How Kaizenaire Can Change & Improve Your Life?

Dear friends,

The founders of are from Singapore and we are not strangers to Filipinos. There is a sizeable number of Filipinos working in Singapore from entry-level jobs such as “domestic helpers” to white-collar jobs such as Information Technology professionals and Engineers.

Culturally we are similar and we have the same universal values – work hard, earn more money and provide a better life for our loved ones. And with some surplus, we can travel or do the things we love with the ones we love.

Kaizenaire is created with a mission in mind – to create high quality paying jobs for work-at-home Filipinos (with higher than average pay in the Philippines) to help Small-Medium-Business owners in developed countries achieve more with less with a win-win situation.

The internet is one of the major economic revolutions in the history of mankind. A true enabler which has disrupted traditional industries and given rise to new emerging industries all the time through innovation.

Kaizenaire is part of this disruption. We want to equip developed countries’ business owners quality workforce at affordable rates where they can do more with less and provide Filipinos with quality employers providing quality and knowledge-based employment at higher than average wages. is not about quantity only, we have a mechanism to filter the best of our Filippino workers in our website and help positive, skilled and employees with a growth mindset get better jobs with better salaries.

We want to filter the extraordinary from the ordinary and weed out the bad eggs.

Matching Quality Employers To You

In our personal experience in working with our own offshore full-time Filippino employees, we realised that for some of our employees, they changed employers in as many as 5 times in a year! (that is around 2.4 months of work on average per employer)

One of the primary reasons is that their employers were startups (startups inherently have a high chance of failure) or small businesses that were not stable and could not even afford their salaries after a few months.

This causes a lot of insecurities in the Filippino employees. We understand you have to care and provide for your loved ones.

At, we make deliberate effort to bring onboard quality employers who are stable and established. Our mission is to matchmake serious small-medium-business owners who need long-term help in their business and are willing to raise your salary over time as long as you have a growth mindset and are willing to upgrade and deliver more to your employer.

We have free courses in our website for you and also a forum for you to interact and contribute to the community. Over time you will build a good profile and we will shortlist and recommend the best Filipinos for higher paying jobs.

Through constant learning and delivering more value to your employer, we are committed to your success as offshore full-time employees.

Why should you consider becoming a VA?

  • Flexible working hours.
  • Save travelling time
  • Work from home
  • Access to a large pool of job opportunities.
  • Chances of getting trained
  • Greater exposure to various industries, countries
  • Chances of getting higher pay compared to working in your home country
  • Freedom of choosing who you are willing to work for
  • Chances of securing a job overseas and gain life experiences