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Skilled in Managing Virtual Communication Channels

He excels in managing virtual communication channels such as phone calls, emails, and live chat. He promptly initiates contact with potential customers, addresses their queries, and provides detailed information about products or services. 

Proficient in Overcoming Objections

He employs strong problem-solving skills and persuasive techniques to overcome customer objections and resistance. By listening actively and addressing concerns empathetically, he effectively counters objections and steers conversations towards positive outcomes.

Skilled in Lead Generation and Qualification

He is proficient in generating and qualifying leads through cold calling and other telemarketing strategies. He identifies potential customers, engages them in meaningful conversations, and assesses their needs to determine their interest and suitability for the products or services offered. His approach ensures high-quality leads and improved conversion rates.

Effective in Building Customer Relationships

He excels in building strong relationships with potential and existing customers. He communicates effectively, listens actively, and ensures prospects feel valued and understood. His customer-centric approach helps in nurturing long-term relationships and fostering trust and loyalty with customers.

Proficient in Time Management

He effectively prioritizes tasks to manage his workload efficiently. He balances making outbound calls, following up on leads, and updating customer records within a timely manner. His strong time management skills ensure a productive and efficient telemarketing process.

Adaptable and Continuous Learner

He is adept at mastering new concepts and quickly adapting to changes in telemarketing strategies and technology. He is committed to continuous learning and professional development, staying updated with the latest industry trends and best practices to enhance his telemarketing skills.

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Optimising Collaboration: Kaizenaire's Tripartite Co-Creation Model​

At Kaizenaire, our robusttripartite model optimises efficiency and fosters harmonious working dynamics between Singaporean employers, Filipino talents, and our talent management services.


Employer branding, recruitment, onboarding


Talent analytics, succession planning and assessments


Workforce planning, culture at work, engagement and retention practices


Goal alignment, career-path planning, learning and development, and performance management

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