Empowering Voices: Unveiling The Journey of CYNTHIA – An Exclusive Interview

The Journey of Founding Powerful Executive Voice’s Coaching Services

Cynthia Zhai of Powerful Executive Voice

“There’s a saying, “We teach what we needed to learn the most.” Voice was the area that I needed to work on. In my first job after graduation from the university, I wasn’t heard and wasn’t assertive. As I was on my journey to become more assertive, I stumbled upon speaking voice improvement. I learned it with voice actors. Though I was performing singing in schools, a good singing voice does not automatically translate to a good speaking voice. As I improved my speaking voice to be more assertive and more powerful, I felt more powerful. That planted the seed until 14 years ago, in my last corporate job as an in-house trainer, participants were asking me how to improve their speaking voices, I realized it was time to help others experience the power of the speaking voice. It has evolved from helping people project a more powerful voice to helping them project a powerful presence holistically through voice, mind and heart alignment.”

Conquering Challenges

Cynthia Zhai, an aspiring entrepreneur, grappled with two pivotal challenges. Initially, she focused on attracting a steady clientele, investing in mentorship programs to master the art of business. One mentor’s advice, “You can’t cheat your way to the top,” resonated deeply, propelling her to seek guidance from those who had achieved success.

Additionally, Cynthia confronted her personal hurdle: the fear of being seen and judged. Acknowledging that all entrepreneurs shared this apprehension, she resolved to overcome it. She understood that embracing visibility, both online and offline, was crucial to making a significant impact. Cynthia’s journey exemplifies the pursuit of business acumen and self-assurance, vital elements for success.

Adapting And Connecting During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Discover the secrets to a powerful voice that gains you respect, establishes your authority and leaves an impact on people.

The advent of the pandemic didn’t cause significant disruption for Cynthia Zhai. Her journey into online coaching began in 2012, utilizing platforms like Skype and Zoom. Being an early adopter of Zoom positioned her favorably for the changes that lay ahead. As the pandemic swept through, transitioning to remote coaching was a seamless process for her.

While the shift was generally smooth, Cynthia recognized that her clients in Singapore, accustomed to in-person coaching, needed reassurance about the efficacy of virtual sessions. She worked to allay their concerns and successfully conveyed that the online format was just as effective. Throughout the challenging period, effective communication and understanding allowed Cynthia to maintain strong relationships with her clients, minimizing the impact on their coaching experience.

Nurturing Leadership

Cynthia Zhai’s leadership approach combines participative and situational authoritarian styles. Naturally inclined toward a participative approach due to her personality, she honed her situational authoritarian style through extensive interactions with clients and engagements as a speaker worldwide. Her journey extended beyond these domains, as her involvement in non-profit organizations’ leadership teams played a pivotal role in cultivating these diverse leadership styles. This multifaceted development has equipped Cynthia with the versatility needed to effectively lead and adapt in various contexts.

Cynthia’s Strategies for Maintaining Motivation and Resilience as a Speaker and Coach

Cynthia Zhai often tells her speech audiences, “I am not an inspirational speaker. I am an inspired speaker.” Their touching responses fuel her commitment to sharing more. Witnessing clients’ transformations through coaching adds to her fulfilment as they radiate newfound happiness. Her experiences affirm the adage, “We find ourselves by losing ourselves in the service of others.”

Tell Us About Your Success Stories

In Cynthia Zhai’s realm of coaching, impactful transformations are commonplace. One instance involved a Silicon Valley client facing repeated promotion rejections due to her voice. Engaging Cynthia’s guidance, her journey to voice improvement was mirrored by the blooming of her confidence and smiles. When she courageously applied for an elevated position two levels above her current role, her newly found conviction shone through. Impressively, she clinched the position after impressing the Vice President during the interview, and even relocated to a different office.

In another case, a client weighed down by job insecurity embarked on a transformational path under Cynthia’s guidance. Through improving his voice and communication skills, he garnered praise from his superiors during a joint presentation with the CEO. His boss even entrusted him with future presentations, effectively affirming his significance in the department. As their journey together concluded, his query about the most noticeable change drew a heartfelt response from Cynthia: “The biggest change I saw in you is that you become happier.”

These stories encapsulate why Cynthia adores her work. As a close friend aptly pointed out, her endeavors are shaping lives and fostering change in profound ways. Through her coaching, Cynthia Zhai is undoubtedly making a lasting impact on individuals’ journeys.

The Unique Edge In A Competitive Landscape

“Coaches naturally attract those who resonate with them. Often, clients seek solutions for voice issues akin to self-diagnosis online. Having worked for 14 years, I delve beyond surface problems. The soft voice might stem from breath issues, vocal fry, etc. Treatment varies based on root causes, embracing voice, mindset, and emotion holistically. Everyone learns differently; customization is key. Voice is physical; many live in their heads, seeking mind control over the body. I guide them to work with their bodies, making my work fulfilling when clients invest and practice ardently.”

Future Plans

“To make an even bigger impact on people from around the world, be it through voice coaching, keynote speeches or volunteer work such as being a mentor to young people.”

Advice To Aspiring Speaker and Voice Coach

“You’ve got to walk the talk. Some people came to me and wanted to do voice work with me without the willingness to transform their own voices. The voice you were born with is not the optimal voice. It is an instrument unpolished, untuned and forgotten. We have to tune your instrument before we teach others how to tune theirs. Second, you’ve got to ask yourself if this is your passion and calling. Most people would follow what’s popular without thinking if what’s popular is really what they are passionate about or is what they are meant to do in this life. For me, supporting other people to transform their voices is a calling and mission. When you come from that place, everything you want to achieve will follow.”

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