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unlock Potential Labour Cost Savings & business growth with kaizenaire’s offshoring strategy

Your SG Interior Design Team can be empowered with an Offshore Philippines Team to Achieve Way More!

Kaizenaire aims to help Singapore Interior Design Companies to be more focused on growth, leaner in physical manpower, and have more cost-effective operations.

We offer customized strategies help Singapore companies to empower their local teams to transform into hybrid teams by:

  • scaling and/or diversifying their workforce via offshoring specific job roles/functions to the Philippines effectively;
  • uncovering labour cost savings by up to 70%;
  • expanding increasing client base;
  • achieving faster sales velocity; and
  • curating better customer experience.

Offshore Philippines talents can perform MORE THAN entry to mid-level work to support your business operations. With the proper training and guidance, your Philippines Team can even take on managerial and key-decision making roles in your business.

Read more on the benefits of offshoring to the Philippines.

Build a solid hybrid local SG team empowered with offshore Philippines team with us and you will never look back!

Don’t miss this opportunity to build a great hybrid team within your company that stays with you long-term.

Looking to hire the best talent while cutting recruitment costs? 🎯

Any business needs human capital. Any successful business needs a team of great people. Hiring & retaining a team of (only) Singapore talents is a near-impossible task for most companies.

By expanding your consideration in offshoring your recruitment process to the Philippines, you will get to witness unparalleled benefits in talent acquisition and business growth.

With Kaizenaire, your company will be equipped with competitive advantages of having:

  • 100% Success – Easy, affordable, and sustainable offshoring solutions to the Philippines; and
  • 100% Commitment to supporting your business – A fully dedicated, professional and qualified offshore Filipino team/staff to handle your business operations and achieve your business goals.

What exactly does “offshore” mean to your business?Offshoring is NOT Outsourcing

Offshore is the simple act of moving a “job role/function” from Singapore to the Philippines. 

Through Kaizenaire’s Strategic Offshore Services, we will help your company to hire top talents in the Philippines to carry out the specific job roles/ functions at a fraction of local salaries based on your business needs. With Filipinos’ lower salary expectations, your company will enjoy labour-cost savings and also achieve more cost-effective operations. 

We also ensure your hired Filipino staff work ONLY for you; they will be directed by you and follow your processes and procedures. Essentially, they are your staff, but they come without the added headaches of employment contracts, payroll and HR matters. 

In gist, it is about having and controlling your operations performed in the Philippines.

Hire Your Offshore Philippines Team

Empowered By ChatGPT – A Real Game-Changer

Your graphic designers will help you with all your business’ branding, print, and visual needs. Get more work done in real-time with your full-time graphic designers. AI tools like ChatGPT + Midjourney increase your employee’s productivity by leaps and bound by ensuring quality.

Graphic designers

In this highly digitalized world, copywriting + content in digital marketing make all the differences in sales conversion. Empowered with ChatGPT and AI tools, your content writers can now deliver higher quality consistently.

Content Writers

Hire your in-house social media marketing specialists to take care of all your business touch points across different social media platforms to engage your customers consistently. Empowered by ChatGPT + Midjourney, improve your social media presence and sales conversion.

social media marketing specialists

Your website is a valuable online “retail store.” With ChatGPT + AI tools, get more product sales and leads. Leverage ChatGPT to generate interesting web content ideas to improve your bottom line.

web designers

Need to generate high-quality and visually aesthetic photographs? Hire in-house 3D renderers to create photo-realistic images for your marketing campaigns instead of paying for photography. AI tools further enhance your 3D renderers’ productivity.

3D Renderers

Even though we live in a highly-digitalized world, the “human touch” is still very much valued. Telemarketing still works. Empower your telemarketers by tapping on ChatGPT – generate highly converting phone scripts and FAQs using AI technologies for better sales conversion.


Bad customer experience and negative reviews can hurt your business’ reputation. Invest in after-sales for your business by hiring dedicated customer service specialists. Leverage on ChatGPT to improve FAQs, workflows, phone scripts and customer service SOPs.

Customer Service (voice and non-voice)

Ranking In Google is vital to your business success. Hire dedicated SEO specialists for your business to gain that additional edge. Take advantage of ChatGPT to craft your SEO strategy and implement content at scale using AI tools. Leverage your offshore talent + ChatGPT

SEO Specialists

Engage your existing customers or acquire new ones with lead generation & outreach specialists. Hire dedicated experts empowered by ChatGPT to keep your sales pipeline full. Tap on AI to generate new ideas to engage your prospects. Win with Philippines Talents + AI

lead generation / Outreach specialists

Wait! Before You Proceed With The Trial…

It is important to note that there is no “Super Employee.”

It is highly tempting for any business owner to want to hire a “SUPER EMPLOYEE” that can learn and do everything. But the truth is, most business owners fail in offshoring due to unrealistic expectations.

If you are looking to hire an employee who “knows it all”, and has to “learn it all” and “do it all” – you are self-sabotaging and setting yourself up for failure from the start.

While some talents in the Philippines might fall into this 0.1% bracket of being a super employee, this is not a sustainable and scaleable strategy for offshoring. To ensure you succeed in offshoring in the Philippines, it pays to understand that you must build a team with different specializations. Allowing each employee to focus on their core competencies and continuously upgrade their relevant skills while contributing to your business as a team is a winning formula for our clients and within Kaizenaire. This methodology is sustainable, SCALABLE, and key to your business’s long-term success.

As you work and guide your team (together with Kaizenaire) over the years ahead, potential candidates for managerial positions within your team will surface. We advocate a “promote from within” HR strategy to groom future managers and key appointment holders for your business.

Kaizenaire’s “Risk-Free Trial”

We are so confident in our services that we are offering you this

To lower your risk to the minimum possible, we love you to get started with our “risk-free trial” with a Done For You service package at a one-time cost of around SGD$300*** for the trial (full payment only upon confirmation of your offshore employees in the Philippines after the trial).

SGD$300 is an estimate based on the average salary of SGD$800 per month per employee ($800/4 = $200 per week) + SGD$100 admin fee. The figure differs based on the monthly salary of the candidate.

Kaizenaire will get your requirements, screen the candidates (saving you the effort of going through hundreds to thousands of resumes) and even interview them on your behalf without you lifting a finger. The “Singapore-styled” HR recruitment and interview methods do not work in the Philippines. Kaizenaire’s Philippines HR team will gather your requirements and find the most suitable candidate on your behalf.

The best way to evaluate a potential employee is to work with them…

Traditional HR recruitment agencies (we are not one) provide you with resumes and leave the interview process to you. Kaizenaire goes a step further to help you choose the candidate and arrange for a paid trial with them for you to evaluate their performance. Our HR team will also help your employees understand the Singapore working culture during this period.

Why Is Your “Risk-Free Trial” Not Free?

The SGD$300 you pay goes into paying for the employee’s 5 days’ work and cover some of our administrative cost. For the service level we render, we are taking on a lot of risk to help you succeed in offshoring to the Philippines. If we make this “free,” it will attract a lot of “not-serious” business owners who abuse our services. You only pay the full recruitment fee after you are happy with your employee’s work during the 5 days trial.

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Only available to new customers for the first employee. Full recruitment fees apply upon the confirmation of the employee.

Start Your “Risk Free” Trial Now

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