The Fugleman Group’s Journey and Success in Delivering Enterprise-level Software Solutions

The Fugleman Group was incorporated in Canada as a Private Equity Holding Company in 2016. It has been doing business as an IT consulting firm, deploying software solutions for enterprise-level clients.

Fugleman Group’s Origins And Founding Principles

I have always been entrepreneurial-minded and an independent thinker, so it was a natural progression after two decades of working as a corporate professional – I would talk about the early challenges in terms of scope, time and budget. For scope, it takes a while to narrow your market focus to determine an optimal avatar that you wish to serve. For timing and budget, it is tough to manage the financial ups and downs that are typical within a business lifecycle. I invested a lot earlier on in leveraging the wisdom of mentors and advisors to overcome those challenges.

Mr. Afam Elue, MBA – Investor, Business Consultant, and Tech Entrepreneur at The Fugleman Group

The Evolution Of The Fugleman Group And Its Key Milestones And Turning Points

The company has evolved from just an IT shop to a truly collaborative group of companies that provide end-to-end value for our partners and customers. This milestone was achieved in the summer of 2020 when we spun off our Not-For-Profit subsidiary ABC (African Business Community) to support the generational wealth creation initiatives of Afrocentric Entrepreneurs. Our mission now is to create 100 millionaires in the next 3 years through business acquisitions and digital transformation.

Success Stories And Case Studies Of The Fugleman Group’s Digital Transformation Services

We implemented a Computer-Telephonic-Integration (CTI) for Canada Post, which saved them 10,000 man-hours per annum and improved customer wait times from 2 minutes to 30 seconds. We faced a major challenge in terms of time constraints since the project had to be delivered before what they call the Black-out/Brown-out period, which is before the Christmas holidays when no production changes are allowed.  We worked through that by delegating upwards to stakeholders and project sponsors to ensure we got internal priority services at every turn.

The Fugleman Group’s Approach To Helping Businesses Embrace The Digital Revolution

We approach businesses as a partner rather than a vendor, and we employ digital transformation as a tool to serve that relationship rather than the product we sell. What sets us apart is that we speak both business and tech. We understand that the key drivers of any business are the topline(revenues), the bottom line (profits), and the owners’ bank account (equity). By focusing on these metrics for ROI (return on investment), it is easy to justify our existence and the value we bring to the table.

Singapore Office of The Fugleman Group

How The Fugleman Group Balances Innovation And Affordability In Providing Solutions For Clients

For any business in the marketplace, innovation is vital, and affordability is relative. Once an acceptable return on your technology investment is established, the question of affordability becomes a moot point.

Approach To Maintaining Coherence In Its Wide Range Of Services, Training And Supporting Internal IT Teams And Users

It has to do with the alignment of values and working towards a common goal- which ultimately is a satisfied customer. Knowledge Transfer is the most important aspect of any consulting work. You want the client to be self-sufficient and to only call you to augment support or for a new project.

Motivation And Engagement In The Workplace

We use experts. These are high-value- self-starters that don’t need much hand-holding to deliver on tasks. Some high-level leadership is required to set the tone and direction, but no micro-management is required here.

The Fugleman Group’s Approach To Implementing Tailored Solutions For Clients’ Unique Needs And Goals

Iteration means making constant improvements to each version of the solution. You determine the best project methodology by a combination of our needs analysis and listening to what the client wants. We outline several KPIs (key performance indicators) at the start of the project once the objectives and scope have been established.

Environmental Responsibility In Its Services and Solutions

We are proud supporters of the UN SDG goals for sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our Not-For-Profit subsidiary (ABC) is looking to make investments in the ESG space as part of its portfolio.

Future Plans And Goals Of The Fugleman Group

We are currently virtual in the Singapore market and plan to expand the operation into Australia and other neighbouring markets – as needed. The next initiative is to leverage our M&A (mergers and acquisitions) capability to scale through the acquisition of like-minded MSPs (managed service providers) so that we have more to offer our customers within the ecosystem.

Advice For Entrepreneurs Starting A Business In The Field Of Digital Transformation

I would ask them to read my LinkedIn article on Why Startups Suck: and then talk to me about buying an existing business instead.

Visit Fugleman Group’s website here.

Visit Fugleman Group’s LinkedIn here.

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