Exploring The World Of Printing With TJG Print Pte Ltd – An Exclusive Interview With Jerrard Cheong

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The Start Of TJG Print Pte Ltd

In 2012, Jerrard Cheong found himself within the banking industry, yet the conventional 9-to-5 corporate landscape did not resonate with him. His inclination leaned towards a more liberated approach to work and a preference for reaping direct rewards from his efforts. Throughout his university studies, he engaged in part-time work for a t-shirt printing company and concurrently embarked on an online shop venture, fueled by his personal designs and the aim of supplementing his income.

Fueled by an earnest yearning for autonomy and progress, this aspiration eventually materialized into the establishment of thejerrardgarage. The name was a tribute to Jerrard’s ardent love for football, drawing inspiration from Steve Gerrard.

In 2020, a rebranding effort was undertaken, leading to the adoption of the name TJG Print. This change in nomenclature was motivated by the desire to cultivate an identity that would resonate more broadly across various audience segments, thus expanding the venture’s reach and relevance.

Conquering Business Challenges

In Jerrard Cheong’s journey, as is often the case with startup narratives, the beginning was marked by challenges. The initial phase demanded his direct involvement in every facet of business operations. This included tasks ranging from sourcing appropriate materials and acquiring the necessary equipment to understanding the intricate workings of running a business. Operationally, he assumed a multifaceted role encompassing customer service, graphic design, procurement, marketing, financial oversight, delivery logistics, and even occasionally stepping into the role of a model. During the peak seasons, his dedication saw him dedicating nearly 16 to 17 hours per day to the endeavor.

In the face of these demands, Jerrard’s efforts bore fruit. Witnessing contented clients served as a rewarding outcome, ultimately reinforcing his satisfaction in persisting through rigorous efforts.

TJG Print Pte Ltd’s Path to Establishing Credibility and Reliability In The Industry

In Jerrard Cheong’s business approach, responsiveness has emerged as a crucial and integral element. When errors occur, prompt acknowledgement and subsequent rectification are paramount. Recognizing the inevitability of mistakes, Jerrard places a strong emphasis on service recovery to address such occurrences effectively. This approach underscores the significance of swiftly addressing any issues that arise, thus contributing to the overall quality and reliability of the services offered.

Remarkable Milestone and Its Uplifting Impact On Team’s Morale

Despite being a small team, Jerrard Cheong’s online business operates with a sense of purpose and unity. The team’s size doesn’t undermine their commitment; on the contrary, they consider themselves fortunate to possess a dedicated and passionate group of individuals. Their collaborative environment is characterized by mutual support, as team members consistently motivate and uplift one another to excel. Crucially, the team’s shared belief in the company’s mission serves as a driving force, propelling them collectively toward reaching new levels of accomplishment.

Amidst the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Jerrard Cheong’s company faced significant setbacks. Yet, this adversity was met with a proactive response. The company seized the opportunity presented by the pandemic to revamp its website and place increased emphasis on bolstering its presence across social media platforms. This strategic decision proved fortuitous, as the subsequent traction and lead generation witnessed on both the website and social media channels validated the wisdom of their foresight. Despite the initial setbacks, their resilience and strategic adaptations propelled the company toward a path of growth and positive outcomes.

Strategies For Fostering Positivity and Its Tangible Impact On Employee Well-being

Jerrard Cheong’s mission revolves around nurturing the team’s untapped potential and fostering an environment where their capabilities can flourish to the fullest extent. Distinguishing the business in a competitive landscape involves a unique approach that encourages every team member to actively contribute their ideas and incorporate their individual nuances or the latest trends into the t-shirt designs. This strategic direction aims to seamlessly meld the realms of fashion and printing, resulting in an innovative union that sets them apart and carves a distinctive niche within the industry.

The Art and Science Of TJG Print’s Printing Methods – Decisions, Considerations, and Future Prospects

“At TJG Print, we offer high-quality printing at affordable pricing. As we usually work around volume, our print methods have to be fast and efficient. Currently, we are offering Silkscreen printing, embroidery, heat transfer printing and sublimation printing. We are satisfied providing these print methods to our clients as of now.”

Future Plans

In a recent development, Jerrard Cheong’s business unveiled a novel printing technique known as Direct-To-Film Printing (DTF). This method is a specialized variant within the digital heat transfer printing category. What sets DTF apart is its streamlined workflow, which has translated into substantial time savings. Additionally, the print quality has witnessed a notable improvement. This technological advancement promises enhanced outcomes for clients, with a notable boost in print results and an enhanced cost-competitive edge in the offerings from the business.

Essential Attributes and Key Insights for Aspiring Printing Business Owners

Jerrard Cheong embodies the values of grit, unwavering resolve, and unrelenting perseverance. The journey of initiating and nurturing a business is seldom without its challenges. Obstacles and pitfalls are abundant, demanding a steadfast approach. However, as one gradually gains familiarity with the intricacies and accumulates experiential knowledge, it becomes apparent that the path, though arduous, yields gratifying outcomes. Jerrard’s experience is a testament to this truth, as he continuously hones his skills and knowledge, consistently striving to attain his utmost potential and achieve significant milestones. The journey remains ongoing, characterized by an unceasing commitment to growth and the pursuit of excellence.

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