some, it stands as a unique characteristic that sets Amber’s Cottage apart. The preference for working with challenging cases and dedicated owners fosters a special connection that goes beyond training sessions. Jeryl notes that this commitment often manifests in the way owners communicate, creating a shared enthusiasm for the journey ahead. The result is a bond that transcends mere client relationships, leading to enduring connections with owners who frequently stay in touch, seeking guidance throughout their dogs’ lives.

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