OMO persona

OMO’s Reality/Pain Points/difficulties

  • difficulty in raising money as a party of one
  • sacrifice personal life to gear up
  • have to do everything yourself. You need to be sales, marketing, engineering and customer support.
  • need to be very disciplined. You are your own boss!
  • requires a lot of perseverance
  • less cumulative expertise to address and solve the problems you encounter as no one is there to back you up
  • lack of alternate perspective, you are trapped in an echo chamber.

OMO’s psychology/emotional state:

  • frustration
  • lonely
  • overwhelmed & tired
  • hunger for success
  • feel incompetent
  • overwhelmed
  • never-ending doubts of whether you can make enough money to provide for the family
  • disconnected from the outside world, as a result of working alone
  • in need of someone who can resonate with your pains and frustrations


OMO’s Pain Points

What we offer (one solution): Do more with less by hiring PH VA.

Benefits to OMO

Ability to grow a dedicated team with low budget which is otherwise impossible