Tiantianli Restaurant: A Must-Try Dining Experience in Singapore

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience in Taipei, Tiantianli Restaurant should definitely be on your list. Located in Wanhua District, this restaurant serves up delicious Taiwanese cuisine that will leave your taste buds wanting more. With its welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff, Tiantianli Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends or family.

A bustling restaurant with red lanterns, round tables, and steaming dishes. Patrons chat and laugh, while waiters hurry between tables

Exploring Tiantianli Restaurant is an adventure in itself. The restaurant’s exterior is adorned with neon lights and its interior is reminiscent of a traditional Taiwanese market. You can watch as your food is prepared in the open-air kitchen, adding to the authenticity of the dining experience. The restaurant is usually packed, so be prepared to wait for a table during peak hours.

Savouring the Specialties is a must-do at Tiantianli Restaurant. The restaurant is famous for its braised pork rice, a classic Taiwanese dish that is cooked to perfection. The restaurant also serves other local favourites such as lu rou fan, a dish of braised pork belly and rice, and dan bing, a savoury egg pancake. Don’t forget to try their bubble tea, a popular Taiwanese beverage that comes in a variety of flavours.

Key Takeaways

  • Tiantianli Restaurant offers a unique dining experience in Taipei that is sure to impress.
  • The restaurant’s open-air kitchen and traditional Taiwanese market atmosphere add to the authenticity of the dining experience.
  • Be sure to try the restaurant’s specialty dishes such as braised pork rice and lu rou fan, and don’t forget to wash it down with some bubble tea.

Exploring Tiantianli Restaurant

A bustling restaurant with colorful decor, steaming food, and happy diners enjoying their meals

If you’re looking for a culinary adventure in Taiwan, you must visit Tiantianli Restaurant. Located in the bustling Ximending neighbourhood of Taipei, this restaurant is a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

Culinary Delights

The star of the show at Tiantianli Restaurant is undoubtedly their Lu Rou Fan, a beloved Taiwanese comfort dish of braised pork over rice. The meat is marinated to perfection and served with a soft-boiled egg, creating a flavourful and satisfying meal. The restaurant also offers a variety of vegetable dishes that change based on availability, all of which are drizzled with a sweet sauce that complements the flavours perfectly.

Ambience and Service

Tiantianli Restaurant is located in the Wanhua district of Taipei, a vibrant and bustling area that is easily accessible by public transport. The restaurant itself is situated on Lane 32 of Hanzhong Street, and it is easily recognisable by its bright and welcoming exterior. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff who are more than happy to help you navigate the menu and select the perfect dishes for your taste buds.

The restaurant’s interior is cosy and inviting, with warm lighting and comfortable seating. The atmosphere is lively and bustling, making it the perfect spot for a casual meal with friends or family. The service is efficient and attentive, ensuring that you’ll have a pleasant dining experience from start to finish.

Overall, Tiantianli Restaurant is a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the culinary delights of Taiwan. With its delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, and attentive service, it’s no wonder that this restaurant is a favourite among locals and visitors alike. So why not head over to Ximending and experience it for yourself? You won’t be disappointed!

Savouring the Specialties

Customers enjoying diverse dishes at Tiantianli restaurant. A colorful array of Chinese specialties fills the tables, while the bustling atmosphere creates a lively dining experience

When you visit Tiantianli Restaurant, you are in for a treat. The restaurant is famed for its delicious Taiwanese cuisine, and there are many dishes that you simply must try. Here are some of the signature dishes that you should consider ordering:

Signature Dishes

Braised Pork Rice (Lu Rou Fan)

The Braised Pork Rice, or Lu Rou Fan, is a must-try dish at Tiantianli Restaurant. This dish consists of fatty and lean meat that has been braised in soy sauce and other seasonings, served on top of a bed of steamed rice. The dish is topped with a fried egg, which adds an extra layer of richness to the already flavourful dish.

Taiwanese Style Oyster Omelette

The Taiwanese Style Oyster Omelette is another dish that you should not miss. This dish is made by frying a mixture of eggs, oysters, and potato starch, resulting in a crispy and savoury omelette. The omelette is served with a sweet and spicy chilli sauce, which perfectly complements the flavours of the dish.

Mifen Soup

Mifen Soup is a noodle soup dish that is perfect for breakfast or lunch. The dish consists of rice noodles that are served in a savoury broth, along with ingredients such as bamboo shoots, fish balls, and crispy fried tofu. The dish is both comforting and filling, making it an ideal choice for a cold morning.

Dining Experience

Apart from the delicious food, Tiantianli Restaurant also offers a homely dining experience. The restaurant is clean and well-maintained, with comfortable seats that make you feel right at home. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and they are always happy to help you choose the perfect dish.

Tiantianli Restaurant is also very affordable, making it a great option for a cheap and delicious dinner. The restaurant is open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, so you can enjoy your favourite dishes at any time of the day. You can also choose to takeout if you prefer to enjoy your meal in the comfort of your own home.

In conclusion, Tiantianli Restaurant is a must-visit for anyone who loves Taiwanese cuisine. With its delicious signature dishes, homely dining experience, and affordable prices, this restaurant is sure to become one of your favourites.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bustling restaurant with a long line of customers, tables filled with diners, and waitstaff moving swiftly between tables

What are the must-try dishes at Tiantianli Restaurant in Taipei?

If you are visiting Tiantianli Restaurant, you must try their signature dish, the Fried Rice with Three Kinds of Egg. This dish is made with scrambled eggs, salted duck eggs, and century eggs, which are then mixed with fragrant rice and stir-fried to perfection. Another dish that you should try is the Braised Pork with Rice, which is cooked with soy sauce, sugar, and spices, and served with a side of pickled vegetables.

Can I find vegetarian options on the Tiantianli Restaurant menu?

Yes, Tiantianli Restaurant offers vegetarian options on their menu. Some of the vegetarian dishes that you can try are the Stir-Fried Seasonal Vegetables, Braised Tofu, and Vegetable Fried Rice.

Are there any signature drinks available at Tiantianli Restaurant in Ximending?

Yes, Tiantianli Restaurant has a signature drink called the Tiantianli Special Tea. This drink is made with black tea, lemon juice, and honey, and is perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day.

How does Tiantianli Restaurant accommodate food allergies?

Tiantianli Restaurant is happy to accommodate food allergies with at least one week notice. However, they are unable to accommodate gluten-free, dairy-free, and changes to seafood ingredients. Please indicate any dietary requirements when making your reservation.

What are the opening hours of Tiantianli Restaurant in Taipei?

Tiantianli Restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00am to 10:30pm.

Does Tiantianli Restaurant take reservations for large groups?

Yes, Tiantianli Restaurant takes reservations for large groups. If you are planning to dine with a group of 10 or more, please make your reservation online at least one week in advance.

So, whether you are a foodie or just looking for a great place to eat, Tiantianli Restaurant is the perfect destination for you. With their delicious dishes and accommodating staff, you are sure to have a great dining experience.

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