Dempsey Hills: The Ultimate Destination for Adventure Seekers!

Dempsey Hills: The Ultimate Destination for Adventure Seekers!

Welcome to Dempsey Hill, the lifestyle destination that boasts old-world charm and modern-day luxury. Situated in Singapore, this iconic location is a must-visit for anyone looking for a gourmet paradise, retail therapy, wellness and fitness, or leisure and entertainment.

Originally built as a British army barracks in the 1800s, Dempsey Hill has been transformed into a vibrant and bustling hub. Its charming conservation buildings stand proudly, and the area has become synonymous with good food, great shopping, and an overall relaxed vibe.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two, a day of retail therapy, or a relaxing spa treatment, Dempsey Hill has something for everyone. So why not come and explore this unique location and discover what all the fuss is about?

Historical Significance

Historical Significance

Dempsey Hill has a rich historical significance that dates back to the mid-1800s when it was developed into a nutmeg plantation with at least 1,600 trees. Today, it is a popular lifestyle destination with a unique blend of heritage, nature, and modernity. In this section, we will delve into the historical significance of Dempsey Hill and explore its various landmarks.

British Army Barracks

One of the most significant landmarks at Dempsey Hill is the British Army Barracks. The barracks were established in the late 1800s as a military camp for the British Army. The camp was named Tanglin Barracks and served as the headquarters for the British Army in Singapore.

During World War II, the barracks were occupied by the Japanese army and were later used as a prisoner-of-war camp. Today, the barracks have been transformed into a vibrant lifestyle destination with restaurants, bars, and retail shops.

CMPB National Service Enlistment Centre

Another landmark at Dempsey Hill is the CMPB National Service Enlistment Centre. The centre is where young Singaporean men go to register for national service. The centre was previously known as the Central Manpower Base and was established in the 1970s. The centre has undergone several renovations over the years and today, it is a modern facility that is equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Conservation Buildings

Dempsey Hill is also home to several conservation buildings that have been restored to their former glory. These buildings are a testament to Singapore’s rich heritage and are a must-visit for history buffs. Some of the notable conservation buildings at Dempsey Hill include the Tanglin Barracks Officers’ Mess, the Red Dot Design Museum, and the Dempsey Hill Police Station.

In conclusion, Dempsey Hill is a unique destination that offers a blend of heritage, nature, and modernity. The landmarks at Dempsey Hill are a testament to Singapore’s rich history and are a must-visit for anyone interested in the country’s past.

Gourmet Paradise

Gourmet Paradise

If you’re a foodie, Dempsey Hill is the perfect destination for you. With a plethora of dining options, this area is a gourmet paradise that offers something for everyone. From Michelin-starred restaurants to unique eateries and Sunday brunch spots, Dempsey Hill has it all.

Michelin-Starred Restaurants

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience, Dempsey Hill has several Michelin-starred restaurants to choose from. The Dempsey Cookhouse and Bar, helmed by Michelin-starred Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, offers a modern European menu that is sure to impress. Another Michelin-starred gem is Candlenut, Singapore’s first Peranakan restaurant. Here, you can indulge in traditional Peranakan cuisine with a modern twist, such as their signature Blue Swimmer Crab Curry.

Unique Eateries

For something a little different, check out some of Dempsey Hill’s unique eateries. At Atout, you can enjoy French cuisine in a charming and rustic setting. Their Black Truffle and Fontina Cheese Pizza is a must-try. Chopsuey Cafe at Dempsey offers a fusion of Asian and Western cuisine, with dishes like Pesto Tacos and Fajitas. If you’re in the mood for Peranakan food, head to Margarita’s Dempsey Hill for a taste of their Michelin-starred sister restaurant, Candlenut.

Sunday Brunch Spots

Dempsey Hill is also home to several Sunday brunch spots that are perfect for a lazy weekend morning. Open Farm Community offers a farm-to-table experience with their Farm Feast brunch, featuring fresh produce from their own garden. PS Cafe at Dempsey Hill is a popular choice for brunch, with their wide range of brunch dishes and chic decor. If you’re in the mood for Thai food, check out Samy’s Curry Restaurant for their Sunday brunch buffet.

Whether you’re in the mood for fine dining, unique eats, or a lazy Sunday brunch, Dempsey Hill has it all. So, why not treat yourself to a culinary adventure in this gourmet paradise?

Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy

If you’re looking for a shopping experience that’s a little more unique than the standard mall, Dempsey Hill is the perfect spot for some retail therapy.

Here are some of the best places to check out:

Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market is a multi-brand fashion retailer that has a reputation for being one of the most innovative and exciting stores in the world. The Singapore outpost is no exception, with a carefully curated selection of high-end fashion, accessories, and lifestyle products. You’ll find everything from avant-garde Japanese designers to classic British tailoring, all displayed in a stunningly designed space that’s worth a visit in itself.


Dempsey Hill is also home to a number of smaller boutiques that offer a more personalised shopping experience. Claudine is a great place to start, with a range of chic and stylish clothing and accessories that are perfect for a night out. And if you’re looking for something for your home, Bungalow 55 is a must-visit, with a range of beautiful homewares and furniture that are sure to add a touch of elegance to any space.

