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Innovative Approach

Innovation is constantly needed to get ahead of competition by leveraging on resources.


Embrace the New Trend

With the advancement of technology, managing a remote team is no longer a daunting task!


Sustainable Strategy

Make a positive impact while growing your business. DO WELL by DOING GOOD.


Away From Sorrow, Towards Solutions.

Did you know 96% of businesses fail within their first 10 years? This is not to scare you — it’s to wake you up to get prepared so you can succeed sooner rather than later. The most common impact for a business failing is financial.

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Transform your business now.

    Recession Proof Your Business Now

    It has been 13 years since the 2007-2009 recession. The USA already has 2 quarters of negative GDP growth (as of Sept 2022)

    In Singapore – “The Government has narrowed its economic growth forecast range for 2022 in tandem with a worsening outlook for the global economy and stubbornly high inflation. The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) narrowed its range for Singapore’s gross domestic product growth this year to 3 percent to 4 percent, from an earlier projection of 3 percent to 5 percent.


    The years ahead will likely to be rough for businesses, what can we do?



    What Happens During A Recession?


    As we all know, during a recession, the economy shrinks, unemployment rises, and consumer plus business spending drop. 



    The economic pie becomes smaller for everyone. While we cannot control how long the recession will last, we can proactively take measures to weather the recession.



    During a recession, sales revenue drop, and payment collections become much more difficult. Companies with bad cash flow will fail. While some industries might still do well in a recession, most businesses suffer.



    It is very challenging to increase revenue during a recession due to bad economic sentiments, most businesses resort to cutting costs to manage their cash flow. Inefficient businesses will be replaced by businesses that can operate cost-effectively. Common sense dictates that companies who can suffer the next recession will do better in the upcoming recovery.



    How To Survive The Upcoming Recession And Win The Competitors’ Market Share At The Same Time?


    We can all agree that one of the most practical strategies to use is the “Last Man Standing” strategy. By ensuring good cash flow during the downturn, poorly run companies (our competitors) will go out of business and the last man standing in the market gets to take all the market share.



    This is where the magic happens.


    The median salary in Singapore (including employer CPF contribution is SGD$4680 per month).



    With this median salary, you can hire 2-5 full-time employees in the Philippines!


    Although Singapore has many local talents, not many are willing to join SMEs in Singapore. And those who do join SMEs may not necessarily stay for long. 



    To grow, SMEs need a team of capable and committed talents, a team of employees willing to grow with your company. 



    At Kaizenaire, we help recruit the top talents from the Philippines to work for you remotely! We are not talking about hiring a few full-time employees in the Philippines, we are strategically building entire teams for your business for long-term success.



    Cut cost – do more with less – build your offshore Philippines team


    The savings from recruiting, training, and maintaining your full-time team of employees in the Philippines is significant. We are looking at thousands and tens of thousands in savings monthly. 



    By hiring more people with less, you have more capacity to build your business and focus on building the business.


    Some common positions that you can offshore to the Philippines:



    Customer service


    With today’s technologies, customer support has already shifted to CRM systems, Web Chat, and Whatsapp. Gone are the days of phone support. Having your dedicated customer service team around the clock gives your customers assurance and great after-sales service!



    Designers (web / graphic)


    There are many talented designers in the Philippines and with the help of graphic design tools like and template designs, we can help you build a team of designers with the right training and tools to get the most productivity for your company.



    Social media marketer


    It is extremely challenging to hire a social media marketer who is good at copywriting, ads management, and design. For best results, we advise clients to hire a team of writers (with AI tools to assist in writing), designers, and paid ads specialists.



    SEO Content Writer


    To rank highly in Google is all about unique quality content plus link building. In our last 10 years in the digital marketing industry, Google SEO offers the best ROI on your investment. The industry has changed a lot (together with Google’s SEO algo). With the advantage of AI (artificial intelligence) technologies, writers now have AI-assisted writing tools that can help create better content in less time.



    Lead generation / outreach


    Perhaps cold calling still works, but an effective way to reach new customers is to contact them via their websites for B2B industries. Hire specialists to build target lists of potential clients and contact them one by one with a pitch. Or follow up with existing clients in your CRM to generate more revenue



    Navigating cultural nuances in the Philippines

     The Philippines workforce has a good command of English, works in the same time zone as Singapore and is familiar with Western culture just as Singaporeans are. However to get the best results from your remote workforce in the Philippines, you will need to understand the cultural nuances in working with Filipinos.  At Kaizenaire, we have over 7 years of experience recruiting and training the local workforce. We have our in house team of local HR managers to guide your new team with our own system of training and workflow.  Reduce the learning curve in adapting to the Philippines culture and get maximum productivity from your team in the shortest time possible.

    We Got You Covered.

    “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” —Benjamin Franklin

    Ways To Grow?

    Assemble remote teams; generate leads; extend your business reach…

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    New Ideas To Try Out.

    We strive to enable your brilliant ideas .

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    Go Regional.

    Deepen your market presence or expand your global footprint.

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    Build a successful global team

    To combat the tight competition for talent, more and more organizations are venturing beyond their own cities, and building global teams that fill their skills and productivity needs.

    Technology, making remote-working better.

    Productivity tools are important for every business but they’re, quite literally, the only connection distributed teams have to rely on – so better make sure you choose the right ones.
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    Incredible things in the business world are never made by a single person, but by a team. – Steve Jobs