Breaking Taboos – The Journey of Nirvana Singapore’s Founder

Nirvana Singapore

In a society where discussions about death are often avoided, Ang Keh Sin dared to challenge the status quo. The male-dominated bereavement care provider industry seemed like an unlikely path for her, but she saw an opportunity to make a difference. Despite facing initial scepticism and societal taboos, Keh Sin stood resolute in her determination to lead by example. Her motivation stemmed from a deep desire to provide support to grieving individuals and manage the afterlife services of their loved ones. Through perseverance and a commitment to excellence, she proves that gender is no barrier to success in the industry.

Compassion and Professionalism – Nirvana Singapore’s Distinct Approach to Funeral Services

Nirvana Singapore

At Nirvana Singapore, the values of empathy, professionalism, and customer care aren’t just words; they’re the guiding principles that set us apart in the funeral service industry. Understanding the profound emotional turmoil families face during the loss of a loved one, we prioritise empathy above all else. Our team offers unwavering support, actively listening to families’ needs and providing compassionate guidance throughout the funeral process.

Professionalism is the cornerstone of our operations. From the first consultation to the final farewell, Nirvana Singapore maintains meticulous standards, ensuring every detail is handled with precision and respect. We believe in delivering nothing but the highest quality of service, upholding the dignity of both the deceased and their grieving families.

As the ambassadors of Nirvana Singapore, our team acts as the vital link between customers and funeral service providers. We go the extra mile to ensure customer comfort and satisfaction, building genuine relationships with families and understanding their cultural and religious preferences. Whether it’s orchestrating traditional ceremonies or offering modern alternatives, Nirvana Singapore is dedicated to providing personalised services that honour the unique wishes and values of each family.

Bridging Tradition and Innovation at Nirvana Singapore

Nirvana Singapore

Nirvana Singapore skillfully harmonises modernization and globalisation with the preservation of traditional Chinese funeral practices through a multifaceted strategy. While safeguarding the core of traditional Chinese funeral customs, the company integrates contemporary elements to meet evolving family needs and preferences.

Embracing innovation, Nirvana Singapore offers modern funeral venues, cutting-edge facilities, and digital memorial services alongside traditional rituals, ensuring a comprehensive and personalised funeral experience. With a profound understanding of Chinese funeral traditions, the company meticulously upholds these customs while guiding families through modern logistical considerations. Education plays a pivotal role in Nirvana Singapore’s approach, with staff and clients receiving comprehensive insights into the significance of traditional Chinese funeral practices. This fosters a deep appreciation for cultural heritage and empowers families to make informed decisions about funeral arrangements. Recognizing diversity within the community, Nirvana Singapore provides customizable funeral packages tailored to individual cultural and religious traditions, accommodating both traditional and modern preferences.

Through active engagement with the local Chinese community, Nirvana Singapore promotes awareness and appreciation of traditional funeral customs via cultural events and outreach programs. This strengthens community bonds and underscores the company’s commitment to cultural preservation.

Honouring Last Wishes – A Memorable Funeral Journey with Nirvana Singapore

Nirvana Singapore

Among the many projects and achievements of Nirvana Singapore, one particularly memorable moment stands out—a poignant testament to the company’s commitment to fulfilling the last wishes of the departed.

In a heartening display of dedication, the founder led a funeral escort team comprising over 100 individuals to bid farewell to a beloved father. Through meticulous planning and coordination, the team ensured that every aspect of the funeral journey was executed with utmost respect and dignity.

The deceased, having made arrangements for his afterlife when he fell ill, entrusted Nirvana Singapore with his final wishes. Despite battling cancer, he approached the founder in March to pre-plan his funeral, selecting a columbarium niche and funeral service package tailored to his preferences and budget.

His desire for a lively funeral was honoured, with traditional funeral elements such as a funeral band, a big-headed doll, and chanting masters incorporated into the ceremony. The highlight was the majestic procession led by the Maserati premium hearse of Nirvana Singapore, symbolising a dignified farewell to a life well-lived.

This grand and heartfelt tribute, attended by over 100 mourners, exemplifies Nirvana Singapore’s dedication to crafting meaningful farewells that honour the individuality and wishes of each departed soul.

Nirvana Singapore’s Approach to Team Recruitment and Development

Nirvana Singapore

At Nirvana Singapore, the recruitment and training of team members play a pivotal role in upholding the exceptional standards of service. The process commences with outreach efforts across diverse platforms, including social media channels like Facebook, to attract potential candidates.

Upon receipt of applications, the team conducts initial screening calls to explore job scopes and evaluate candidates’ backgrounds. Shortlisted applicants are subsequently invited to Nirvana Singapore for face-to-face meetings, where they undergo site tours and receive comprehensive briefings on job expectations and duties.

Upon joining the team, new members undergo intensive training programs led by seasoned staff from Nirvana and the agency team. These programs encompass all aspects of funeral services, ranging from customs and traditions to customer service and administrative protocols. Continuous learning opportunities are provided to enrich skills in grief counselling, conflict resolution, and cultural sensitivity.

Strong communication skills are deemed essential for effective client interactions, colleague coordination, and administrative management. Nirvana Singapore seeks individuals with robust verbal and written communication abilities to ensure seamless operations.

Looking forward, the recruitment initiative aligns with Nirvana Singapore’s strategic objectives of maintaining its position as a leading provider of funeral services. The focus lies on facilitating the seamless integration of new team members, offering ongoing development opportunities, and implementing competitive compensation and recognition schemes to incentivize high performance. These endeavours are guided by clear and measurable goals that uphold the company’s mission and strategic vision.

Advice from Ang Keh Sin for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Nirvana Singapore
Ang Keh Sin, Founder of Nirvana Singapore

“Every entrepreneur has their own purpose in life, and also a unique set of talents. Therefore, we got to keep advancing each day.

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