Beginner’s Guide to Midjourney

Midjourney is an innovative AI-powered tool that utilizes generative AI technology to transform text, referred to as “prompts”, into stunning photographs. This innovative platform was introduced to the market in the middle of 2022, providing individuals with an exciting new way to bring their ideas to life visually in just minutes. 

This article will serve as a guide for those planning to utilize advancing AI technology for a smarter future.

Setting Up MidJourney

As of now, Midjourney is only accessible through Discord, make sure to download the application and set up your account via Discord’s official website.

Once you have set up your Discord account, head to Midjourney’s official website then click the “Join the Beta” button on the lower right section of the screen which will automatically launch the Discord application.

A popup will show up once Discord is loaded. Click “Join Midjourney” to join the server.

On the left side of your screen, you will find Midjourney among the servers. Simply click on the server marked with the black and white ship icon.

You can now start creating prompts in the chatbox of one of the newcomer rooms. However, for seamless work tracking, it is advisable to create your own server incorporating the Midjourney Bot.

Setting Up a Private Server With the MidJourney Bot

By setting up your own private server, you gain two significant advantages: streamlined work tracking and enhanced privacy as your work remains inaccessible to the public. Follow the steps below to create your own server with the Midjourney Bot.

Click the “+” button located below the existing servers to create a new server. 

Now, head back into one of the newcomer channels in the Midjourney server and click one of the Midjourney icons in the chatbox.

Select the server you created in the “Add To Server” section then click “Continue.”

Click “Authorize.” 

You can now start creating seamless prompts in your private server!