Antique Furniture and Art

If you’re a fan of antique furniture and art, Dempsey Hill has plenty to offer. Teak Works specialises in handcrafted furniture made from reclaimed teak wood, while Handcrafted Carpets has a range of beautiful carpets and rugs that are sure to add a touch of luxury to your home. And for those looking for something a little more exotic, Exotic Art Pieces has a range of unique and interesting pieces from around the world.

Whether you’re looking for high-end fashion, beautiful homewares, or unique antique pieces, Dempsey Hill has something for everyone. So why not make it your next Friday night out and indulge in some retail therapy?

Wellness and Fitness

Wellness and Fitness

If you’re looking to stay fit and healthy, Dempsey Hill is the perfect place for you. With its lush greenery and serene environment, you’ll find plenty of ways to exercise and relax.

Core Collective

One of the most popular fitness destinations in Dempsey Hill is Core Collective. This fitness and wellness hub offers a wide range of classes and services, including yoga, Pilates, personal training, and physiotherapy. With two locations in Dempsey Hill, you can choose the one that’s most convenient for you.

Outdoor Activities

If you prefer to exercise outdoors, Dempsey Hill has plenty of options for you. The area is home to several parks and nature reserves, including Loewen Gardens and Open Farm Community. These green spaces are perfect for jogging, hiking, or just enjoying a leisurely walk.

Pet Hotel

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll be happy to know that Dempsey Hill has its own pet hotel. The Wagington is a luxury pet hotel that offers a wide range of services for your furry friends, including grooming, training, and boarding. You can also take your dog for a walk in the nearby parks and nature reserves.

Whether you’re looking to stay fit or just relax and unwind, Dempsey Hill has something for everyone. With its beautiful surroundings and top-notch facilities, you’re sure to have a great time here.

Leisure and Entertainment

Leisure and Entertainment

Looking for a place to unwind and have fun? Dempsey Hill has got you covered! With its wide range of leisure and entertainment options, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Bars and Cafés

Dempsey Hill is home to some of the best bars and cafés in Singapore. If you’re in the mood for a refreshing drink, head over to the Wine Company or Red Sparrow. These bars offer a wide selection of wines and cocktails that are perfect for any occasion.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back atmosphere, check out Jones the Grocer or PS.Cafe. These cafés offer a cosy and relaxing environment where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and some delicious food.

Museum of Ice Cream

If you have a sweet tooth, you won’t want to miss the Museum of Ice Cream. This unique museum offers an immersive experience that’s perfect for both kids and adults. You’ll get to explore different rooms filled with ice cream-themed installations and enjoy various ice cream treats along the way. Don’t forget to snap some photos for your Instagram!

Co-Working Space

Need to get some work done? Dempsey Hill has plenty of co-working spaces that offer a comfortable and productive environment. The Working Capitol and The Hive are just a few examples of co-working spaces that offer flexible plans and amenities like high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and printing services. Whether you’re a freelancer or a small business owner, these spaces are perfect for getting work done in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

With all these options and more, Dempsey Hill is the perfect place for special occasions or just a casual day out. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Dempsey Hill and start exploring!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the nearest MRT station to Dempsey Hill?

The nearest MRT station to Dempsey Hill is the Orchard MRT station. From there, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach Dempsey Hill. Alternatively, you can also take a leisurely walk from the station to Dempsey Hill, which takes around 15-20 minutes.

What are the must-try dishes at PS.Cafe in Dempsey?

PS.Cafe is known for its delicious brunch items, such as the truffle shoestring fries, crab cake benedict, and the famous PS. Burger. If you’re looking for something sweet, don’t miss out on their signature sticky date pudding.

What are the best restaurants to visit in Dempsey, Singapore?

Dempsey Hill is home to a wide range of restaurants that cater to different tastes and budgets. Some of the best restaurants to visit in Dempsey include Candlenut, The White Rabbit, COMO Cuisine, and Samy’s Curry.

What makes COMO Dempsey a unique dining experience?

COMO Dempsey offers a unique dining experience by combining four different concepts under one roof, including a restaurant, a cafe, a gourmet marketplace, and a retail store. The restaurant features contemporary cuisine with a focus on seasonal and sustainable ingredients, while the cafe offers a more casual dining experience. The gourmet marketplace and retail store offer a wide range of artisanal products, including fresh produce, baked goods, and house-made sauces and condiments.

What are some popular brunch spots in Dempsey Hill?

Dempsey Hill is a popular destination for brunch lovers, with several cafes and restaurants offering delicious brunch menus. Some of the most popular brunch spots in Dempsey include PS.Cafe, The Dempsey Cookhouse and Bar, and Tiong Bahru Bakery.

What is the significance and history of Dempsey Hill in Singapore?

Dempsey Hill has a rich history dating back to the 1800s, when it was used as a military barracks and hospital. Today, the area has been transformed into a vibrant lifestyle destination, with a wide range of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. The colonial buildings have been beautifully restored, and the area is now a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

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