Silversnow Music School Singapore

Harmonising Passion and Challenges – The Inception of Silversnow Music School

Silversnow Music School Singapore

Gresilda Tan, the visionary founder of Silversnow Music School, embarked on a musical journey at the young age of 24, driven by her passion for both music and education. Armed with determination, she faced a trifecta of challenges – limited capital, scepticism about her experience, and the daunting task of building a reputation from scratch.

To combat perceptions and bolster credibility, Gresilda took strategic steps, registering Silversnow under the Ministry of Education and securing both MOE and AMIS certifications. Fortunately, meeting the stringent requirements was a smooth process, solidifying the school’s commitment to quality education.

The year 2020 presented an unexpected hurdle with the onset of the pandemic, leading to the closure of physical enrichment centers. Silversnow swiftly adapted by transitioning to online lessons, a move that proved effective for older students. Acknowledging the challenges faced by younger students, the school implemented a flexible approach, allowing them to pause lessons. During the hiatus, creative initiatives, including a practice video competition, ensured that the musical spirit remained vibrant despite the distance.

In the face of adversity, Silversnow Music School not only overcame initial challenges but also demonstrated resilience, underscoring its commitment to nurturing musical talent even in the most trying circumstances.

Harmony in Teaching – The Art of Selecting and Nurturing a Musical Team at Silversnow Music School

Silversnow Music School Singapore

Ms. Gresilda Tan takes pride in curating a team of educators whose passion for music harmonises seamlessly with their dedication to teaching. Beyond the requisite musical qualifications, the school values teachers who embody qualities of passion, effective communication, active listening, and, most crucially, empathy. These traits are considered essential for creating a connection with students and tailoring teaching methods to individual learning styles.

To maintain the high standard of instruction, the selection process is meticulous, ensuring that each team member not only possesses technical expertise but also shares a genuine enthusiasm for imparting musical knowledge. Regular casual gatherings provide a unique space for the teachers to bond, share experiences, and learn from one another, fostering a collaborative environment that enriches the teaching methods employed at Silversnow Music School.

Harmonising Hearts – Silversnow Music School’s Resonance Beyond the Classroom

Silversnow Music School Singapore

In nurturing a passion for music and cultivating an appreciation for the arts within the community, Silversnow Music School orchestrates annual teacher and student recitals, extending an invitation to the public. This unique opportunity not only enriches the musical journey of our students but also serves as a cultural treat for the broader community. Moreover, the school’s instructors, a musical tapestry in themselves, extend their influence beyond the classroom by participating in external performances with their bands. This not only showcases the diverse talents within Silversnow but also creates an avenue for students to witness their mentors’ artistry beyond the school’s walls, fostering a deeper connection to the world of music.

Beyond the Notes – Silversnow Music School’s Holistic Symphony of Learning

Silversnow Music School stands out for its commitment to a holistic music education, surpassing traditional boundaries to weave a comprehensive musical tapestry for its students. Departing from the conventional separation of music lessons into distinct categories such as performance, music history, or theory, Silversnow’s holistic approach thrives on creating meaningful connections. Take a beginner guitar student, for instance; rather than solely focusing on reading scores and playing, the school intertwines guitar proficiency with various elements. This includes nurturing aural skills through active listening, fostering collaboration by encouraging students to play with other instruments like the keyboard, and seamlessly integrating singing with guitar playing. The school goes even further, nurturing the creative spirit of students through ventures into songwriting and composition. This innovative approach ensures that students not only master their chosen instrument but also develop a rich, interconnected understanding of the broader musical landscape.

Harmonious Horizons – Silversnow Music School Unveils Exciting Holiday Programs

Silversnow Music School Singapore

In an exciting leap towards enriching musical education, Silversnow Music School is thrilled to announce an array of innovative programs set to debut this March 2024. Breaking the mould of conventional music instruction, students now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of multiple instruments, including piano, violin, guitar, ukulele, flute, and singing. As part of the school’s program, an intensive short-term course is also available, allowing students to focus on mastering an instrument of their choice. This initiative not only enhances musical proficiency but also ensures a vibrant and dynamic learning experience during the holiday season, sparking a new wave of enthusiasm and skill development among aspiring musicians.

Melodic Milestones – Celebrating Silversnow Music School’s Student Triumphs

Silversnow Music School Singapore

Silversnow Music School boasts a tapestry of heartwarming memories and remarkable achievements, showcasing the transformative power of musical education under its dedicated tutelage. A recurring source of joy for the school is witnessing the prideful performances of students during recitals—a testament to their growth and proficiency.

Beyond the stage, the school has been a catalyst for remarkable personal achievements. There are instances where students, initially uncertain about their exam performance, soared to Distinction levels, surpassing their own expectations. Noteworthy successes extend to those who, guided by the school’s mentorship, successfully auditioned for esteemed university placements. Perhaps most inspiring are the alumni who, having graduated from Silversnow Music School, transitioned into becoming full-time music educators, thus perpetuating the cycle of musical passion and knowledge. These tales of triumph not only exemplify the impact of Silversnow’s guidance but also underscore the enduring legacy of musical excellence nurtured within its walls.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Silversnow Music School Singapore
Ms. Gresilda Tan, founder of Silversnow Music School

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, Ms. Gresilda Tan offers these wise words:

For budding entrepreneurs, I feel that hard work, passion in the work that you do, and the ability to connect with people are qualities that can strongly attribute to the success of the business. 

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