CheerForce Singapore: Building Community, One Cheer at a Time

CheerForce Singapore

The CheerForce Singapore Story

In 2015, CheerForce Singapore emerged as a beacon of hope for cheerleaders, primarily those who had completed their university education. Recognizing the gap in opportunities for Level 5 cheerleading, founder Tian Jun set out to provide a dedicated space for these athletes to refine their skills. Many cheerleaders faced a dilemma after graduating from university, as there were only Level 6 cheerleading teams open to the public. Not everyone desired the transition to Level 6, and university-level teams were no longer an option. CheerForce Singapore aimed to break this cycle and keep the cheerleading spirit alive for all.

Therefore, CheerForce was established as a Level 5 cheerleading social team, successfully rekindling the enthusiasm of former cheerleaders who had once left the sport. At one point, the team boasted a diverse membership, with approximately 45 individuals hailing from various backgrounds and life experiences.

CheerForce Singapore: A Passion-Driven Journey

Tian Jun, humbly refrains from declaring it a definitive success, acknowledging that the journey is an ongoing evolution. Nevertheless, the unwavering commitment to serve the cheerleading community propelled him to transform it into a thriving business, ensuring resources to support its members.

CheerForce Academy’s pivotal moment arrived when it began to garner more interest. In its beginning, the academy saw two classes and three members in the first three months, guided by one coach. Yet, a relentless pursuit of excellence led to unprecedented growth, expanding to eight classes, over 60 members, and a dedicated team of eight qualified coaches alongside three promising trainee coaches. This remarkable progress exemplifies CheerForce Singapore’s determination to uplift the local cheerleading scene.

The Power of Unity and Opportunity: Fueling CheerForce Singapore’s Success

Tian Jun fervently believes that his journey’s success owes itself to the unwavering support of those who stood by his side. He acknowledges that without this collective effort, the business would not have reached its current stature. In harmony with the spirit of cheerleading, he affirms that teamwork does indeed, make the dream work.

Furthermore, the pivotal factor that set CheerForce Singapore apart and facilitated its growth was the invaluable opportunities it seized to compete on the international stage and perform at prominent events. Notable instances include an appearance at the TWICE concert in 2018 and an annual presence at the annual Chingay Parade hosted at the F1 Pit Building. These opportunities provided a spotlight for cheerleading, extending its reach to the broader public and nurturing a supportive community dedicated to advancing the sport in Singapore.

CheerForce Singapore’s Resilience Amidst the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic presented a formidable hurdle for CheerForce Singapore, especially considering cheerleading is a contact sport and that the academy was still in its budding stage when the crisis struck. With restrictions halting all in-person activities, the pressing concern was how to keep members engaged during this challenging period. The answer lay in adapting to the circumstances, just like many other sports. CheerForce Singapore transitioned to online workouts and drills, fostering a sense of community even in the virtual realm. However, the absence of in-person interaction was palpable.

As restrictions gradually eased and sports were permitted to resume, a fresh set of challenges emerged. The team had to balance the expectations of their members, who yearned for the pre-pandemic experience, with the safety measures in place. It was an arduous task, but the collective determination of the members enabled the academy to navigate this successfully.

Yet another challenge arose when enticing members back to the academy for classes proved to be a hurdle. Many were initially hesitant, and some had moved on from cheerleading during the pandemic. Attracting new members posed a separate challenge, given the sport’s high-contact nature. However, as the pandemic situation improved, both of these challenges gradually dissipated. The transition from online to physical classes marked a turning point, with more members returning to their regular routines. CheerForce Singapore’s resilience and adaptability shine as beacons of hope amid adversity.

CheerForce Singapore’s Path Forward

Tian Jun holds firm to the belief that there’s always room for improvement. He envisions enhancing both the academy’s marketing efforts to increase public awareness of cheerleading and the curriculum itself. Central to this vision is the continuous development of the coaching team, with a focus on learning from external coaches to elevate their abilities. This investment extends to nurturing the growth and leadership skills of the teams they guide.

However, a significant roadblock stands in the way of this aspiration. CheerForce Singapore’s perspectives have sometimes clashed with those of the National Sport Association for cheerleading in Singapore, stemming from past experiences. This results in the team missing out on SportSG funding and frequently results in exclusion from association competitions and events. Despite these challenges, Tian Jun and the CheerForce community remain resolute in their determination to surmount these obstacles. Their unwavering belief in finding innovative solutions echoes their enduring commitment to the sport they love.

The Pillars of CheerForce: Attitude, Learning, Responsibility, and Diligence

CheerForce Singapore

At CheerForce, embodying a positive attitude ranks high on the list of prerequisites for both members and coaches. Regardless of their skill level, the hunger to learn is a shared trait among all, reflecting the academy’s unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. In this nurturing environment, the goal is to make cheerleading a safe and enjoyable sport for everyone.

For coaches, a stringent set of expectations is in place. Responsibility takes center stage, encompassing punctuality for coaching sessions and the dedication to self-improvement. Embracing accountability for mistakes becomes a vital aspect of their journey, serving as stepping stones for growth. Diligence is equally paramount, as being a cheerleading coach demands thorough preparation. This includes meticulously planning training sessions, crafting individualized development plans for cheerleaders, and the intricate task of choreographing routines and music for the team during the competitive season. Together, these core principles form the bedrock of CheerForce’s success, ensuring the sport thrives under their careful guidance.

CheerForce’s Vision for the Future: Growth and Expansion

At present, CheerForce’s primary goal is twofold: to expand the size of their classes and enhance the knowledge and capabilities of their coaching team. This commitment to continuous improvement underscores their dedication to offering top-tier cheerleading experiences.

Looking ahead, CheerForce has its sights set on international horizons, aiming to venture into overseas markets. Additionally, they have plans to revamp their academy space, envisioning a transformation that will open up a wider array of classes and opportunities within their facility. 

Unforgettable Moments at CheerForce

Among the myriad of remarkable endeavors, one project stands out as truly unforgettable for CheerForce – the CheerForce Cheerleading Championship (CFCC) collaboration with their counterparts in Thailand. This was the first cheerleading competition organized by CheerForce, and despite its modest scale, it left an indelible mark on all involved.

The event was a resounding success, leaving participants thrilled and eager for more. Positive feedback flowed in, with many inquiring about the next CFCC installment. The intention was to host it again the following year, but the unforeseen pandemic disrupted those plans. Undeterred, CheerForce now focuses on nurturing their local community, with dreams of international events rekindling when the time is right. 

CheerForce’s Uniqueness in the Industry

In the competitive world of cheerleading, CheerForce Singapore firmly believes that it’s the people within their community and the opportunities they seize that truly distinguish them. This commitment to community and growth sets them apart from other businesses in the industry.

When it comes to their classes, the coaches take center stage as the linchpin of their success. These dedicated individuals not only impart knowledge but also serve as the face of the company, forging connections with members and parents alike. It’s their passion and expertise that make CheerForce the preferred choice for those seeking to embark on a cheerleading journey. In essence, it’s the people and their unwavering commitment that form the beating heart of CheerForce’s identity in the cheerleading industry.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

CheerForce Singapore_Coach TJ Profile Photo

Tian Jun founder of CheerForce Singapore

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, Tian Jun offers these wise words: “Take care of your people and the business will take care of itself.”

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